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  1. That's strange because for the longest time I could that curve in the $80-$120 range. I guess I'll have to start looking for a similar curve in a different brand.
  2. I finally ran through my random stash of Eastons in the Getzlaf curve and haven't had much luck anywhere online finding more. So far all I've found is the E5 on high end sticks and none on price point sticks. Is this something Easton is doing now?
  3. How much for the Navy Warrior Pro Series shipped to 15642?
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I found a pair to try on by my house and they definitely felt nice and light but are way to short for me. I'll have to wait for something else to come out.
  5. Anyone have any experience with the Bauer Pro Vintage Shoulders? I'm considering getting them for pickup and men's league but couldn't get a good idea on what kind of protection they offer.
  6. Hammers44

    Bauer Shoulders

    Please delete
  7. Vet, a guy at my total hockey is going to get me in a pair of 5035 to try on. I'll post later in the week how they fit. Thanks for the help.
  8. I wanted to try on a pair of 705 also but couldn't find any in my area. I came out today and tried some other brands on. So far the Supreme 180 felt nice. Good heel lock, toe box wasn't cramped. Everyone around here is out of the 5035s for me to try on so I might be SOL on those.
  9. Can anyone comment on the fit of these two? I had Ultra G5's in the past and liked the fit but couldn't another pair to replace these. Total hockey has the 535S and G5035 for cheap right now and I'm interested in these two if they have the same style fit. I plan on going out there next week to try them on but was just trying to get a heads up before I get there.
  10. Thanks for the input. It definitely took less time than I thought I would to adjust to that curve. It's way nicer having an entire blade to shoot off of instead of rolling everything back to the heel.
  11. I'm switching over from a Getzlaf curve to a Tavares mainly because I got a good deal on 2 RBZ 80's in a 75 flex and its getting harder to find any Getzlafs in a 75 flex in my area. Has anyone made a similar switch? I'm not looking for crazy answers just some insight on what playing with these will be like. If it helps I primarily play defense and like to keep my clappers low.
  12. I've searched for awhile and haven't had any luck finding ANY of the Sherwood line in the PP05 curve. I even emailed Sherwood and was told to contact Total Hockey which told me to contact Sherwood. Anyone run into this?
  13. How did you fix it? I've yet to find a way to keep it from twisting around
  14. Do you know the average price of these bags? Couldn't find much info on the site.
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