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    P28 vs. W28 - The loft (openness) is the same, but there are very subtle differences between them. The P28 has slightly more toe rocker and is a slightly deeper curve compared to the W28. I am currently rotating one of each in games, and I can't tell the difference with regard to the curves. Blade stiffness, flex point, etc are much more noticeable differences to me. The P30 has less toe than a P28, so I would imagine it would need more follow through on the release.
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    Yes I did get them baked of course. I'm not a barbarian!
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    Fisher pro - it’s really close to a P28.
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    When you skate on a 3/4, anything below 5/8ths is deep.
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    I'd say it's closer to a standard Malkin. Both the Smyth and Malkin are modified E4s, so it's no wonder they might look similar. I happened to have both in my basement, along with E28 and E4, so I took some comparison shots... E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin I'd go again for the BC71 suggestion...the only problem is, though it is a little more closed, it's also a flatter rocker, so the shooting mechanics are going to feel different than with the E28, both for sweeping wrist shots and snapshots. E4, W06 Smyth, E28, Malkin There it might be somewhat apparent how different the E28 lie and rocker is, but it's much more apparent if you overlay the E4 on the others, since it's the basis for two of the other three... The heel of the Malkin plays a little higher, like the E28, but you can see there's a significant lie and rocker difference that's going to come into play when releasing the puck. That may or may not work for the OP. It may be just as troublesome or even more so than learning to overcome the tendency to shoot high with the P28.

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