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  1. Just FYI there are two types of "wrapped" grips. Command Ribbed Wrapped- thick Command Wrapped Texture- Thin I hate the first one.
  2. I like the butt end of the Command Ribbed (the "Top Seller" one on IW) but not the overall thickness of the grip. My solution was to use the Patrick Kane grip and make my own butt end out of tape. I roll a couple layers of tape over the Tacki-Mac butt end, enough so the butt end is as thick as the Command Ribbed one. I hold them side by side to double check. I then roll a layer or two of grip tape over top so it doesn't eat up my gloves. When the grip tape is eaten up, I just do another layer, the stick tape underneath remains. It's time consuming but I feel it gets the best of both worlds. You get a good sized butt end but the Tacki-Mac is so thin you feel everything. I feel that if Tacki-Mac just made the Kane grip with a bigger knob it would be the most popular.
  3. No it won't. I use an electric sander on half of my sticks and even that doesn't affect durability.
  4. I'm 5'8 and use an intermediate 67 flex cut to my collarbone on skates. Probably about a 75/80 when cut down. I've literally seen 10 year old kids have taller sticks than me. Very hard to transition if you're not used to it, so the change has to be gradual. You're probably going to hate life for a little bit, and it definitely makes finding the right lie harder. Mine is a little messed up, I get more heel to mid tape wear so I really have to roll my wrists when stickhandling.
  5. You would think manufacturers would space their product releases out more. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Total Hockey pay Bauer/CCM/Warrior to stock their products? Bauer/CCM/Warrior has to make their money somehow and if they aren't getting stocking fees, they're going to have to raise prices. That, or online retailers will raise prices simply because they can. The constant churning out of sticks/skates/etc. is bad for the consumer. No one in their right mind is going to pay an extra for a 1X 2016 when they can have a very similar one (1X 2015) for $150 less. The manufacturers will say that the "changes are significant" but it's all marketing BS. It doesn't warrant that price when there is plenty of options available on clearance or the secondary market.
  6. Bauer would have the exact same response, though.. My sticks look brand new except for some very hard to see scuffs. I'm good at photoshop enough to where I could get rid of them. It's a crappy situation but you live and learn.
  7. Just noticed IW put the 100 on sale because the 110 is coming out on July 22nd. Anyone know the differences?
  8. Not sure how removable it is, I may have broken the chin cup that comes on the Profile II LOL. Would work if you want to trade the chin cup out for another one, like I did with the Re-Akt, but have to be careful if you want to clean it. It snaps off but it seems like it doesn't hold as tight afterwards. They snap back in but was a little loose, so I just taped it up with some black stick tape.
  9. Hah. Did the same thing, took a little tinkering but I have a Re-Akt chin cup on my Profile II. I thought I was the only one but looks like I'm not that special. So light and small enough to fit my baby face. Don't see it in my peripheral vision at all.
  10. They should've just done the 67 jerseys with the new logo. Love those
  11. Just imagine how ugly they'll be when/if (please God no) Adidas puts their three stripes on them.
  12. From what I've heard (and my own personal experience), Superfeet isn't a viable option for a lot of people with flat feet. I would look into a custom orthotic first and then try and fit a pair of skates, not vice versa.
  13. .. A lot of people are wanting to burn Bickell at the stake, especially Hawks fans. They're upset he cost the team "an actually good player". Look at Brooks Laich with Washington. Did I hate him sometimes because of the contract? Yes. But I understand that's a mistake. I would take him on a 1 million or so contract but not the one he signed with McPhee for 4.5.. Some GMs set a player up for failure, and some players get complacent. And yeah I do agree, Hawks have really poor drafting IMO as of late. It's almost ever since Tallon left. They have Hartman coming up but who else? They signed Kempny and will probably sign Shipachyov next season to mask the problem.
  14. That actually makes a lot of sense. Interesting information, thanks.
  15. Surprises me Oakley wants out of the hockey business. I remember when a lot of players used them and people said they were the best on the market. Seems like just another place Bauer took over because of brand recognition (in hockey). I can see Revision making a full face shield.. that'll be interesting.
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