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    Easton S17
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    CCM U+ CL Gomez Pro Stock
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    NBH 550
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    Hespeler GX700
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    Easton ST16 (2010)
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    Easton ST6
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    Easton Synergy 500

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  1. He probably had his head down and didn't notice the two guys until after he made the move on the last d-man. By that time he may as well carry it but one of the two guys should've gone with him to make a 2 on 0.
  2. "I will make a trip to your team's city (preferable a weekend game so I can see and enjoy the city) where we can hopefully watch a game together and root for my new favorite team." This guy just wants a date.
  3. You trying to catch up to Dupes? :P
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/Easton-S19-Pure-EXCLUSIVE-NEW-ENGLAND-AREA-/140574638129?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20bae6c031 Doesn't Pure Hockey ship? Even if they didn't, if he's paying $240 and selling for $250 then he loses money after eBay and Paypal fees, if someone actually buy for $350 then good for him but that's unlikely...
  5. "These b****** were made in Canada. And unlike your girlfriend, you can actually show these to your friends." This guy has awesome description skills :D
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/NHL-New-Jersey-Devils-Vintage-Practice-Hockey-Puck-/250848495366?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item3a67bc4706 I wonder if anybody will buy this
  7. Located in Africa, guess you do whatever you can to keep cool :P
  8. Well they're obviously playing it safe when they say 24 hours. Usually it's fine just a few/several hours after you bake especially if they were in a good cooling down environment.
  9. meh, even Chadd was a bit dissapointed/surprised that they had to do black at the bottom. Everyone appreciates what warrior is doing, but as long as something isn't perfect people are going to complain about it or wish for more...Nothing you can do about it.
  10. Aren't all pro stocks just the customized retail version?
  11. A lot of people here have a crazy amount of sticks (And by crazy I mean they can use a different stick for each game of the season if they wanted to). I myself had 24 sticks at one point.
  12. Why are they calling the Hossa the Slovak? Not like he's the only one in the NHL...but oh well. I'm surprised they're offering both the Hossa and the Kremlin, that's a lot of crazy curve.
  13. WOW. If someone can confirm that they're S17s I will pick up a pair for sure...
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