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  1. HockeyMonkey actually sells pro stock sticks for less than that (or around the same price). ProStockHockey.com & Hockeystickman.com generally have a number of options for $100-$150. And, if you have the patience to wade through postings, bid, etc., there's always ebay.
  2. I picked up a couple of Cypresses on sale - one v92 and one v28, both 95 flex. I haven't tried them out yet, but they're light, feel reasonably well-balanced, and are about what I'd expect flex wise. To my eye, the 92 looks like it starts a bit deeper in the heel then a Backstrom/some other clones. I will note that the grip/finish seems a bit weird. One of the sticks had a very tacky grip, almost as though some adhesive had been left on it. The other was way less tacky, but still a little "stickier" than I generally like my grip. We'll see how they do on the ice...
  3. I remain skeptical, but I couldn't resist trying one at a sale price. I'll post my reactions once I get it and try it out. Here's hoping it lasts more than one skate...
  4. Has anyone tried a Verbero OPS (https://www.verbero.com/collections/sticks#sticks-6553)? If so, any thoughts/reactions?
  5. bl4

    Graf Skates

    Thanks, folks! Kgbeast, which HockeyMonkey store is that?
  6. I've been skating in Bauer one nines for several years & have never been particularly happy with them - first time in twenty-five years of playing that I ever experienced lace bite, despite having almost exclusively worn stiff, top-end skates. It was a problem when they were new and now has become a big problem again as they're breaking down, but almost exclusively in one skate. (I assume I'm overcompensating for the boots getting softer by tying them too tight). I did the pencil test early on, and I don't think it's a volume issue. Also, skate stiffness had never been an issue for me, but the current pair is the first full-composite skates I've worn, so I realize that might be a part of the issue. That said, the fact that the lace bite has persisted even as the skates have gotten softer/more forgiving makes me somewhat skeptical that I could remedy the problem by just dropping down a rung on the Supreme ladder. Over the years, I had liked the Supreme line, and my previous two pairs of skates before these were 8090s and Graf 705s, both of which I had liked a lot. When I bought the one.9s, I tried on whatever the current Nexus was and found it too wide in the heel. I remember liking the Vapors, but for some reason which I have since regretted, went with the Supremes. I'm looking to replace the one nines, and I'm trying to figure out if my problem was a poor fit or whether I just miss the old material skates (which, would, I guess, mean I'd be in the market for a pair of older model Grafs?). I realize that fit and feel are highly personal, but I want to make sure I'm trying on everything I should when I hit my LHS/going about this right. My current skates have been a real frustration, and I want to make the most informed decision that I can. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  7. I know there are a bunch of threads about the demise of Graf Canada, but I was curious if anyone had any insight re: whether Graf is making a comeback. They seem to be (at least somewhat) active on social media, but it looks like they're just focused on custom orders, and the only website I can find is the Swiss one. Any idea if those of us in the States might be able to buy Grafs again in the near future?
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