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  1. ^^ Second highest scorer during the 80s, after 99 of course. Orbit skates, Vic stick, Jofa helmet & gloves. All-Universe.
  2. My frkn internet sarcasm font failed again. Dammit.
  3. Victoriaville Custom with 21 ply shaft and the original Banana/Euro curve blade. .....and two Bobby Orr sticks.
  4. Next on his radar: Victoriaville sticks and Orbit skates.
  5. chocks86, I get it. You don't want to pay the women a salary. What if your wife was on that national team? How would you feel then seeing the lack of financial commitment from USAH towards your wife's training off ice, ice time expenses, travel expenses, and equipment expenses? Honestly, what would you do? That is a real life question for about 25 women on that team to ask their husbands. Also, comparing NHL players under contract that were participating in the Olympics to the women is apples to oranges. The "US mens team never complained about compensation" because they were already living on million dollar professional contracts. What the hell would they have to complain about ?!! Also, what about the lack of support across the board for all women/girls participating in USAH? Are they getting the same opportunities as the boys on the USNDTP 16/17/Jr level ?
  6. The old "league gets nothing" point is a bit of bs on the league's part. The league doesn't need the money and the league gets exposure through the players. Just remember Gold medal games in Salt Lake City and Vancouver, plus TJ Oshie's shootouts and then try the league doesn't get anything out of the Olympics argument again. There are some big holes there. End of the day it's the same as what we say about travel hockey: it's just a big money grab. There wasn't any $$$ for the NHL to grab so they took their puck and went home. Shameful. Remember, still a lot of pride for guys like OV and Sid and the young guns, McJesus and Matthews:34, first testament. And how great would it be to see Father Time of hockey, Jagr once more on the Olympic sheet. So, fuck the owners and fuck Bettman. As always the fans and hockey get fucked in the end.
  7. "Rushing their steps" ?? How so ? It appears the USWNT is 20 years behind the CWNT in terms of support. What is there to wait for?
  8. From Elliotte Friedman, 3/22/17 "With a boycott looming over the Women’s World Championships scheduled to begin later this month in Michigan, the National Team and USA Hockey are locked into intense negotiations to save this event. Both sides called Monday’s discussions “positive.” That’s a step, but you learn over the years that these discussions can be tenuous. We’ll see how things go. If you care about the growth of hockey, a host-country fiasco would be the opposite of good — no matter which side you support. Some of this is about money and the age-old North American problem of how to financially support our Olympic athletes. But this is also about something else: making competitors feel as though their governing body has their backs. According to several sources, the “last straw” for the American women involved the 2014 Sochi Olympic sweaters. There was stitching on them recognizing gold medals won by the men in 1960 and 1980, but, initially, nothing highlighting the women’s 1998 victory. This didn’t go over well. That triumph, 3–1 over Canada, was a course-altering moment for the Canadian women's team. “There was quite a lot of bitterness right after those games,” Therese Brisson said Monday night. Brisson, a defenceman, won six World Championships with Canada, adding Olympic Gold in 2002. The 1998 loss was the only major tournament defeat of her international career. “Part of the problem was the uniqueness of it all,” added Cassie Campbell-Pascall, winner of two Olympic golds and six World Championships. “We’d never had a full-time women’s team. I don’t think anyone fully understood the needs.” Campbell-Pascall said Brisson deserves a lot of credit for what happened next. “I ended up [in] the middle,” Brisson laughed. “There was some fear. You worry: ‘If you’re going to be the troublemaker, you’re going to get cut.’” (It has been reported in the last week that Cammi Granato’s surprise expulsion from the 2006 U.S. Olympic team was due to her advocacy.) But the players and Hockey Canada shared a common feeling: disappointment. They hated to lose in Nagano and were determined to avoid a repeat. “[The players] didn’t win every battle,” Brisson said. “And the negotiations were hard sometimes. But both sides agreed with the spirit of what we were trying to do. Number one was to win. Number two was to grow the game. It was very honest. We told them what we expected from them, and they told us what they expected from us. “[In 1998], the International Ice Hockey Federation awarded $1 million to the men’s team that won the World Championships. I think it was $50,000 for the women at that time. Our eyes were opened to make us identify other opportunities.” The players formed a Women’s High-Performance Advisory Committee, with Hockey Canada agreeing to put a representative on its Board. They hammered out sponsorship rights for the individual versus the group, moving expenses, medical expenses and payment during Olympic years. Brisson remembers the breakthrough moment. “We were practising in Calgary. Towards the end, this guy shows up on the ice to skate with us for a bit. Nobody told us who he was, what he was doing there. Then they introduced him as Dan O’Neill, president and CEO of Molson, and he was stepping up with $1 million for the women’s team for (the 2002 Olympics). “My jaw dropped.” No relationship is perfect, but this one has come a long way. In training for the 1998 Games, the Canadian players were paid a little more than $200 per month. By 2002, it jumped to almost 10 times that. Now, Hockey Canada hosts two fundraisers a year for the women’s team and there’s another to help parents afford travel. (Another group, the Ladies First Hockey Foundation, has raised almost $2 million since its inception.) Hockey Canada makes sure to include male and female ambassadors on its sponsorship deals. National Team members (and some others on the periphery) have necessary medical care covered. Since that 1998 defeat, Canada has won four consecutive golds. “The thing we are most proud of,” Brisson says about those who worked together after 1998, “is we’ve created a legacy that’s lasted.” A legacy their American counterparts wish to emulate." At the end of the day, the USA women were also looking for a level playing field with the Canadian women in terms of support by USAH. Is that too much to ask for?
