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  1. I've been for a bike fitting the other day and we've calculated that my leg length discrepancy is about 1.14 cm. (.45") Does that mean that I should try to put a .45 shim in there? It all makes sense now of why I'm always having such an easier time crossing over to one side compared to the other!
  2. Hello everyone! So I'm looking for advice, I recently wanted to give a shot at being an assistant coach for my now ex-team (quite competitive, players aged 18 - 25), I was a 4th line player on that group last year due to mostly lack of skill. The coach there is solid hockey-wise, and I believe we share the same mindset when it comes to player development and team projection, so I offered him to help out, and I'm going to have a one-shot opportunity to take part in a couple of practices as an assistant. Personally, I'm a pretty receptive guy that likes to read people, and playing with this group for a year lead me to get to know the players pretty well. I also like to know group/team dynamics etc.. Usually, I like to take my time to observe and give feedback here and there (1-1 confidence boost and I'm still thinking about other stuff I can do to contribute). I was planning on taking some sports psychology moocs but the timeframe is rather short. Basically, I would like to have a bit of advice on how to not ruin this opportunity considering that I have limited hockey knowledge (I picked up the sport later in life and rarely was part of an organized team). What is usually expected of an assistant coach in minor leagues? How can I change my perception from the player that I was last year to a different status this year? More generally, what would be your advice for me to make the most of this opportunity? Thanks a lot!
  3. On my team, I find that CCM skates just don't hold up as well in their top-of-the-line products. Nothing scientific, but I'm not surprised by what you're saying at all. Moving forward, I'd try to stick with what worked for you
  4. I can be your EU distributor! Definitely looking forward purchase one One question: what's the min height of a given runner blade? remark: using radius and hollow interchangeably is confusing, I had a brief hope that I would be able to adjust my blade radius which is obviously not the intention.
  5. Should have named this topic S-ICD protection for future people in my situation! 🤦‍♂️
  6. Just as an update: - Ordered and fit the evoshield rib protection and unfortunately, the pads aren't covering the s-icd danger zone. (I asked evoshield for some adjustment on their shirt and no can do understandably due to their manufacturing procedure.) - Ordered some Vital Beats S-ICD (https://www.vitalbeat.me/vital-beat-sicd-protection/ ) and the process is simple, they just send you a t-shirt with a marker and you circle the area to protect and they stitch a pocket around that area. So if you're a handyman, then I'd suggest to sew an internal pocket, and buy some protective shielding or do your own carbon plate, but if you're not (like me) or just lazy, I'd recommend the vital beats option, which although pricier, will be a protective product specifically designed for that purpose. Happy end of season y'all!
  7. Happened on my eq50 shins, my fix had been to fold and stitch the strap.
  8. I remember there was a star cam a few years ago, it usually picked the major players, I loved it actually. Eventually, I think refs will have vr cameras, so you'll be able to look wherever you like
  9. In those kind of games, you just want to go home, so you did the right thing
  10. Thank you for all your answers! I just bought the Evoshield rib shirt, will take it from there 🙂 and post back with short review for future references. Thanks again for all your inputs!
  11. Third one is fun, but the two firsts are a really nice resource
  12. Wow those are great suggestions! Thank you so much!
  13. In my recent history, I've been implanted a heart S-ICD (defibrillator/pacemaker); it is placed under my rib cage on the left side. I was told by doctors that I could play normally, but at one point I got a puck in the chest (high saucer pass so not even a shot), and it broke the device and I had to get it replaced (surgery etc...) I would like it to be the last time I have to go through this and thought that I needed to protect that area (frontier between rib and a stomach) against any kind of shot in order to protect the device. I thought of stitching some kind of carbon fiber to my existent shoulder pads, but have never seen it done. Or I also thought to stitch some lacrosse rib protector to my shouldies. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Romain
  14. Have you given Ezeefits a try? That's something I'd definitely look into. http://www.ezeefitsports.com/product-p/030.htm
  15. romdj


    There are many options actually, the ones I know that successfully worked for me were the following options: Superfeet (preferably yellow) Sole (https://yoursole.com/us/) (preferably active thin) Bauer speedplates (just tried them on, so I can attest on the quality)
  16. Hey guys, kind of an outdated gear topic but anyways. I just joined a new team with ~oilers colourway and I had to buy new pants (couldn't go pro-stock because they don't have the orange stripe 😥) and price difference not worth choosing a shell. Anyways, the ones that fitted best both my body and wallet were those one95 pants. I therefore wondered what has been your experience with them (durability, comfort) and if there was anything I should be looking out for. 🙂 thanks a lot!
  17. Hello everyone, So I always thought of a device for practicing explosiveness off the sprints. And then I saw a device rocked by PK but I cannot find a brand/model/reference anywhere. Only thing I know is that it is not an elastic band! My question is if someone in the community know anything about such a device, I'd be very interested in knowing what it is. Thanks! For reference here's the training tool I'm talking about: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj7pES2ABx_/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=to8rx5e8b04v https://www.instagram.com/p/BlQTe_PAm5p/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=nxwmn7ncxdng
  18. Historically, Easton twigs flex more than other brands for the same rating so that should fit the bill for you
  19. I bought one of these in a E36/75flex and I found the release to be fantastic. sadly, it may break on me soon, any suggestions on similar twigs now that easton is gone?
  20. Did anyone manage to do T1 MX3? I picked up a broken one at a rink the other night and the asymmetrical shaft is killing me, I've already cut 5~ inches
  21. I have an x50 ops that's broken, have you guys done a X60 or similar to the X50? I've got a couple of tapered blades. I think it should work out, unless you tell me otherwise
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