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    Bauer Vapor X60; Mission Axiom T9
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    Bauer Nexus 1000; P92, 87 Flex
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    Bauer BH Pro
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    Bauer ReAkt
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    Bauer One75
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    Bauer One75
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    Warrior Eraser Backpack

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    Flyers Hockey, Team Blue Hockey, Volkswagen & Audi, the woman, good food.
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  1. those Maine x60's are pretty; i wish i had a team to use that colorway with. are you in need of any gear?
  2. P.Kane stick for sale on Ebay---- disect away!
  3. Is the picture playing tricks on my eyes or does it look like there's a bit of reverse rake? Looks like you may feel like you're on your heels when skating around. That's the one regret i had when converting my X60's -- should've used shims.
  4. Curve specs on the Ai9?
  5. Cool thread -- i'll shed some light on what i've done: - Bought a huge sheet of 1/4 inch think plexiglass from Home Depot; spent about $40-50 bucks, sprayed some pledge wood polish/cleander on it, rubbed it in, wiped it off. - Ice hockey pucks slide just like ice and roller pucks aren't a problem at all - only draw back is that the wood polish/cleaner wears off over time (it does last a while) and that if you don't do a good job of rubbing it in, the underside of your blade gets a little greasy (just wipe it off!) Much better than spending 1-200 on one of those crazy boards.
  6. What pattern is that? Looks like a P89 in Bauer. Swoooooon.
  7. Please do post when you get a chance!
  8. Looks like a match. Thanks! I used the Warrior Vanek for a bit and didn't like it at all. Maybe my mind/eyes are playing tricks on me, but he P89 looks a tad deeper and appears to be a bigger blade? The side shots of the ebay ad in my OP and other pics i'm finding don't resemble the Vanek at all. I hate having to order to find out if i like it or now. PITA. I'm referencing these for now: http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/61621-warrior-vanek-pattern-gone-for-good/ and http://www.ebay.com/itm/BAUER-VAPOR-APX-GRIP-CUSTOM-PRO-STOCK-HOCKEY-STICK-RH-87-FLEX-P89-APXSE-/140971340392?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20d28bf268
  9. Found another Mike Richards pro stock on ebay -- absolutely beautiful pattern, IMO. 0016-19 I'm sure this has been covered before, but there's no way to get that pattern ordered through Bauer as a commoner (not college, semi-pro, pro) right? Thanks,
  10. I absolutely agree. This is the first helmet that has been free of pressure points or empty fitting areas. It really feels like my head is being hugged.
  11. Goodbye 5100, hello RE-AKT! Got a deal i couldn't pass up!
  12. Interesting. I guess you used locktite on the bolts? Also -- can you feel the bolts under the sole? That would really bother me. Nice self-jobber though!
  13. that is one fine looking skate, even without the addicitons. wow. I'm reallllllly starting to regret not getting magnesium chassis vs my vanguards on my X60s.
  14. i see what you did there. Front of skate teaser on facebook; rear of skate on here. Veddy nice!
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