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    Am I the only one that's kind of disappointed that the retails don't come with step steel. I guess for the cost, it makes sense. Even CCM doesn't offer step at the retail level (aside from their current promo). Was it ever mentioned what type of steel they are using?
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    I need to double check what will come on the TF7/TF9, but all of the STEP steel is 9.5/10.5 dual radius
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    These are my two favorite teams in the league. I'm hoping Montreal will win it, but I think Pittsburgh has the offense to win the series. Price is my favorite goalie. Malkin is my favorite player. Long term, even if Montreal wins this series, they don't have the total package to get into Stanley Cup compared to other teams.
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    Why would somebody need to read the whole thread with a nice synopsis like that Well done!
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    Rangers are more than a 2 man show. Kreider, Buch, Fox, D'Angelo all can bring offense. They say Kakko looks rejuvenated. They were one of the best teams in the league from January to the shut down. It might be hard for a young team like them to get that mojo back quickly but if they do they are dangerous.
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    I personally never liked the open shield set up, skate on a dirty rink and the dirt always seems to get into the bearings. I prefer the Swiss setup with a rubber inner shield, removing the rubber shield is dead easy and it keeps the bearings clean for longer.
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    I’ve been saving up for months for new goalie pads. Due to a combination of coronavirus, local rinks permanently closing, and being kicked off my team I’ve decided it was time to invest in a new hobby, instead of buying hockey gear I’ll never see much use out of. Welcome to the team, Rocket! I’m so pumped, but at the same time definitely going to miss hockey. I’ll still have my gear for now, but if it doesn’t see much use in the next 6 months or so I may try to just sell it all.

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