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    I definitely would not use a P28 as a beginner stick. P92/29 or P88 are going to be what you want to start with. I personally would go with P88/P40 because it's a wide, flat blade without much rocker and it's a pretty vanilla curve that isn't too open. It will be easy to learn and master most skills with. I'd choose it over P92/29 because the P92 is a pretty upright lie 6 and has more rocker. I see a lot of beginners (I coach adult learn-to-play) using P92s with the toe of the blade well off the ice unless their hands are perfect and they're making a concerted effort to keep the blade down. Typically this ends up in the puck going under the toe because they don't get their hands right in time to receive the pass or pick up the puck.
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    Looks like retailers are already getting the holding pages online. Looks like the price will be $399 CAD, $40 CAD more than the Supreme ADV. https://www.sportszonecanada.com/bauer-nexus-adv-gr-stk-sr-142613.html
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    As the OP, I have noticed exactly what you are saying. I've been using mostly Easton E3 (p92/29) curve, and I definitely struggle to keep the toe down, which results in missed passes, not great stick handling and just overall struggles. I also have found it hard to consistently get the puck to come off the blade the same way twice in a row when shooting. Much of that might be technique, but after trying the PM9 and P88 curves, definitely find them more user friendly for where my skill level is currently at. So another semi-update. Did a bit of stick handling and pass/receive with the P88s last night and so far I am liking it. Feels more "secure" and "grounded" then my P92 curves did and about the same as my PM9 curves. I think it is what I'll stick with for awhile unless I start to see inconsistencies pop back up. Thanks everyone for weighing in and lending a hand.
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    Agree with all the advice above, but it's not so helpful to call it a deep knee bend, it's really a hip hinge. A hip hinge will naturally promote a knee bend otherwise you simply won't maintain your balance. It's the same concept as learning to properly do a squat or deadlift. If you just try bending your knees when skating without hinging your hips, you'll get very tired quads and an awkward stride. There are many different philosophies on stick length - from the approach Howie Meeker taught years ago (which is pretty much what Crosby has today) to the extreme opposite with a guy like Patrik Laine who uses a really long stick and bends his top hand elbow during normal stick handling - something the Meeker camp would say is simply wrong. But it's worked out pretty good for Laine. Either can work but your game has to follow the approach - Laine is never going to be the player Crosby is in tight and down low on the boards, behind the net, puck in tight traffic... and Crosby is never going to have a release and one-timer to match Laine's. It's give and take, pick you poison and then become an expert with the path you've chosen.
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    can't really be sure, but it sounds like a lower neck problem. C7 innervates the triceps and middle finger, while C8 innervates the ring and pinky. go see either a good musculoskeletal based chiropractor or ortho (preferably not an urgent care facility or a gp/pcp as they tend to really be terrible with musculoskeletal and nerve injuries) to get a proper work up asap. the longer you let that nerve issue go, the higher the chance it can cause permanent issues.
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    Your friend should focus on balance rather than weight. I’ll take a balanced stick at 430 gr over a stick at 370 gr that has me nervous to carry the puck because it might snap. He might find a cheaper factory in China this way too.
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    Seems like such a huge opportunity for a Base type of company to offer custom sticks in the $150-$200 range that match the material and build quality of these $300+ retail models. But Base is such a disappointment to me - their customer facing website for customs is tacky and the shaft options look like they are a poor man's Warrior from 10 years ago (the 'Johnson' era). Give me a modern webpage to choose between a mid kick or low kick shaft, 75 or 85 flex, about 420-440 grams, well balanced, with a choice of dampened or lively blade, big catalog of curves, and put some clean simple graphics on it then sell them in packs of 3 or 5 min order for $200 or so each... no brainer! Base seems to be so close to being that ideal custom option but the retail/consumer side of it just falls flat when you go to their webpage and look at building a custom stick. Who's going to fill that space? Retail with 3 curve options and a $350+ price point for the top end is nuts. Give us access to the 'team edition' sticks in the $150-$200 range that match the build quality and often exceed the durability of the retail, but make it easy to order instead of sifting through prostock websites with re-paints and questionable curve options. colins
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    I tend to avoid KVG, personally.
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    does the tingling in the arm start above(shoulder side) or below(wrist side) the elbow. which part of your hand/fingers are involved(last 3/pinky, ring and middle or first 3/thumb, pointer and middle)? the way you're describing it, it could be anything from a pinched nerve in the neck(due to a disc issue, degeneration, arthritis or combo of things), to thoracic outlet syndrome(from a possible 1st rib issue or something muscular like spastic scalenes) to ulnar tunnel syndrome along with a bunch of other possibilities. doubtful that the bone spur in your humerus is causing that. but the fact you're having some weakness in your arm/hand is no bueno. that likely means there is some chronicity to your issue and likely some nerve damage going on in which the impingement on whatever nerve(s) involved needs to alleviated asap along with some therapy to assist in regeneration of the nerve(s). regardless, you need to be properly examined so that course of treatment can be administered asap to limit any possible nerve damage.
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    The high prices just mean more demand for the lower end stuff which long term means the prices across the board will go up and retailers can also hold higher prices on older models for longer. These companies aren't dumb. it does nothing but hurt us consumers because seriously... unless you are getting these for free or you're insanely elite, who's using a $400 twig? Was there a real market demand for this? I don't bat an eye at spending $1000 on skates because I can make them last for years and years, but I could snap a $400 stick in 3-4 games.
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    I have had this type of issue for years. They never positively diagnosed it. Some stenosis in my neck but not a lot. I have seen tons of docs, had MRIs, etc. Bad posture seems to aggravate mine, so the stenosis would be effectively worse as my neck bends. I focus on posture and do a lot of upper back work to help with it.

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