  9. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/details-emerge-on-usa-hockey-womens-national-team-four-year-agreement-032309921.html
  10. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/usa-hockey-womens-national-team-avoid-boycott-with-new-contract-004350719.html
  11. There is a difference between filling out a tournament roster and honoring the code of conduct of your professional peers. Especially when the conduct of the professional players is crossing over gender lines. Do you really want to be "that guy in the room" that went to a one off tournament when for the rest of your career you are in a locker room with everyone else that turned down the request? The rest of your career may not be that comfortable. You are not getting paid for the tournament. Is it ultimately worth the risk? It is the same age old question as before: risk vs. reward. There are a lot of personal and professional questions to be answered before deciding that a one off tournament is truly worth the experience in this situation.
  12. ^^^^ You don't think there might not be a bit of physical retribution to any USA hockey player that would go to the Olympics and then later enter an NHL training camp? Did you read the article on MLB scabs that later made it to the majors?
  13. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2017/03/26/american-nhl-players-could-skip-iihl-world-championships/99672342/ In another lifetime, those professional baseball players that crossed the line in 1995 for spring training were not well received later by their peers. Hockey players would probably be wise to follow that route. http://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/twenty-years-ago-replacement-players-almost-opened-baseball-season-1.10142935 And all this is going down as USAH gets set for youth National Championships this weekend. Perfect timing to disrupt their little kingdom.
  14. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/hockey/usa-hockey-not-luck-finding-replacement-players-article-1.3008842 USAH losing the war on publicity too.
  15. The majority of rinks are private businesses. There is no way USAH can get involved with that idea. The way things are going with youth football enrollment numbers going down due to concussion awareness, it will only be a matter of time before youth hockey parents start to think twice about starting or continuing in the game.
  16. That's one less year in your kid's career that you could have been sharpening his skates and one more year of out of pocket expense to sharpen his skates. Factor that into your total costs for final expenses. Just sayin'. Good luck and look forward to seeing your final product.
  17. NHL players were underpaid compared to NFL, MLB, and NBA players deep into the 80s/early 90s by a huge $$ margin. They still are in many ways dollar for dollar. The current womens team is playing simply for their love of the sport. In this day and age, they are getting zilch for what they put into their ability to achieve success at the international level. Considering how little USA Hockey does to support these women in this environment the women have every right to hold out from this tournament. This is their only perfect storm opportunity to hold USA Hockey accountable. Sorry folks, it's not 1980.
  18. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/15/sports/hockey/us-women-world-championship-boycott-contract.html?ribbon-ad-idx=4&rref=sports/hockey&module=Ribbon&version=context&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Hockey&pgtype=article Yes, USA Soccer went through this nearly 20 years ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/16/sports/hockey/usa-hockey-women-boycott.html?ribbon-ad-idx=4&rref=sports/hockey&module=Ribbon&version=origin&region=Header&action=click&contentCollection=Hockey&pgtype=article The women have the old boys at USA Hockey by the balls. The World Championships are right in USA Hockey's barn.
  19. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/18906681/us-women-hockey-team-threatens-sit-world-championships More detail in this article on how the women get pardon me, screwed financially. USA Hockey has been and will always be an old boys club. Cheers for the women making these guys look like the dirtbags that they are.
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