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  1. A lot of people buy their skates too big. I suspect a lot of people buy their shoes too big. Correctly fitted skates feel “too tight” when you first put them on, especially if someone has been wearing oversized skates. They won’t fit like slippers, no matter how many people like to say that.
  2. Doesn’t that only work if the steel and holder are “traditional” size? If someone changed to an oversized holder, you end up in the wrong place. Or, someone mentioned that correct sizing on the TF series moved them down a steel size. And, even then, it at best gets you into a situation something like “I use 272 size steel so im buying either 8.0 or 8.5,” so theres still a 50% chance you’re wrong.
  3. Judging from the rest of the economy, there’s literally no ceiling for prices on anything, or the amount a company is willing to gouge is customers.
  4. I think Cole Caufield’s sticks are a p14, if you’re looking for a specific player to look for sticks from.
  5. I am down half a size from what I wear in Bauers and CCM. In Bauers i was an 8.5 with toes brushing the cap, in Trues TF7 I’m 8.0. In store, prebake, the 8.0 felt almost too small, but I had read enough stories that it would open up on baking, which it did.
  6. I love those pics of Marchand with giant holes in his gloves, then reading online about adult league players who need a new pair of gloves every time they get a half centimeter hole somewhere in the glove.
  7. Rebrand low level sticks at let the best innovative Easton tech die off so Bauer can keep pushing the same basic skates for a decade and keep making them exponentially stiffer?
  8. MIA used to make some of the best gloves. Then they got all Warriored up.
  9. Homer: “A coupon for 2 for 1 pizzas from Doughie’s!!!” Lisa: “but Doughie’s has terrible pizzas” Homer: “Yeah, but there’s two!!!!”
  10. 85 flex is the safest flex for someone with the weight and shooting style to properly use an 85 flex. Saying it’s a safe fit for everyone is like saying “just buy a medium t-shirt, it will fit you” while not knowing anything about the person buying a shirt.
  11. For me, like 3-4 months playing 3-4 times a week, adult leagues and pick ups. It’s usually not so much the pop, it’s that the blade gets soft and I can flex it with my hand. (maybe that also means my form sucks and the blade it getting more torque than the shaft is flexing, so the blade goes quicker)
  12. Do you mean the retail Team sticks that are like the 3rd or 4th model down, or the prostock Team sticks that are sold to juniors level teams, like CCM Jetspeed Team sticks that are rebranded ribcores/triggers.
  13. Retail curves are pretty much limited to the equivalents of w88, w03, and w28 across all major stick companies. Fewer curve options means less production costs and less dead stock. And, if someone really really wants a particular curve, companies have another excuse to push them to custom.
  14. I wonder who sells more new skates in a year, Graf or some trash sub-Tron level skate people find on Instagram.
  15. Pm9 aka W01 is pretty much out the door. You’re better off practicing backhands with a stick with more curve than constantly chasing something that’s off the retail market, and gonna be hard to find in prostock. Bauer just launched some Easton branded sticks, with the pm9 if you really want one, but then you have to give up the brand loyalty.
  16. There’s no incentive to make a stick that lasts longer. Put new graphics on a stick, charge $15 more, re-release it every year, and then do an “LE” version for $20 more with limited run graphics
  17. This is like when a few years ago CCM sold a handful of lower tier sticks with Jofa branding pasted on for a $50 up charge. Has anyone figured out yet what the base stick is that they slapped new graphics on? The description doesn’t even say where the kickpoint is. There’s more info listed about what the stick looks like than how it plays.
  18. That blade looks super new, so I assume this happened pretty early in its life. My condolences. RIP I’ve never heard a good review of a repaired stick. Best ones you get are from people who place “value” as the highest importance when choosing a stick. Sucks, but seems like you’re better off just giving it a Viking funeral and moving on.
  19. I put it in my calendar as ending at 2pm. Was leaving around noon, and my friend was like “double check the time, I think it ended at noon.” womp womp. So that I know how much to kick myself, how much were gloves and sticks?
  20. Yeah, for current retail curves, you have your choice of anything you want, as long as it’s a p92, p88, or p28. Companies have drastically cut down on offerings to reduce over stock and make production less expensive. People on here really like the company Pro Stock Hockey Sticks. It’s not actual prostock stuff, but custom sticks that you can get with a lot of unique curves, including the beloved Drury. They even have an option for stick build that’s billed as being “classic Easton.” https://prostockhockeysticks.com The guy who runs it is an absolute stick nerd and has dialed in a lot of aspects, and seems to do this out of love and fandom. He’s not just some tech dad trying to make beer money selling bulk sticks out of his garage There are other internet companies that offer this cheaper custom option, but they have mixed reviews. And by mixed I mean mostly bad, except for people whose number one priority is price.
  21. These are the best tech in hockey that no longer exists.
  22. Boy, it’s almost like they “improved” a product that creates breakages that aren’t easily fixable so you have to just buy a new product when that part breaks before the skate breaks down. Shocked. I imagine if enough people complain, they’ll address it, like how they addressed the issue with steel gradually loosening in Edge holders. That’s not a problem anymore, right?
  23. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/en-us/products/true-ax7-senior-hockey-stick?variant=32453122195522 It says it’s available in 75 and 85, in both right and left. Someone take a flyer on this and post pics. They had an Easton Iginla clone at some point that was labeled IC. So, maybe it’s just that renamed?
  24. I’ve had them repaired at local shops twice, and it was like $20, ten years ago. Mine weren’t all the way off, just ripped(?) partially through right where it connects to the boot. Still not sure what random bad luck made it happen. It was like twice in a year on two different skates. I don’t use the tendon guard to take them on or off. Never had it happen since.
  25. I swear Jagr wore his socks over his heels for a bit, but I can’t find any pics of it.
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