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  1. This echoes my experience. The VH skates that Scott made for me were leagues better than the Trues I got recently.
  2. These are my fourth pair of VH/True skates, bud. I know how to heat mold them without damaging the quarter. I'm not saying True makes a bad product, and I had great success skating pain-free in my other VH skates. The fit on these new boots is so bad, however, I still can't get the right fit around a tailor's bunion due to the construction of the skate. The bottom of the boot is not flat all the way across, and curves up around my foot in a way that constantly irritates the bunion, regardless of which insole/insert I wear in them. I worked very closely with the rep on both sets of tracings (the original and the re-make) to ensure a fit issue like this wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, the combination of a skate that doesn't fit quite right and finding the pulled eyelet has me very frustrated with the entire experience.
  3. I am outside the warranty period. Skates were ordered in March, and sat all summer.
  4. Has anyone had success fixing an ovalized eyelet hole in these? I've worn my new True skates exactly 1 time and an eyelet has pulled in the quarter -- the eyelet itself is round, but the quarter package hole is now larger than the eyelet. Overall, I'm incredibly disappointed with my new True skates after being in VH for almost 5 years. The construction is sloppy, the sizing on my pair was so bad they had to re-make them, and now the durability is laughable. The rep I worked with was so frustrating to deal with I'm about to bin these skates having discovered the eyelet issue.
  5. Similar boat here. Hated soft contacts but needed them for skating. I had a new procedure done, called ReLEX SMiLE. It's the same laser as LASIK but rather than creating a full flap, they create a "donut" under the surface of your eye that is extracted through a much smaller, laser-created, incision. My vision has been stable at 20/15 for 2 years since the procedure. I'd highly recommend speaking with a surgeon about your laser vision correction options.
  6. I've seen it -- it's rare, but hey. Do what works for you. The rivet holes line up, but the size labels are slightly different. My Tuuks are 296, but the SB4.0s are stamped as 295.
  7. Update on my custom Graf skates: they’re perfect. Unbelievably good. Better overall fit than my highest expectations. The boot is definitely a lower cut but after 5 minutes on the ice I felt quite comfortable. The boot pitch has me too far forward on my profiled steel but I’ll adjust that. ZERO foot pain in my bunionettes, navicular, or bunions.
  8. I'm under a pro deal so I went through a rep. Retail custom process requires a visit to a dealer and is a $100+ upcharge from retail price. Final cost depends on what you request on the skates.
  9. They're totally custom, they built up a last from tracings and photos of my feet. They recommended I go with a medium-depth boot and tight heel, so it's not entirely comparable to either.
  10. My new Graf 755 Pros. Had these made up last month: Carbon quarter, AMC liner, oversized toe cap, asymmetric tongue, LS Edge holder. Still haven't been able to get on the ice with them, but the fit is spot-on.
  11. I have old Shimano cycling shoe bags and a vacuum pump...this may be awesome.
  12. And today, I just picked up my new True skates. Under the footbed there's a layer of plastic film and then the layer of masking tape.
  13. It's on the inside of the skate...
  14. I have had my VH Skates since 2013 and the outsole/midsole is covered with masking tape. I officiate at a very high level, 3-5 games per week. I (last week) had the Milwaukee equipment manager replace the first rivet on these skates for coming loose. I'm only one data point, but I have not had any more rivet issues with these skates than any others.
  15. I agree with the first 3/4 of your post -- I switched to FBV 2 years ago and won't go back unless it's an emergency (none of the EQMs of teams I work have FBV spinners, so in a pinch I revert to 3/4ROH). The last 1/4 gives me pause. I don't feel an official needs a different profile than he or she would use playing, especially if they're just starting out. I know we're all gear/equipment nerds, but a first year ref won't be working a super high level of hockey and should spend far more time focusing on positioning and rule knowledge than worrying if they packed their playing or reffing steel.
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