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  1. It's not like they don't have inventory. The close out sheet is a half mile long.
  2. Wasn't there a picture of Evander Kane using a heat gun on his toe caps? Heat up the plastic, smooth it over, let it cool. BTW, does this guy tape his stick after every shift too?
  3. Been there, done that. Hespeler OffSet blade with Gene Ubriaco endorsement. Late 90s.
  4. CCM may not be a “white knight” but they can get credit for not burning down the house in this industry as Bauer did through their previous management’s business practices. It will be a mess at the rink though on Saturday and Sunday when little Johnny Hockey shows up without an elbow pad or he left his stick at home and the Pro Shop is no longer in business. I see this all winter long. I don’t think Bauer.com or Amazon Prime will be able to drop that drone delivery in 10 minutes before his Peewee game. Grow the game ! Own the moment!
  5. Define “smaller retailers “. For Bauer that will be those purchasing less than $25k yearly. Their Bauer account will be closed. This is a current policy. For retailers that are not “Elite” Bauer dealers, they no longer have access to the top two price points in skates and protective. In fact those products are off their B2B page so any idea of stock to help inform an in store customer about availability is gone. I imagine this means little to nothing to Bauer corporate but as a retailer this information is part of the process of building a relationship with a customer. Sharing information earns trust. So those “Performance” Bauer dealers may not see a difference in sales initially but if they track month-to-month, year-to-year, the numbers might prove otherwise. Simply study the numbers over the last 10-12 years with internet and Big Box, if you doubt the validity. For the record, I’m not crying in my beer. As a retailer, the playing field changes every day. I’ve been adjusting on the fly since forever. It’s just two different perspectives depending on which side of the front register counter you’re standing at.
  6. It was only a matter of time....
  7. Good for Canadian Tire and bad for LHS that carried 5030s.
  8. In the 70s/80s, when Dynamo and a few other Soviet teams would come over for exhibition games against NHL teams, they would buy up a lot of Canadian made gear. Also in 2011, we hosted a few tiers of hockey for World Police/Fire Olympics at our rink. The Moscow Police team(basically ex-pros, not cops) in the over 35 division cleaned out our pro shop on skates, sticks, and accessory undergarments. “You give deal for cash?” No.
  9. Bauer back in the marketing game. It’s been a while.....
  10. Seriously, Boris McFly this industry hit the iceberg a while ago! But then you wrote that just to see who was paying attention. We all know you are not done here. It's not in your DNA.
  11. Yup, not taking anything away from the boys, about as tech savvy as you could find.
  12. Did it ever occur to anyone that while MSH is made up of some of the greatest guys and gals that play hockey, we are also not exactly all the greatest hockey players. We may think we but I've seen my video and it's not bringing out the scouts. So if I had this really awesome revolutionary idea for any piece of hockey gear would this actually be the best place to float this idea to future investors. Perhaps I should take my idea to the ultimate end users that would get the greatest benefit, that would give me the best legitimate feedback and have the bank accounts to assist my production of this revolutionary piece of hockey gear. No offense fellas, but I'm going to the pros !! We're a great bunch but how many of you can pony up the scratch? I've collected for beer league teams before and I know about "I'll get you next week. Seriously, you came here to pitch your idea. I'm flattered but that's silly.
  13. And there is one person here that already replied that has this same exact experience in the skate design and development process . As was said before, you never know who is who here.
  14. As we are all potential investors, I have another question. What is your personal skating background? Hockey ? Figure skating? Coaching ? Your engineering and financial background has been established. Your passion for skates comes from what prior experience? Before you think I'm picking on you, I'm not. I'm trying to understand you, Ok?
  15. No worries Skate Mod, as long as you have your ducks in a row, it's fine by me. Of course, I'm not the one looking for funding after 40 years in the hockey business.
  16. Skate Mod, putting aside the product, who is running your financial department? If you seek $1mil in start up costs, sell skates for $500/$700 a pair, when do you expect to earn the first penny after covering all the initial costs of production? How many skates do you have to sell before you earn the first penny? How many players in your marketing projection will be buying your skates(what's the warranty?) in year one? Ideas are great. Numbers are reality.
  17. That Power Clip was fashion over function.
  18. SkateMod, that plastic piece on the 10-90 has merit? Is it improving performance?
  19. In our shop I have noticed over the last few years that elite travel players replace their top end skate less and less. The skates last longer so why replace them. Good luck getting that end of the market(which is the guts of your product)to jump in the deep end on unknown product. Puckskin, Brooklynite.....who else am I missing.
  20. It's amazing that hockey has survived for over 100 years in such crappy skates. At this point I would be more interested in hearing from the companies that turned Boris away.
  21. Skate Mod, another frustrated Russian engineer not getting any love from the motherland? So now you try to persuade Westerners that you have the ticket to skate shangri la. I'm surprised Putin and the KHL turned down your offer for global skate supremacy. I thought hockey was Putin's favorite sport. Oh well, thanks for the Shark Tank Super Skate offer but I'm going to stick with the North American companies with over 200 years in skate engineering experience. BTW, the "cheers" at the end of your diatribe was a nice touch to deflect any idea of your homeland. Nothing wrong with it mind you, just that Sherlock Holmes would easily recognize it as a false intention to divert attention to your history. No worries. Keep calm and skate on.
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