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  1. So none of the pure hockey stores in my area stock the tf7 so I tried on the 9 and they fit great, can anyone confirm if the sizing and general fit would be the same in the 7? I usually don't like buying skates without trying on but if they fit the same then I'll buy the 7 online
  2. If anything they run big. I have a ccm pp10c pro stock shell in a size small that's around the same size as my medium retail shells
  3. Mako II skates for sure, changed the way I skate.
  4. What's your current curve? I went from a pm9 to the Kane pro curve and had no problem adjusting. If you are a toe curve shooter or like a short blade it will be a tough learning curve, but again it's all personal preference
  5. How many times can you get skates re-riveted? I swapped out my cxn holders on my mako skates for a pair of true holders with step steel. I've had to have all rivets replaced once and it seems every other skate I have a few rivets loose here and there. It feels like I get rivets replaced more than I get my skates sharpened. I go to a really reputable skate tech and I'm just concerned it could end up damaging the boot over time. Should I keep the holders, switch to tuuk?
  6. They will still have the Nexus fit available in a supreme boot
  7. I have used it for about 6 games now. I have always used a cage so I don't have any comparison to other fishbowls, but so far I've had zero fogging issues and ventilation is pretty good.
  8. Searching for old tackla or 9k girdles is fun. Everything else I'm over.
  9. I currently wear warrior dynasty ax2 gloves. They are a size 13 but fit like most other brand 14". Their covert line always fit true to size in my experience
  10. Eat more cheeseburgers and get a nice fat ass to absorb impact. Worked for me
  11. I used to have a base Savoy special that I loved, it was around 450g. They re-released it as the ss10.
  12. How about a pm9 with the rocker profile of a sakic curve
  13. His wicked snapper is probably because he has good mechanics.
  14. I get great arm extension with vapors, they are somewhat low profile too.
  15. Base bc71 is really close. It's a Malkin pro stock I believe.
  16. What kind of pads you have? I have a pair of vapor x100 that are the same way when dry but after a shift they are soaked and it’s not an issue
  17. Big time interest on the gionta. Would buy immediately
  18. Have you tried the flare blade? Or mako and vh? If you don’t like these products and see them as a gimmick then don’t buy them. If other people like them, who cares.
  19. I still have an old KGB warrior stick with the kremlin curve. Fun to mess around with
  20. Anymore of a knee bend and I'm gonna look like I'm trying to take a dump on the ice..and still be on my toes too much
  21. I moved back to center recently and I feel off balance constantly when battling for position in front of the net. Any push from behind seems to send me falling forward. Maybe I just need an adjustment time
  22. Reviving old thread. So Ive grown tired of the extreme aggressive pitch of my mako skates and want something more neutral. Thinking about profiling or maybe adding a shim to the front. Any benefits over the other?
  23. They were u+10. Still have them and use them for outdoor or backup skates.
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