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  1. Leaving the 6th grade comments obsession aside, I'm impressed that the man with no name mentioned a handful of Bauer guys and left out Shocker. Jeez, how did that happen? So while you are able to read a roster, it seems that perhaps you missed the Bauer history of going public, internal problems and the rest I would prefer not to mention as having nothing to do with their current standing in the market place. Your understanding of the current Bauer situation is due entirely to their skate product line. Ok, you can confirm that once again with another 2000 word answer to a single question. Even Dorothy got to see that there wasn't a wizard behind the curtain.
  2. Please name a few skate designers at Bauer in the last 20 years. Some players here know them personally. Go ahead.
  3. As if Bauer and CCM don't know how to design, R & D, manufacture skates.
  4. We all know the center of the hockey universe is special !! Those shops have the volume and traffic to support the expense. Completely different retail hockey landscape than the majority of hockey hotbeds in the US these days. Lots of shuttered doors in USA LHS over the last decade. Story for another day.
  5. Simple : don't look for the LHS to have one. Look for the big box or dealer with high volume $$$ invested in Bauer product across all skate lines. This answers why Miller couldn't find one on LI except for the big box store about to get one delivered.
  6. My understanding is dealers had to purchase the Fit Lab. Certainly only qualified high volume $$ dealers were given the opportunity to purchase the Fit Lab. Connect the dots if you are looking for one in your area.
  7. Back in 2011 when Bauer was riding at the crest of the wave, signing OV away from CCM was also a power play move on Bauer's part at the time. Now, those days have come and gone. Time for new faces. They are always changing anyway.
  8. " Show me the money Jerry !! Show me the money !!!! "
  9. I was referring to youth travel hockey which is generally heavily scheduled in our rinks on Saturday/Sunday starting at 7 am and ending by 7:30 pm before mens league starts on Sunday nights. There is no curfew on hockey at our rinks.
  10. Summer starting year 3 on Marleau's deal at $6mil+ cap hit is when 34, 29, and 16 all come off 3 year rookie deals? If so, this can't be good. They are going to want to give 34 a long term deal, no bridge deal, and we are going to be talking $$$$. 29 and 16 won't come cheap either. IMHO, this "character guy, in the room, leadership" role is the most over-hyped thing in hockey chemistry, Are you basically saying your vets from this past year didn't have it or just an excuse to justify signing a few vets on light $ deals?
  11. Could we set up a separate thread for the Bauer 3-D Fit ? I know it's new gear but a stand alone thread might be easier to follow.
  12. The AAA coaches I have talked to here at my rink told me that is the idea behind the no icing on PK rule: to specifically develop stick-handling skills instead of just smash it against the glass on the PK and ice the puck. Since that is the thinking behind the rule change and there are really not a lot of PP opportunities, the impetus behind this rule results in few opportunities to actually make a difference in any player's ability to improve puck possession over a season. Just make icing a two minute penalty !!!
  13. Is this rule change really going to develop the next generation of Erik Karlsson type players for USA Hockey that they think it will ? I really doubt it. So in the meantime USA Hockey creates a generation of players playing the game with a rule the players will abandon before they even age-out of travel hockey. Oh, and the goal of this rule was to create these Karlsson type players for the next level ? Seriously, out of all participating USAH youth players, how many get to that next level? Less than one-half of one percent, maybe. What a joke this rule really is when you dig deeper into it's motivation.
  14. Talking to some AAA coaches at the rink and they are not sold on the rule change. If the penalty for a team icing the puck on a power play is a defensive zone face off and your PK unit is a minute into the penalty in "the period of the long change", most coaches will take that face off to get a fresh PK unit on the ice. Also, games will run longer with the icing whistles and consequently screw up rink scheduling.
  15. Well the CDC is really going out there on a limb with that recommendation.
  16. The problem with VN lined helmets is eventually the VN foam hardens due to sweat/salt perspiration and the life of the VN foam. The VN foam will die and lose it's effectiveness. At that point, pull the foam and wear the shell !!
  17. Micron M-1 skates, Tiger Williams. D & R gloves.
  18. The white gloves are completely out of place. On a hockey uniform. Understood as part of the USMA uniform. Also, the red stripe is part of the USMA uniform here.
  19. I just finished two games in FT1 for testing. I wore my usual 6-D that I have always worn in Supreme. The FT1 fit the same for me as the Supreme. The baking did help a lot to improve overall fit. I would probably bake them one more time just to customize certain areas. The heel lock was great and no issues with the width.
  20. Here is another analogy to placing too much emphasis on the VT results: just as they run crash tests with cars to determine the "safest" car in an accident, the fact of the matter is that you are still in an accident !! Chances are good that at some point in playing hockey you are going to get hit in the head. Buy the helmet that fits your noggin the best.
  21. Home run helmets. Both extremely comfortable. CCM has two great models for retail. Plus they hit the price points and leave money left over for tape and sharpening !!
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