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    Bauer Supreme 180 w/ Speedplate & Power Foot Inserts
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    True Xcore9
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    Eagle Aero Pro
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    Bauer 7500 w/ Avion Ahead Elite Fishbowl
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    Warrior Dynasty Girdle w/ Shell
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    Bauer Vapor X700 w/o Shoulder Caps
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    Sherwood 5030
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    Reebok 18K
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    CCM Pro Bag

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  1. Love how the Eagle gloves feel and play. Don't love how they smell though. Antimicrobial liner on Warrior gloves really do work. They definitely don't smell like hockey like my Eagles do...
  2. Of course the polished runners will make you skate super fast! Also get yourself yellow laces - I hear they give you mad dangles - and tinted visors - guaranteed to make you score... both on and off the ice. And don't forget the massive flop. Everyone knows the dude with the biggest flop is the alpha dog...
  3. Piggy-backing off of an old thread... What would be your pick for the knee pad with good protection on the "side" of the knee? I've had my Reebok 18K's for about 4 years now. Great fit, excellent protection up front and no problem until this season. I took puck to the side of the knee for the second time in 3 months. Both times left me with a gnarly bruise on the side of the knee as there was not much there for protection. I'm a D-man so unfortunately I find myself in the way of a shot or cross pass more often than I'd like...
  4. No. I've had a pair for about a year now. 2~3 games a week. I haven't had any issues with the LS4s.
  5. +1. Although I would go with slimmer mouth guard rather than ditching it altogether. I've had similar pain in the temples with mouth guards. I went with soccer/basketball style slimmer mouth guard with upper teeth guard only and problem solved. Even with a cage, I would still recommend the mouth guard as getting the cage slammed into you chin can still cause your teeth to break.
  6. Beer league in Japan? That's awesome. How many teams in the league? Is there a lot of players out there? Anyways, I have DJ-200 jersey that's my go to jersey for pick up games. Used for about 3 years now and still holding up well. The material is a bit more light weight and stretch-ey than some other brands but it's been durable so far. The fit is a bit on tight side - especially in the shoulder - so pick the size accordingly. For reference, I'm 5'-10" 32 waist and medium fits me snug.
  7. Old version of LS4 has two notches (teeth) near the heel of the skate above the 'LS4' marker. The new versions don't. That's how you can tell which version you'be got.
  8. Yes and yes to baking the boots and Speedplates. You'll have to see what steel they come with and decide what to do. LS4 is nice but not necessary. Your options are pretty limited for "something else" with the LS Edge holders.
  9. Holly molly... CAD$300 for a bucket? I'm sure it's nice but man... I can't afford that.
  10. Does she use waxed laces? How often do you change them? Wax on the laces wear off and they don't grip as well. Eventually leads to heel lifts and your skates feeling "loose". Personally I'll swap the laces every time I get them sharpened. Probably once a month...
  11. Why do you play with goalie stick?
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