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    Bauer Vapor X:60
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    Reebok 11k Shaft/Unbranded Drury
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    CCM Pro
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    CCM v10
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    CCM Pro Tacks
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    RBK 8k
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    Warrior Projekt
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    Jofa 8040

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    I love carpet
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  1. If you're at all interested, Cushing is a fast and physical team. We scrimmaged Cushing twice and beat them, but they are a very respectable team.
  2. Some of the gear (click to enlarge): Sticks: -Easton Cyclone w/ Easton Hybrid (Sakic) -Easton Stealth w/ Z-Carbon (Drury) -Montreal Nitro (Sakic Clone) -Easton ZBubble w/ Bauer woodie (Linden) -Easton Synergy SL (Heatly) -Inno 1100 (Draper) -Warrior Dolomite (Schultz Pro) -Easton ZBubble w/ Z-Carbon (Drury) Gloves: -USA Eagle x80i -Minnesota Eagle x50i -LC Blue/Orange custom Bauer XX -Royal Bauer Vapor X -Black/Red/White Mission M-1 Pro (FOR SALE) -Black Mission Injection -Blue/Gold TPS HGT8 Skates: Just switched a pair of lightspeeds onto the grafs. The newest addition:
  3. Those skates are absolutely sick. B)
  4. What Tps stick is that? Intrigue...Control? Not sure though... Yeah, but I've seen them here in the states.
  5. My teammate living with me just got a 6k OPS for warranty replacement for a vector 110
  6. Im not digging the new color scheme.....I think the new Stealths look just awful......
  7. If they're a medium, i'll buy them off of you if you are interested.
  8. Update Gloves- Custom Orange/ Blue Vapor XXX 14" Skates- Bauer Vapor XXX Sticks- Tapered Inno 1100 (300) w/ Easton Synthesis Lidstrom, 2 Standard Inno 1100 (300) w/ TPS Intrigue Morrow
  9. Custom XXX's coming in tommorow, so I'll be posting pics soon
  10. Wet skates and gloves are the only equipment I like "wet" when I skate
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