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    CCM V08
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  1. I had that problem ( I used the stock insoles) but i realized i was used to tying my skates too tight (like i use to) once i played around with that it all went away.
  2. It would have to be one with flex agents in there and it would add some weight to the skate depending on the amount of layers you apply. Plus they would probably start to chip and crack if there is no flex agents in the clear. (They add flex agents to the clear in bumpers)
  3. They're adhesive shot blockers. There is a few NHL players that are using them. It fooled me a few times :)
  4. where did you find these?
  5. Legit? I really hope CCM/Adidas don't do that.
  6. Switzerland has done well. I think Vaughn move is a good one there is still a niche market that they can work.
  7. Is there a way to order custom Graf skates from the Switzerland factory from here in the US?
  8. How's the volume of the super tack skates? Thats my biggest problem, the tacks right now have plenty for me just hoping these do as well.
  9. Would it have more depth than the Jetspeed? The Tacks right now have plenty but im in between both.
  10. +1 Will they be available for a custom order? Don't know if depth wise it would work for me but would love a pair.
  11. Can you set up an appointment with them? Most reps have no idea how to fit. It's very sad. Very few guys have any idea what they are doing and even fewer that are actually good at fitting.
  12. I understand everyone's point on the exchange rate any the fluctuations but one thing I must say having the skates over a year and a half, skating 3 to 5 times a week. Is that VH skates and company do provide very very good customer service.I can't tell you how many times I email scott and he got right back to me. Always willing to help out any way he could. I've used all the big guys CCM Bauer Easton and can say I never got that type of service from them. I'd that worth a bit more..... to me yes.
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