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  1. You would think manufacturers would space their product releases out more. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Total Hockey pay Bauer/CCM/Warrior to stock their products? Bauer/CCM/Warrior has to make their money somehow and if they aren't getting stocking fees, they're going to have to raise prices. That, or online retailers will raise prices simply because they can. The constant churning out of sticks/skates/etc. is bad for the consumer. No one in their right mind is going to pay an extra for a 1X 2016 when they can have a very similar one (1X 2015) for $150 less. The manufacturers will say that the "changes are significant" but it's all marketing BS. It doesn't warrant that price when there is plenty of options available on clearance or the secondary market.
  2. From what I've heard (and my own personal experience), Superfeet isn't a viable option for a lot of people with flat feet. I would look into a custom orthotic first and then try and fit a pair of skates, not vice versa.
  3. .. A lot of people are wanting to burn Bickell at the stake, especially Hawks fans. They're upset he cost the team "an actually good player". Look at Brooks Laich with Washington. Did I hate him sometimes because of the contract? Yes. But I understand that's a mistake. I would take him on a 1 million or so contract but not the one he signed with McPhee for 4.5.. Some GMs set a player up for failure, and some players get complacent. And yeah I do agree, Hawks have really poor drafting IMO as of late. It's almost ever since Tallon left. They have Hartman coming up but who else? They signed Kempny and will probably sign Shipachyov next season to mask the problem.
  4. Wouldn't say it's Bickell's fault. Just another bad decision by Bowman. I think they'll have to trade Crawford at some point, unless they don't resign Shaw (which they shouldn't, they don't have enough space and they have Hartman). Should build around Toews/Kane and Anisimov/Panarin on offense, and Seabrook/Keith/Hjalmarsson on defense. If they can find someone to take Hossa in a year, they should be able to keep TVR from being claimed in the expansion draft. IF things start to decline the first players that would go would be Seabrook and Anisimov from that point.
  5. Is that the 2016 All-Star AX1s? Tried to win them through Warrior's page, they look sick.
  6. It's weird because they actually aren't bunching up in the toe box, just sliding. I would try a different footbed but I don't want to alter how my foot sits in the boot. When I used Superfeet on my VaporsI also got really bad arch pain. I don't have any pain on my haglunds and my foot "sits" fine, it's just the wrap on my right heel is bothersome.
  7. FYI on my previous post, the wrap still doesn't feel tight when I'm standing in my right skate. So im leaning toward it being part of the problem and not the whole thing. I emailed Rob and am going to try the tape method in the next couple days.
  8. Well the Stable 26 socks didn't help my right foot because it aggravates my haglunds, but in the process of trying them on I think I may have found the reason. My left skates (which is fine) footbed barely moves vertically at all when I apply pressure. My right skates footbed, on the other hand, moves ALOT when I apply even slight pressure. I often feel that my right heel isn't completely locked in which causes it to push out of the heel pocket or move within. Not as tight of a wrap as on my left could this be the problem? I took a video but have no idea how to post it on here
  9. I did try the Stable 26 but I was a size too large. I'll probably try and order a smaller pair if all else fails. Rather have a permanent solution though than depend on something that may not be around in a couple years/be designed differently (speculation). I'm going to get another clamp tomorrow, the same one that Scott uses in the video on YouTube, and test it on an old skate with a heat gun. Did you use the clamp while having them baked or did you use that method? It's only my right VH skate so I suppose I can just bake it if need be, or hit it with a heat gun. Whichever works best for the final product
  10. This was actually what I was going to do next, but the clamp "pads" won't sit flat on the heel of the skate. Like they pinch the skate and then try and fall off? The smaller clamp was worse Looking from over top the skate the heel does get tighter as the clamp pushes in, but would this fix the problem I'm having? Seems like it would just have a better wrap higher up the heel but not a great lock down below?
  11. Starting to get a little frustrated. Anyone who read my post a couple pages back understands why but I'll go over it again. So my left skate is perfect, but I'm getting poor heel lock on my right skate. I got them in August 2015 and the right heel lock seemed OK. Maybe I was blinded how I could finally skate with no pain, I don't know. I was skating in Vapors prior and then about a year or so in Supremes. Vapors gave me Haglunds but I did like the heel lock on them. My right skate is shifting around a little too much for my liking and slipping when I'm taking strides and pivoting. I've had so much problems with my feet that my bony ankles seemed minor but now that most of them (besides pronation, which I have help with) are fixed I'm noticing this a lot more. My right ankle is a lot more bony than my left and even in shoes, I'm noticing my heel lock on my right foot is poor. I have to really crank down my laces (shoes and skates) to get my heel to lock properly and this doesn't do a very good job. I've tried multiple clamps of different sizes when baking but the "pads" do not sit flat on my skate. As in part of them touch, but half the pad hangs off my skate since it's not a flat surface. What do you all recommend I do? I emailed Rob and while I don't think I can order just a right skate with a smaller heel (that's not to count I already spent $900 total on these skates) I am not seeing a lot of options. I looked up the duct tape method that oldtrainerguy posted about but I can't find it on YouTube.
  12. You should be able to use a ratchet clamp while baking to pinch in the heel (if you need it). Can be difficult, though. Like Chase said, you could try Stable 26 or some heel booties like EZeeFit. Only problem with the Stable 26 is how many pads are in the Custom Insert pack. I just ordered a pair from IW, as well as a Custom Insert pack, and Stable only ships 2 pads of each size. So if you like the 6mm and need a tighter heel on both skates, you'll need to order two packs as well as a pair of socks ($40.00 total).
  13. Is it just me but do the Vapor gloves look completely unchanged at all, except the name?
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