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    I don't think any off ice aid can help develop proper skating form. A slideboard can help develop some muscles used in skating - won't make you faster but should make you more stable. Balance work, hip and ankle mobility, all good things to make you a better skater. But they won't really address skating form, that's an on-ice activity. If you develop excellent balance and range of motion (hips & ankles primarily), your skating will naturally get better the more you do it. But sprinting addresses the 2nd half of the question - power. If you want to get faster, sprint. If you want to increase your athleticism overall, sprint. It's the rising tide that floats all boats. Sprinting is the holy grail. Get faster on land and you'll be faster on ice. Sprint training is as much about training your central nervous system as it is about training your muscles - Tony Holler 'Feed the Cats' has done excellent work in this area if you wanted to read more about it.
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    If it's more than $20 I'm not interested 😂 I got the sheet of vinyl off Amazon for about $15 to play with, to me it's a low level concern so I'd rather spend my money on other gear.
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    I also wear a regular in 100K and FT4, but a tapered in the AS-V as well. It's the new last that the skates are being built on. I like it much better. FWIW, in the new FT6 Pro I wear a tapered and 0.5 sizes smaller in the retail model.
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    Yeah if you don’t have anywhere to use the Marsblades or play roller hockey then it’s not an option. when I lived in Alaska and rinks were mostly closed during the offseason my own kids used the slide boards and and played other sports. my high school players spent time in the weight room and played soccer and tennis. A few would find ice or go to camps but I usually couldn’t tell the difference between those who skated and those who worked out and were active when practice’s started again in early fall. Only the players who did nothing were behind. the power skaters the team had just collected dust and were eventually sold

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