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  1. i think he took you saying you'd have to go to hg or hm for the other socks as "threatening" dont know how one would take it that way, but just my guess
  2. From the image it looks like its still usable, but man they did not give a shit about doing damage. Taking copper rivets off can be a pain, and you usually have to use some kind of hammer and chisel set up. However, whenever I did it I was always careful, especially on inlines, to not to any damage. Some paint may come off here and there, but it looks like they really went to town, and probably hit it too hard, cracking it in the process. Id put some super glue in the cracked area and hope for the best.
  3. Saw the skates this weekend at Total Roller in Novi MI. Very impressed with what you guys have! all the skates look great, especially CA9 and CA7
  4. well its a hard thing to price really. Like DS said above, when someone brings in skates that are beat to shit, the repair job becomes that much more difficult (expensive) The bottom line is that when these repairs come in, the customer is not only paying for parts, they are paying for my time.
  5. depends on the situation for how labor intensive. If its a straight swap (like for like) its pretty easy. If i have to install a new holder then it can be a pain in the ass, as it involves drilling, etc. Typically, i'd charge $75-$100 including the holders.
  6. Yeah not feeling work today. I am too hungover for this shit
  7. I would leave the tears. Shows they are game used
  8. Yeah one tourney and a league game. They are great wheels. Grip well, have good speed. Im a fan. All of my teammates that have them seem to say the same things. I think the biggest thing that I could say is that I dont notice them. Which means I dont think about wheels while im playing, just worry about playing, if that makes sense.
  9. i never had issues, but got the week free anyway
  10. Thats par for the course Jimmy. We had a dick the other day. Right before a peewee game, we have like 6 sharpenings come in. No biggy, we get them done before with plenty of time to spare. Kids come get their skates, and there is one pair left. This dad comes in and starts freaking out that his skates are missing blah blah blah! we go well, these are the only ones we have here, are they yours? he goes no, my kids are MUCH better than these, those are junk my kid has Vectors, not CCM (idiot)!! starts yelling at us, telling us how terrible we are etc. So we give the kid a pair of rentals to try to rectify whatever we did wrong and he plays his game. So after the game we take the extra pair of skates in, and start asking if they were anyone's. So the kid of the asshole dad goes, oh yeah those are mine. Made that guy look like a total dick, and of course we didnt get an apology. I wonder if he will buy new skates for his son, since the ones he had were so terrible.
  11. For as much as some customers do get on my nerves, there are some great customers at my rink. And I like to think that i try to treat everyone the same, but if there is a guy that routinley spends his money at my shop, of course im going to take care of him. For instance, I had a guy in my shop yesterday. The dude had never played organized hockey, but wanted to sign up for one of our leagues, and needed equipment. To make a long story short, I ended up outfitting him for over $600 worth of gear. But with that, I threw in soakers, 3 rolls of tape, and some sex wax. These things are little things, that dont cost me much, but i like to think that this guy will remember my store first from now on. Hopefully, he will be a life-long customer. I do have several that only shop with me. They appreciate that we are a small shop in an area that isnt exactly hockey crazy. I think some people dont understand how little money there is in hockey retail. Unless you are a big store that can afford buy closeout items for hardly anything, life isnt easy. If you look back at the posts in this thread, I think you see a few common themes: 1) Impatience - The level of impatience in today's society is alarming. I think if everyone took a moment to relax for just a minute, people would be a lot happier. 2) Ignorance - Lets face it, most people arent like your average MSH member. They likely dont know much about what they are buying, and need guidance. 3) Bad Customer Service - All of us retailers are guilty of once in a while not doing good enough in this aspect. I know I have had a few situations I wish i could re-do, but I also know the big stores are a lot worse. On top of that they have also conditioned some customers to expect poor service, so to counter that, they come in treating you like dirt. A cycle that we can only hope to try to close on our end. But, this is a place to vent about the customers that you just have to laugh about. And there are a lot. Sometimes there are situations that only a proshop worker, no matter where from, would understand.
  12. was just gonna post this myself. We have a lot of Amish in this area, so they bring their rusty, dirty skates for me to sharpen. Hey I appreciate the business, but at the same time, i hate it when they are covered in mud and rust, and on top of that, have old crusty laces that are tied together. Yesterday after the 8th pair to come in that were like this, i finally got pissed and cut the laces. I did feel bad and threw in a new pair of laces for them though.
  13. He did not buy them from me. I would have done it for free of course.
  14. funny you say that, my co worker asked if he was baking cookies
  15. whatever, i wasnt a dick to the guy that came in, whatever you want to think.
  16. Yeah, casually commenting in conversation that he totally fucked up a $300+ purchase is really the way to go about it. Great job. Ok douche bag, what would you have said
  17. These kids were from Midland They are ok. Better than expected I'd say. I will talk to them, that would be a good matchup. There are a ton of cadillac teams in the rink today actually.
  18. All I'm saying is basically calling the guy a moron in front of people that he probably sees 2-3 times a week at their kids' games is bound to make him react in a much worse way than he would have had it been only him in the store. I know that when someone embarrasses me for no reason in front of people that I want to view me as intelligent I tend to react exponentially worse to the situation. All I'm saying is that there is no doubt in my mind that the way the man was confronted with his mistake no doubt made his reaction worse than it otherwise would have been. Sounds like the guy made an honest mistake, and he was made to look like a fool in front of his peers. Well you are making assumptions that make me out to be an asshole. I wasnt a dick to the guy, i just told him he probably destroyed his kid's skates. The truth is the guy probably thought he could save 10 bucks by doing it at home, and now has likely ruined a perfectly good pair of skates. And I dont think I ever said I was mad at the guy, I just thought it was kind of funny that someone could be so wrong on something. You are confused. I was fixing a different pair of skates. His were not the ones being riveted.
  19. So this happened on Wednesday, but I didnt get a chance to post it. While working in the shop during a high school game, a kid from the other team comes in with his parents during the intermission. He was playing in the game and needed rivets replaced. No problem. So while I'm doing them, another parent comes in to see what was up. While they are waiting for me to finish, I hear this parent tell the kid and his parents, that he had just bought new skates, and baked them at home. Then I heard this bombshell. He goes "Yeah, I put them in the oven for 35 mins at 250" I hear this and have to stop what im doing and ask that he say that again. So he repeats what he said, and I just say, well, you ruined your kids skates and voided any warranty you had on them. Then this guy starts to get angry at me. He goes "No I didnt! They arent ruined at all! You dont know what you are talking about! Peranis says to bake them for 20 mins!" To which I replied, "Sir, I think you have the process a little mixed up. At most it takes 20 mins to complete the ENTIRE process. 3-5 to bake, and then 10-15 to sit and wait for them to form. Check my skate boxes if you dont believe me" He told me I was wrong again and stormed out. Now, the thing that gets me is that this kid was from the other team, but I still did the rivet for free, as a kind gesture. And then this moron gets angry at me because I point out a mistake he made. Just kind of funny. It makes you wonder how many other dipshits out there have destroyed skates in their ovens.
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