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  1. Maybe check out the Sherwood Rekjer line. The shoulder caps seem pretty low profile on them and they have the adjustable biceps guards.
  2. 2n doesn't exist in 13, i think they stopped making nexus 13" in the previous generation.
  3. if you can, try to find a place that has a computerized traction(cervical decompression, not static traction) machine. that and targeted exercises may be the only thing that saves you from more aggressive medical intervention.
  4. The pinky and ring finger are innervated by nerve roots C7 and C8. Can make an argument the C5 and C6 was causing the shoulder symptoms, but not at all when it comes to the fingers. Also, the fact that the medrol dose pack did nothing to alleviate your symptoms is alarming. Honestly, you really need an MRI ASAP with your constant radicular symtoms and weakness. Likely the only reason they're having you do a month of conservative treatment first is because your insurance likely won't authorize the test without it.
  5. Yeah, I wasn’t sure what was going on until I just saw your post. I just checked another A6.0 I forgot I had that I’d cut but never prepped for use and noticed the same sticky feeling. ...nothing that a bit of matte clear coat can’t fix.
  6. Yes, I noticed it in my A5.2 and A6.0(the original line). I hadn’t played in almost 2 years and noticed they both felt very tacky. Was assuming it was coming from either residue on my gloves or residue from the cohesive grip tape on the handle that I hadn’t changed in a few years.
  7. I’ve dealt with a similar issue as well, but my shins may not be quite as short as yours. What ended up working for me eventually was the Bauer Pro Series shins that came out in 2010. They were the predecessor to nexus protective and came in adult 13” size so they were noticeably deeper fitting than any other 13” jr shin on the market(including the top of the line Reebok 10k at the time).and I also found they tended to run a touch shorter than anything else on the market. I also remember checking out the the Nexus 8000 line as well looking for a possible replacement down the road in case my pro series went caput and found they had a very similar fit as well. So maybe check to see if you can find nexus 8000(or even 6000) in 13”.
  8. typically no dye necessary for spinal mri's when looking for disc issues. dye is sometimes necessary when looking for a labral tear because it can be difficult to pick up on the images and the dye will fill any cracks or tears in the cartilage.
  9. can't really be sure, but it sounds like a lower neck problem. C7 innervates the triceps and middle finger, while C8 innervates the ring and pinky. go see either a good musculoskeletal based chiropractor or ortho (preferably not an urgent care facility or a gp/pcp as they tend to really be terrible with musculoskeletal and nerve injuries) to get a proper work up asap. the longer you let that nerve issue go, the higher the chance it can cause permanent issues.
  10. does the tingling in the arm start above(shoulder side) or below(wrist side) the elbow. which part of your hand/fingers are involved(last 3/pinky, ring and middle or first 3/thumb, pointer and middle)? the way you're describing it, it could be anything from a pinched nerve in the neck(due to a disc issue, degeneration, arthritis or combo of things), to thoracic outlet syndrome(from a possible 1st rib issue or something muscular like spastic scalenes) to ulnar tunnel syndrome along with a bunch of other possibilities. doubtful that the bone spur in your humerus is causing that. but the fact you're having some weakness in your arm/hand is no bueno. that likely means there is some chronicity to your issue and likely some nerve damage going on in which the impingement on whatever nerve(s) involved needs to alleviated asap along with some therapy to assist in regeneration of the nerve(s). regardless, you need to be properly examined so that course of treatment can be administered asap to limit any possible nerve damage.
  11. just checking in to see if you've had any luck in finding anything that works. i have the same problem as you being cursed with short arms, i also have an issue with most elbow pads butting up against the cuff of my gloves(always try to look for the shortest fitting 13" gloves i can find). the best pair that worked for me were the old reebok 20k's in small which were just barely wide enough to accommodate my forearms, but they're on their last legs and i need a replacement. i remembered the original rbz's and the ft1's in medium were a pretty good option as well back then but i was satisfied with my 20k's at the time.
  12. i saw that post as well and can't say i necessarily agree with the 5100 and 4500 being the biggest helmets. they can fit on the large side if you have a "long" head front to back, but not so great for wider heads. i have a biggish and wide head and wore the 5100 for 3 or so seasons. although it was the best fit i could find at the time, i went on to try the reakt when they came out and felt they fit larger all the way around for me. depth was similar, but noticeably wider and just had an overall "larger" feel to it. I was wearing a L 5100 adjusted roughly half way open, but the L in the ims 9.0 i eventually settled into (which has the same fit as reakt) i have almost all the way closed and could almost fit into a M all the way open. ymmv.
  13. Again, as I pretty much stated in my initial post, and jamarquan stated in more detail in the post above, Isles fans, the majority at least, aren’t so upset with him actually leaving. We are all a rely aware of how incompetent management and ownership have been over the years and many of us stated how we wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d asked for a trade at some point. Its all about the manner in which he left. are isles fans fuming at the snowang regime? Uh...duh. Of course management had a huge hand in him leaving, not a single one of us is ignorant to that fact, although you make the argument for our level of intelligence for becoming isles fans in the first place. And no one is defending them. But he could’ve handled in such a better way as to not become public enemy #1. He still could be went out with respect. yeah it’s a business and he’s entitled to do what he wants, but doesn’t make things feel less shitty and wishing him nothing but failure(from a hockey perspective) going forward.
  14. It pains me to sound like I’m defending the snow regime as I’ve wanted that whole front office cleaned out for some time now, but he did ask the owners and front office not to trade him basically insinuating a deal would be made at some point. It also made it more complicated with his NMC(or was it a NTC?). He basically hamstrung the organization and then left With the way it went down, he will be vilified by isles fans in the same territory as Dale Hunter. If he’d have just been honest from the get go and said he just doesn’t feel like talking working it out here and needs to move on, then I’m sure he would have still had the support of most if not all isles fans instead of dragging it out to the last minute. I hope he never sniffs a cup.
  15. I do not believe he mixed them up. The first iteration of G75 with the blue piping had more of a supreme style fit, slightly larger fitting overall than the 9035 with a slightly wider heal as well. The G75 lite with lime green piping shared a similar fit to the original 735/G35 line.
  16. Yes, the 9035 has the bigger toecap.
  17. IMO, they fit very close to the G75's(from what I remembered, been a while since I've tried them on). Again, my memory is a bit fuzzy on the fit of the original G75's, but I believe the toe tap has a bit deeper and wider feel to it. Heel fit, to me, was pretty similar as well which is why I ended up going back to the G75 LITE, since both G75 and ultimately 9035 fitting a touch too deep and a touch too wide in the heel. HTH
  18. Unfortunately, the only other brand that has that euro fit, afaik, is/was Graf. Have you tried checking with hockey's evinces.com? Last I checked, they were still a tackla and eagle distributor.
  19. Although wasn't a fan of their overall jersey design, I did like their logo. New one looks more suited for a shoulder patch IMO.
  20. Yeah, too bad as I was looking forward to checking them out.
  21. that would be awesome. the G35, 735 and G75 lite are the best fitting boots I have found for my feet.
  22. G75 or G75 lite? Vastly different fits...
  23. G75 LITE with neon green piping, not the plain G75 with blue piping which fits somewhere between a supreme and nexus.
  24. Not sure if this the place or time to put this question, but does anyone know if the QL gloves replace the KFS or CL's? Was assuming the CL considering the tapered fit while the KFS was a contour fit.
  25. i don't going even higher volume than the recent xx95 series(ie 9035, 8035, etc.) would be wise since that series went higher volume than previous 735, g35 and g75 lite skates making them comparable to bauer supreme in volume and alienating the many traditional, loyal 735/g35 users.
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