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  1. Habs 21 Whats with your SL ?? Is it the Prototype???
  2. Screw the kick point ! Nothing would be affected but a lost of a tapered shaft. Like someone said already the only problem is the tapered end would not accept a end plug therefore there is a small chance that the shaft might be too short however there is not but not a big chance un lesss you use a short hossel standard blade. Anyways thats the path i chose and never looked back (my flipped sl with wood blade is my hardest shooting stick. ) ps. Almost forgot if you decide to flip it the handle would feel a bit thin.
  3. bauer 5000 hemet Nike v11 shins bauer xv gloves bauer 80 90 skates
  4. Take your skates back to the place where you got them and ask them to punch out area where it hurts.
  5. Thanks yglod11! but iam not looking to buy. edit: by the way, are they high end and do they comes with a sandpaper like texured blade. Also do they come in standard too? Thanks
  6. Hey Badkitty what is that harrow shaft you got there and if you don't mind how much was that!
  7. And he Quits his job the next day! :P
  8. Miike did you spraypaint the Holders.
  9. There different the green one has carbon fiber weave on it while the black ones are just left over synergy shafts painted black. (iam not sure correct me it wrong)
  10. Next time try to make it more like this C Insteid of (
  11. Beware make sure it is not a wood chisel or you would wreak it.
  12. Is the Reasponse Armor the Reasponse plus's replacement? And thanks JR!
  13. You guys all have to wear bauer 4000 helmets?
  14. Just a thought would it be a not safe to use a rusted or an old cage and how often you should change one.
  15. Stupid question , Chadd is the second skate from the bottom kor beem or somthing and are they manufactured by mission? thanks
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