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  1. A couple from a game last week. I was lucky enough to have a teammate, who is getting pretty good at photography, handle my camera while I was playing (and since she is recovering from foot surgery she didn't have a choice ).
  2. I agree with the above... try a slightly shallower ROH first, 5/8" isn't that much of a change but it should feel a little different, give it a skate or two and see what you think. Then if you want to play with profiles I'd suggest reading up in the Prosharp Project area on this site, there's a TON of info in there to digest but it might give you a better understanding. I went to my local Pure Hockey since I have a couple of friends who work there, they have a Prosharp machine and offer profiling so I experimented a little. I felt a difference with the first profile they gave me but it didn't feel right so we tried another one, the second one was great and it allowed me to go even shallower with my ROH (3/4" now from 5/8") which also made a difference (something about more steel on the ice allowing more shallow profile for more glide). So maybe go talk to your local shop if they offer profiling and start playing around.
  3. For skates, go try on some CCM Ribcor's. If they fit your foot they might be just what you're looking for since they're more flexible than most of the modern skates. I had Supreme One75's and then Vapor X700's and loved how light they were compared to older boots but never adapted to the added stiffness (before those I was in Graf 705's from the late 90's). Last year I decided to give the Ribcor's a try and fell in love instantly with the 78K model, it had more of a feel and flex like the older style boots but was lightweight like the modern stuff, a win-win for me.
  4. There's one review that's not too positive, I could've sworn I've seen others but can't find them right now:
  5. The .5 was very minimal adjustment, it just felt natural. I did try a Quad 1 at first but that felt very short up front which I didn't care for, so that lead me to the .5 and I've been happy ever since.
  6. I'm currently in pro stock Jofa 5090's and LOVE them, they're so much more comfortable and protective than my older pads. The biggest difference for me is the liner... the Jofa has the old school thick padded liner that actually cushions, especially around the knee. Previously I had Super Tacks (the gen before AS1) and they were really disappointing... the liners were basically useless, super thin with very little padding, and the fancy D30 inserts were only relevant if you fell/got hit directly on that spot (the knee had a tiny area right dead center, so if you got tripped up and the main impact was on the upper portion of the knee cap the D30 did nothing, nor did the liner... ask me how I know), also I found the protection towards the edges of the plastic rather minimal so if you took a shot from a slight angle and it didn't hit the plastic head on you'd really feel it, this was surprising since older lower end shin guards I'd never feel these impacts with. So from my experience, look for an older set of pro stock shins with the thicker foam padding, something like Jofa 5090's or RBK 8K pro's, many models similar to those will offer far more protection than the modern models.
  7. When I profiled mine I went from 5/8 to 3/4 and it felt great. I was originally on stock 10' radius and am now on quad .5 . The explanation I got was that with the quad profile you'll have more steel on the ice at any given time so you don't need as much bite with the hollow to get the same grip (disclaimer: I'm not an expert on the technical stuff, that's just the way it was explained to me and honestly the shallower hollow has not felt like it has any less bite than my old hollow on non profiled steel).
  8. So this explains the survey I took for CCM last week... it was all about shopping for skates and what sort of promotional offers I'd find appealing, they kept pushing the "would a free upgraded blade offer make you more interested in CCM skates?" but phrased in like 5 different ways. So maybe they'll offer a Step Steel package for new skate buyers til they phase in the steel on whatever skates they'll be using them? Either way, sounds like a good deal for CCM, just wish I waited because maybe I could've saved some money before buying my blades separately after picking up new Ribcors a few months back.
  9. Is the shin guard sitting away from your shin because they're too narrow? I've had a variety of shin guards over the past 5+ years (Super Tacks, Vapor X900, U+ CS, RBK 14k, etc) and most have really thin (almost pointless) liners so I can't see how a liner would create a fit issue (I now have Jofa 5090 pro stocks with the nice thick foam liner that actually provides cushioning unlike any of my previous pairs). If it is a width thing maybe try a heat gun and open the plastic up a little wider? I remember Craig Ludwig infamously took that to the extreme back in the 90's but a little extra width might do the trick if that is in fact the issue.
  10. reminds me of this old Simpsons scene when Homer is shopping for a new TV at the outlet store:
  11. I had a 310 for a week but it didn't fit my head, it was too square especially in the front. It felt good at first but then 5 minutes into the game I'd have a lot of pain no matter how I adjusted it, I guess my head is just too oval for it. I guess once you find that helmet that's just the right shape for you it's the one you keep coming back to.
  12. see, I'm the opposite... I can't stand that hard bike helmet type shell inside the V10 and many newer helmets, I prefer the cushioning the VN gives me. I've also tried a Bauer IMS9 and didn't care for that padding either. My V08's are both maybe 10 years old and still have soft padding, seeing how I might be able to find a new one here or there I'll have to keep my eyes open.
