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  1. Another point for the Trigger pro. Was one of the few sticks I could find with a p02 curve and had used the Trigger2 last season figured why not and I haven’t been disappointed yet. One thing I will mention tho is I’ve found it to play a little softer than indicated and for a low kick stick, not sure if anyone else felt the same? Id also recommend Sherwood, really impressed with the older T100 and have the the Project line in my sights
  2. I have always been a P92 then more recently P88 kinda guy but the lie just isn't high enough for me with those. I had always heard the P02 was around a 7, but seems to be more of a 6/6.5 in reality but has worked well for me and the square toe has been a nice bonus.
  3. I never knew CCM even made a P02 clone untiI I found it on hockey supremacy website on the 3 Pro. I did some digging online and found this years ccm catalog as well as a list of CCM pro order curves that had some details, they list it as a lie and say it's a bit deeper than the P02, are those the differences you were talking about? If so can you elaborate a little more on them? Either way I went ahead and preordered the 3Pro so hopefully in a month or so I'll be able to compare myself. I noticed that too, I can't find a recent gen Nexus or Tacks with it anywhere. Seems Bauer still offers it on the Supreme line tho, but I'm not a fan of the kick point. I just started using it at the end of last season when I went on the hunt for something with the highest lie I could find at retail and grabbed a Sherwood T100 with it and fell in love right away, but was disappointed when I went to find more or any mid kick stick with it with no luck.
  4. Does anyone have any info on CCMs P20 retail curve that looks to be debuting on the new Trigger line. Only info I can find is it's suppose to be a P02 clone. I'm wondering how it compares and what the actual lie will be on it.
  5. I grabbed a couple at the start of the season and so far the one that I've used has held up very well
  6. Is it something I can request when ordering or do I still need to submit a sample for the mold? To add add to your feed back on this curve being released, if you were to release it retail I'd be a customer of a lie 7 model ;)
  7. Hopefully they've solved some of there blade durability issues, I was really hesitant on trying the current model this season after really enjoying my OG A6 and I would love to order a custom batch from them with the Kane pro stock at some point in then near future.
  8. FWIW I believe the Base curve(bc14) is a lie 5.5 where the Kane is closer to 7 according to Barber and some other threads about it.
  9. Was the curve an option when ordering or did you have to send in a sample to have it done?
  10. @calby8 That definetly doesn't look like a cut or from a shot. Looks like bubbling either from the manufacturing or maybe from the baking process or if you used a heat gun to make some small adjustments?
  11. Yep I've done it in a Bauer Nexus Sr shaft. I used a int plug and just used some hockey tape wrapped around the plug to fill up some of the space including the triangular sides then put some glue on and it fit very well and help up through a couple of skates with it. I gave up on it after about 3 skates with it as I found it was causing the blade to open up on wrist shots and felt the comfort wasn't worth the lose in prefomance. This may sound a bit weird but I felt like I couldn't feel the blade of the stick in terms of opened or closed. Best way I can describe it would be the indexing of a knife, if you have a round handle you can't tell if the edge is down or to the side where with a squared handle you know right where it is with out looking. The cut corners of the extension seem to wanna roll in my hand almost. I personally wouldn't recommend doing it just from the failed experiment side of things but I think the thing was 12$ so know real lose in trying if you choose to do it.
  12. Funny you brought this up cause I was thinking about this went the incident happened. The 3 major hand injuries this season, atleast what we hear of in the Canadian market, have been Warrior players(Gaudreau, Gallagher, and now Methot) and got me thinking is this a coincidence? Or is it actually the manufacture? Its highly possible they were all just freak accidents or maybe these 3 all use the same foams and plastics in their gloves, but then I was thinking Crosby or Matthews or McDavid or any other high ranked player probably take an excessive amount of "taps" to the hands and we almost never hear any thing about this. Even with the Gallagher incident being a slap shot to the hand, this happens atleast once a game with no problems but this has happened to him twice.
  13. Never said they were. All I was saying is they may change things down line and you may not be able to get what you can now.
  14. I think you might have mistaken what I said. I wasn't at all meaning that now that True is on board they were gonna take the skate and make it what they think it should be. I was just saying to the OP that what VH has now is a great product and now is as good a time to buy as any other. Things that may change down line some people may not like. This happens all the time with sticks, skates and a lot of other hockey products, they change the blade or kick point of a stick or the liner or tongue or whatever it may be that people may have loved in the original product. It's just product evolution, and I think it's become one of the best skates out there.
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