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    Everything new is stupid until it works and becomes mainstream. Let's be real, there is 1 or maybe 2 people here that would actually buy a top end stick for retail anyways let alone a limited run basically prototype. I like that Bauer is trying things, let the whales buy it and test it while everyone else waits to see if it catches on.
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    So you averaged 6 passes per skate? That's a lot. Your statement "Getting 40 pair of skates out of one sharpening ring is only reachable if you're exclusively sharpening your own skates by basically maintaining them every 2-3 hours of skating." is somewhat misleading. If you exclusively sharpen your own skates every 2-3 hours of skating, you'll get over 50 close to 60 'pairs' sharpened at an average of 2-3 passes per skate. That's what I do. It's 320 passes per ring, use them however you like, that's how long a ring lasts. And the amount of material it removes per pass is fairly significant, at least when compared to the ProSharp for example. You might be better off with a traditional machine like a Blademaster 850 if that's the typical type of usage you're going to see. Would be a lot cheaper in the long run. colins
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    Lighter than the 1n... And just 5 grams more than the 2n. Good price for those specs.
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    I've used it a couple of times and it feels great. Plays relatively whippy, but all shots are coming off nicely. Puck feel is nice too, and the balance is on point. Hard to beat at this price. Can't speak to durability yet but I haven't had any problems.
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    My best guess is that it is supposed to allow the bottom part of the blade to flex more, (like a bow) which would theoretically increase shot velocity. I still think it's stupid!
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    I think I heard these are basically the same as a 1N sticks with a new graphic.

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