  13. Looks, fit, etc. the weight is basically the same as most other helmets I guess. I can't stand the newer helmets, they just don't feel or fit me right, but the V08's are perfect and I love the way they look. I'm guessing this is why so many pros still use them too... also their design is part of the reason I thought they couldn't sell them (something about they contracted someone to design it but never paid or somehow didn't uphold their part of the contract, so now they weren't allowed to sell commercially anymore, don't quote me on that being 100% accurate bu something to that extent).
  14. Just saw a brand new CCM V08 combo at Dicks yesterday and had to check what year it was. I thought CCM wasn't allowed to sell those at retail anymore due to the lawsuit? I almost bought it out of instinct since I wouldn't mind another new one in the stable but they only had larges. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/ccm-vector-08-ice-hockey-helmet-combo-16ccmuvctr08hlmtchkp/16ccmuvctr08hlmtchkp
  15. The Tacks girdle fits WAYYYY tighter than the 9K girdle. Both are adjustable length wise but the Tacks also feels a little shorter in the legs than the 9K (and the thigh wrap on the Tacks is like 1/3 the size of the 9K, I have pretty skinny legs and the Tacks were tight on my thighs which never happens, on the 9K I have the thigh straps all the way over and they're just barely snug).
  16. disclaimer - I am in no way an expert, pretty far from it, but I did find mention of the Quad .5 while searching this site when I was researching profiles a few months ago. I had originally tried a Quad 1 (that Pure Hokey recommended), it was nice but I felt it was too short in the front, felt I was tipping forwards a little too much, so that lead me to the Quad .5 which was my glass slipper. For the record, I'm in a 7.5 skate (263 blade I think), '9" and about 165-170lbs if any of that matters. Again, as for the technical stuff I don't know much lol, just know this one happened to work well for me.
  17. I was worried at first as well butafter my first skate realized it's fine. I usually notch it one hole tighter for better readings and to keep it in place more, then it sits nicely under the cuff of my glove away from danger. I guess this may vary depending on what gloves/size gloves you wear so just test it out before hand... I wear 14" HG12's with the floating cuff so they pretty much keep the watch protected at all tims which is nice also I'm a lefty too and no issues). btw, I love the app.
  18. For a finishing touch to protect and add a super hard layer you might want to look into a clear coat for car wheels (Duplicolor and Krylon make them from what I remember in gloss and matte). I used to paint car wheels, usually rattle can a set for the winter with snow tires, and that stuff protected from road salt and snow like a champ, could only imagine it would be really great on a cage too. As for cages I currently have a Reakt on one helmet and a Profile II on the other. I honestly don't notice a difference in weight once they're strapped on, not one bit. The one thing I do notice is that I don't like the shape of the Reakt as much, it sits closer to my face and has an odd shape from the side, currently contemplating picking up a second Profile II to replace the Reakt with.
  19. Was just buying a stick for my 6yo and saw that Bauer has a new curve called a P01... unfortunately it's only on their kids sticks but wow it looks great, it's like a less open less heal kinked P28, had a nice straight section from heal to mid blade then a nice toe curve, just wish they had a senior version.
  20. Not exact on the timeline but I'm pretty sure the CL line was also referred to as RBZ, quicklite, and jetspeed at various times in its existence. It's all the same gear just new models each year, some years versions are better than the others
  21. I feel like most modern shinguards have thinned out the inner padding so much lately. I had Super Tacks with the D30 or whatever it's called, it was great if you fell exactly on that spot but as we all know, you don't always fall square on the center of your knee. I took a few falls on the upper portion and bruised my knee pretty well since it's essentially thin padding behind the plastic shell. I have since picked up a pair of 8K pro stock shinguards with the thick liner and wow what a difference. The inner padding makes a huge difference and adds a ton more protection all around your knee while not adding much weight or bulk, no wonder so many pros still wear the old Jofa/RBK pads. Sure the d#0 stuff is great if you take a Shea Weber blast straight to the knee cap but for the most part that stuff just seems like marketing nonsense to me.
  22. I don't get the cream shells... why not tan to match the gloves? Or at least swap the white on the jersey/socks for cream to match the shell? Reminds me of a mis-matched Beer League uniform.
  23. Gloves now a days don't require much break in from what I've seen, most are good to go from the start... long gone are the days of full leather bricks taking months to break in the struggle was real back in the 90's... I still have flashbacks of breaking in Easton Air GX gloves, those things were torture but oh so rad.
  24. Yes, most accept returns if you have not used/damaged the product. I bought mine from Pure Hockey online and returned it to their store since I was in the area. Just be exstra careful when installing it and testing around the house. Not sure what sort of guarantee anyone has once you've tried it on the ice.
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