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  1. You didn’t know that when you said they are all the same.
  2. “For the most part” does an awful lot of lifting in this sentence. On a site where a lot of us fret over a good bit of hockey equipment minutia even in stock retail stuff, I’d say this is absolutely untrue. Even a fairly lay person can pick up some shafts and know they are boxier than others, or some have more rounded corners and feel smaller in your hands. It’s not the most important aspect of how a stick plays, and if you're brand new to playing it doesn’t matter, or if your using the stick for non-hockey stuff, but they are absolutely not all the same, any more than a 1/2” and 5/8” ROH are the same for the most part.
  3. Can you share the username of the seller on sideline swap so we know to approach with caution?
  4. If you can post full images of the stick from multiple angles, people are here are wildly good at saying “yes, that looks real” or “here are 5 pieces of minutia that suggest it’s counterfeit.”
  5. I think there’s a huge shortage in __________. And you can put whatever product you want into that space.
  6. I wear the sleeveless Tsla tops. They are definitely tight/compression without feeling restrictive. I don’t think about them at all. They come in lots of colors, which I like. I wear Tsla insulated tights for snowboarding. They are at least as warm as nice sweatpants, without being bulky or restrictive. If someone is playing an outdoor game, they would probably be a good option.
  7. This is a pretty broad brush statement, but most people who haven’t had a good, quality fitting at some point are probably in skates that are too big. If you were never taught, and/or sized wrong, you buy skates a size too big to compensate for wide feet, or that boot shape didn’t fit your foot. Or too big because your are used to the proper “tight” fit of a new skate. You might buy to big because you sized them standing up straight, rather than in hockey stance. Or, the store doesn’t have your exact size and model in stock, and the underpaid and overworked person doing the fitting does their best to get you in the next closest thing. New too big skates skates feel like a comfortable sneaker. New correct size skates feel like a sneaker that’s probably too small. When they break in, the too big skate will get even roomier, but you may not notice it, and the correct skate feels great when broken in, but you have to go through the first few skating session of adapting to a new boot with interiors that are conforming to your foot. You see the same with snowboarding boots and skiing boots, and I assume any performance footwear. We apply the model for fitting street shoes to any footwear, because that’s all the knowledge we have. A half size isn’t off isn’t the end of the world, but you can get a bump in performance if you get that fit dialed in for your foot.
  8. I added padding to shin guards and just doubled over duct tape. It wasn’t the most elegant sexy solution, but it allowed me to adjust it and move it around easily, and it stayed put right where I wanted it.
  9. The knock on Bauer for a while has been each iteration of skate is just the previous one with a new hat. When you say ultrasonic v2, do you think it’s just more of the same?
  10. The finger test as described seems very sloppy because you’d have to have the skate loose, and then try to move your foot forward. And, even if you can do all that and figure out how to fit your finger in without your hand getting in the way, a finger seems really big. I assume you’d want a pencil circumference. If you can fit two fingers behind your heal, god help you. Better to just put the skate on and see if your toes touch the cap. Then lace up and see how it feels on your foot, and if you're getting any movement when you walk.
  11. I’ve heard some people say FBV loses an edge easier than ROH, and I’ve also heard people say that it’s more resistant to dings and bumps and holds an edge better/longer. Is there any truth to either?
  12. I can’t even find a PlayStation in a 75flex p88.
  13. For the “designer” bags, anyone have any thoughts on Conway Banks vs Pacific Rink vs Mammoth, or any other brands to throw into the mix?
  14. A small hockey shop is not a multi-million dollar car dealership. You know that. If you’re new to hockey, I apologize. Small shops have been struggling against big box retailers like monkey sports and pure hockey and online options for years. Some are making it work, some are getting swallowed up. It’s creating a huge lack of local services and knowledgeable people to service equipment. And that small shop experience is near and dear to many people on here. Hockey equipment isn’t marked up to then be discounted like cars. Part of what you are paying for is a specialized service and knowledge that those local shops have. Prices are what they are because the of what the companies charge. If you’re arguing down the cost of equipment, you’re not sticking it to Johnny Bauerington Jr, you’re taking money anyway from a small store that’s probably doing it as much for a passion for the game as they are a livelihood. No one is putting their money and time into a hockey store in 2021 because they think it’s solely a good investment. There’s a love for the game there. I’d rather buy stuff from them than Walmart and Amazon.
  15. Imagine being the guy who walks in to your local hockey store, in an economy where small businesses are struggling all over because of multiple factors, and trying to grind them down and negotiate the price of hockey equipment.
  16. Absolutely this. Plus, the fact that they are apparently spamming places with fake reviews is incredibly off putting and makes me not want to give them money.
  17. [coach/dad voice] “What’s better for accuracy is Practice.” “Better” is a tricky term. What works for me might not work for you. Particularly I f you’re still developing technique, the p88 is more consistent, because it’s one smooth curve. P28 has enough different parts, that you have to learn how to use it from the heel vs toe. personally, I have trouble with the p28 keeping anything on the ice. It’s great for quickly elevating shots, but if I want to make a hard tape to tape pass, there’s a good chance it’s getting to the other player 6” or more off the ice, which isn’t helpful to anyone. Do you play with a ball? (Maybe I’m confusing your with someone else.) Shooting a ball with a p28, for me, would put it in the parking lot. It’s so open and twisty. You might be able to get some wild lateral movement, but everything is going to be waist high.
  18. Hell of a first post there……
  19. Ice warehouse describes Jetspeeds as a fused 2 piece. Is it the same process from years ago when they combine the shaft and blade and then just cover up the fuse point? Or is it a new process? Or, is that an incorrect description?
  20. How much of your “matching existing profiles” is essentially banana-ing the brand new steel to match the old steel that was been ruined by consistent poor sharpening and other shops?
  21. Does this mean all of these tapes are the same? Or does NA manufacture tape for all these companies, but the specific details are somehow different?
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