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    Not at the moment, but you will be updated when we know more about exact delivery. Unexpected delays will of course be announced, but given the precarious situation in the world, we have tried to take potential delays into account when estimating the delivery date. So of course we hope to be able to deliver faster rather than having delays. /Petter, Developing Engineer at Marsblade
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    Since we can't dry land train all day...I'm taking a break, and asking (anyone else who's bored)...what piece of gear were you dying to get your hands on that ended up being disappointment. Not to say that it wasn't any good...it just wasn't any good for you! Me...I grew up with the game in the 70's on Long Island. Naturally, I was an Islander fan, and when I was about 14, I moved to defense and I absolutely idolized Denny Potvin! I've played D and worn #5 for my entire (now five decade) career. I wanted a Lange helmet (became Northland) sooooo bad because Denny wore one. Well...I saved my pennies, and went into the pro shop at Twin Rinks (my home rink), and boom...I got me one! I have never worn anything so heavy and uncomfortable on my head in my life! Maybe it didn't fit right, or maybe I had the wrong head shape, but getting ready for practice...I would dread putting this thing on! It was so heavy that when I turned my head fast, it felt like it was going to tear it right off my neck. Anyway...about three miserable weeks later...CCM Pro Standard and never looked back. Still wearing the descendants of that helmet. Hey...it worked for Bossy and Trottier...and they weren't too bad😉 Whatchoogot?
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    bite your tongue, loved my Easton GX1350...as far as I'm concerned thems fighting words I challenge you to a duel at dawn
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    I think we know it's caused by excess pressure on the tendon leading to rubbing/damage and inflammation. You can rehab the tendon through band-resistance exercise and rest. It's cured by increasing the volume in your skate so the laces don't cut into or apply as much pressure on the tendon. This can be done by switching skates to a deeper boot (pencil test), or installing lace eyelet extenders to increase the facing of the boot at the point of the pressure/contact. Everything else is just masking the issue or a band-aid. colins
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    @start_todaynailed it. I have tried gluing / velcroing a pad to the inside of the tongue and found the tongue still twisted on me in the boot which caused the edge of the pad to press against the tendon and hence made things worse. Hence I always taped my Forsberg pads to my ankle and did this for many many years, 7 days a week. I can tell you what causes lace bite, pressure from the laces. As to the reason why, this is debatable but generally it is down to volume. Lace bite is caused by micro damage from pressure, every time you skate there is damage occurring to the sheaf of the tendon and then the tendon itself, balancing this is the repair process that goes on when you aren't skating. Over time it builds up, factor in aging, boots getting older / changing shape/ less supportive and any increase in skating and then you finally hit the tipping point. What I can guarantee you is that if you skate with your laces undone / removed you will not get lace bite, ever.
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    Yes and no. R1 has much more of an ice like feel than a traditional inline chassis, but not as much as the O1. The difference is the rocker setting where the O1 rocker is design to mimic the ice hockey steel while the R1 rocker is designed for maximum performance. The insert is attached to the upper part by a snap fit. It is easy to change but you need to remove the lower part (with one bolt) to reach it. The feeling of different inserts is of course a question of personal preferences, but by testing them ourselves and listen to the players who have tested them my impression is: H5-T8: Most similar to ice hockey H5-T15: A lot of heel movement but full contact during push offs H8-T8: Smoother feeling H8-T15: Most controlled feeling, less movement i general but still clear benefits from the rocker The blue colour is anodized. Valid point, it's definitely a potential alternative, in the end it's a matter of how many players we see demands it. /Petter, Development Engineer at Marsblade
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    He is saying that if you have certain skating mechanics, or if your skates don’t fit, the tongue can still slip to the side. Even though these are adhesive and “part of the skate,” the tongue can still move in the boot. I don’t think he’s saying they are bad products and necessarily won’t work, but rather that initial steps people should take are to make sure skates fit correctly, and then figure out if your feet pronate or supinate. Lacebite is often a symptom, not just a problem in and of itself. So, even if someone can alleviate the lacebite, there might be other problems unaddressed.
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    - 4 roll gloves in general. I love the way these look, but they are always too loose - Low kick sticks. Probably due more to my self taught mediocre shooting motion, but I can’t get low kicks to consistently flex/shoot the way I want. - Bauer Vapor XXX bag. SIIIIIIIICK looking bag (as far as bag aesthetics go). Awesome gray/black/red colors. Love the pocket design and location of everything. Bought one online when they came out and it’s GINORMOUS. I don’t remember if they had size options at that time, but I can fit two sets of player equipment in it. It lives in my basement and holds old equipment that we keep because hoarding.

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