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    I think it was back when nxg was released, I measured every Bauer boot from size 6 to 12 and noted that as well as the holder change, the length of the boot also changed - EE was around 2mm-3mm longer than a D. I don't know if that is still the case today but it offers up a potential reason why the holder size is different.
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    Yeah, it sucked. The were constantly behind the play. My guess is that they’re using the TSN feed and pumping in pxp from the NHLN studio, but it was still really bad.
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    Does anyone know how to get the TSN feed in the US? I watched the USA-Russia game tonight on NHL Network and the announcers were terrible. Would’ve much rather heard the Canadian guys. Seems like the NHLN uses the TSN feed for non team-USA games, but their own announcers on team-USA games?
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    I am going to ignore all of the Fit1/2/3 stuff from Bauer and just focus on standard D and EE fits for simplicity skate. When you go down a half size from a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 size skate you usually end up with a smaller holder. This gets even more complicated when you add width it's the equation. Example: Bauer 6.5D = 254 Bauer 6.5EE = 263 Bauer 7D = 263 Bauer 7.5D = 263 Bauer 7.5EE = 272 Bauer 8.0D = 272 Bauer 8.0EE = 272 Now imagine you wear a Bauer 7.5EE and therefore skate on a 272 holder and now need a size 7 or smaller TRUE skate. You would be going from 272 to 263 or a 254. Let's take this a step further. Imagine you are going from a 7.5EE Bauer to a 6.5 TRUE skate, you would be going from a 272 to a 254. Does this make things a little more clear? Perhaps clear as mud in some ways. Let's please not get CCM and Mako sizing added to this as well since that in itself is a whole other can of worms. With all of this being said I really wish that manufacturers would all standardize skate length and holder sizing, but that is likely not going to happen in my lifetime.
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    Just got my appointment for drain removal. 1/6/21. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Those CCM skates really are ugly though... Not saying these are my cup of tea, but the new Jetspeeds are.... whoof!
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    I had the opportunity to skate this week for the first time since I broke my hand. Um, no thanks. I don't understand how the rinks are even still open. Then again, I'm in a county where strip clubs are "protected by the first amendment", but camping in the middle of a 600K acre desert is a big no-no.
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    Going for latest procedure tomorrow morning. If things go well, it be the beginning of the end. The plan is to remove the covered stents I got in the spring. Then I'll only have shorter drains. If I do well afterwards I'll get the drains out in two weeks. I'm really hoping this is finally it. I've had these stupid drains since April of last year.

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