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  1. Nexus D or an equivalent in another boot would be the next step. Seems like the width of the boot in the middle of the skate is problematic here. Another option would be TRUE skates custom to order.
  2. This is the best advice. The overall size of the helmet doesn't correlate to the head shape it's meant for. I wear a large 5100 myself. I tried a 4500 on in the store about a year ago. It felt like a top hat. I had to move to an XL to even get it on my head. Ultimately, I stuck with the 5100. Miserable's advice is right on the money.
  3. When you say control your slap shot with the 106, I'm assuming shot are going high. Is that correct?
  4. Pretty good fix there. Sucks to hear the replacements didn't end up lasting longer.
  5. Your shoulder should comfortably fit in the middle of the cap. Judging solely off the image above, it appears to meet that requirement.
  6. Insoles could help. I'd be curious to know if maybe the forefoot isn't wide enough. It could be squeezing your feet too tightly. If that's not the case and insoles don't work, maybe your local shop can put a lift/spacer on the front holder to make it more neutral. A profiling that puts you more on your heels could change the feel as well.
  7. I've been wearing Nexus 1000 for several years now. If they needed to be replaced today, I'd buy the latest version. I've taken so many shots off the knee, shin, and calf. Many of them I felt minimal impact. While they're some of the bulkier shin guards out there, they definitely do the job and are comfortable.
  8. Do not buy the Jetspeed. You're setting yourself up for lace bite. While expensive, get yourself VH skates. They'll be able to work with a high instep and wide foot. Your standard store bought skates aren't going to work based upon everything you're telling us. You'll thank yourself later.
  9. Hard to say. You'd have to go to a shop and try them on. Things change over the years. Is it possible? Yes. Is it also possible you're a 16 in Bauer now? Yup.
  10. Nexus EE or get TRUE skates if it's in your budget.
  11. Mine came with them as well. Yours should've. If not, reach out to Sparx. I'm sure they can help out.
  12. This could help some people, but it won't help everyone. If the boot isn't deep enough, wider laces won't fix the problem. I personally tried this before getting out of Vapor and into Supreme. Problem was relieved immediately. In the end, it all depends how bad the fit is.
  13. This. Not everyone wants to spend $900 on skates. If you do, might as well go the TRUE route. If you're more inclined to spend $400-500, then you'll be considering Bauer or CCM primarily.
  14. That would be the absolute best thing you could do, but the price is steep. Depends if you want to shell out the money for custom boots.
  15. Vapor would be narrower in the heel than Supreme. One thing to consider is you'd be losing volume with that move. If you're good with the medium volume you're getting in Supreme, you're going to have a challenge with the low volume of the Vapor. The Jetspeed could be a good alternative.
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