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  1. When your teammate scores into your own goal causing the game to end in a tie.
  2. Story of my teams summer season. We have lost the last 3 games by a score of 2-1. Been a little frustrating but having more competitive games is nice. Damn posts get in the way!
  3. Pretty much died after the first period.
  4. Summer season starts tonight. That month off felt like forever!
  5. Scored my first hatty last night en route to my teams first ever playoff win
  6. Was having a bad game last night and kept missing plays. But finally got a goal on my last shift of the game!
  7. Bought a new stick with a new curve that I really wanted to try. But its just not clicking. At least the stick was on sale..
  8. Loved the intensity between USA and Canada. Gonna make for a great final if they meet for it. Feels a little obvious that this tournament isnt very important to the players as any little thing causes them to be replaced.
  9. This happened to my team this year too. We played this worst team and lost cuz half my team didnt show.
  10. Im so glad I wear a cup. I had a guy hook me between the legs and he just cranked it up on my boys until I tripped. Was pissed there was no penalty call.
  11. I picked these up about a month ago and so far I am liking them. I never used Yellow so i cant compare. But I definitely have more control. My heel stays locked in well and my foot feels snug.
  12. Put on a sweet suite and stand their stone faced like a BAMF coach!
  13. I just picked up at reakt 75, upgrading from a 7500. Change was night and day. 7500 was a large and the padding was coming off. The reakt is a M and fits so nice. I dont need to move my helmet every time I stop now lol
  14. I was hoping he would get resigned in Anaheim, he really fit in there.
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