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  1. Really? I thought the Blaine Super Rink (home of the USA women's national team) at the National Sports Center was the only place with 8 sheets under one roof. It's been there for 30 years. I guess I learn something every day! Pure Hockey is near the Super Rink as well as the famous Lettermen Sports. Pure Hockey had Prosharp sharpeners, I assume they have Sparx now. Lettermen's has a few Sparx. https://www.nscsports.org/indoor-facilities NSC is a crazy place on over 600 acres. It's so massive with so much going on I know people who have been there for numerous events that have no idea there's even a 300,000 sq ft ice facility on the site! There's the hockey rinks, PGA Tour designed 18 hole golf course, 52 soccer fields, 5500 seat stadium, and a 450' long dome. Until 2020 there was a full size wooden velodrome.
  2. Odd that Pro Stock Hockey Sticks .com aren't really Pro Stock sticks. They're designing and manufacturing on their own?
  3. Right. That's what I thought but wasn't sure. I have thoughts but can take them to the Sparx thread.
  4. A little bit of soap and water is the best way to get TM grips on.
  5. How about Island Sports Repair? I don't know anything about them but they were mentioned in another thread.
  6. Idk, I really try to avoid pro stock anything. You don't have any idea what the build specs or custom alterations were. If you can see them in person, great. SidelineSwap? What do you do if you receive them and they absolutely won't work? In general the Nexus pro stock should provide more build quality and protection than the S29, but will they fit? The S29's can't have much to offer. I've got a pair of 2S Pro pants here now and they're not super impressive.
  7. Ya, I bought one of those a few years ago on ebay half that price. As far as other accessories, I'm always using the blade holder.
  8. How would you do that? I've asked about that here and at the store that has the Prosharp profiler and never got any real answers. Also, there wouldn't be anything to really measure on a blade that's been sharpened by hand ten or twenty times.
  9. Hockeytown U.S.A. How did I know I'd see a pic of Oshie when I clicked on that link?
  10. Right. Maybe if the warranty were six months. Which at these prices it really should be.
  11. Guess I was wrong. Top runner is Power Profile stock fitment to Ultrasonic. Bottom runner is standard off the shelf PulseTI. I just thought it was odd it had less toe material than the the Ultrasonic blade.
  12. Not wearing them at the end of one of their levers. Probably have them on their body.
  13. Bauer is just not a good company in so many ways. This logo is perfect for them.
  14. That's how I feel about the 2S Pro's vs the 1X Lite. 2S Pro's are big and heavy.
  15. Yes, it appears there is material removed from the front of the bottom blade. I think they've been profiled and never sharpened. Also, if you look close there is a Minnesota Wild logo engraved on the bottom skate. Not sure if that means it actually came from the team. Might just sell them cheap. But if I do that I'll just do it and not sharpen and skate on them. Also, I'm surprised that Bauer would sell Quad 0 runners as a "Power Profile" on a Supreme skate. Think it would have been a Quad 1 or something a bit "flatter".
  16. So here's what's going on. Top blade is new as delivered in off the shelf Ultrasonics. So it says Power Profile. Is that a Quad 1? The bottom is a "new" blade I got from a "friend of a friend". This is the mystery blade. I was hoping that nothing had been done to it but look at the heel and toe. Is there any way to tell if this is even a ProSharp profile? Neither set has ever been sharpened.
  17. I've come across this issue a few times. How can I tell which profile is on my runners? We have a local store that has been doing ProSharp profiles for a couple of years and is supposed to have trained technicians. I brought them a new blade and asked if it was stock or profiled and they told me they could match a blade but other than that they didn't weren't sure. Huh? I figured a shop with ProSharp equipment could tell me exactly which profile was applied.
  18. My son is using Vapor APX2 elbow pads. They're pretty narrow, fit snug and he's tall and thin. I can't comment on anything newer.
  19. Are they ever. And just went up in price too. Wow. No aftermarket, no bundle deals, nothing.
  20. We're just going to Supreme 2S Pro's from Vapor 1X Lite's. The 2S Pro's are much wider, higher volume. I'm not sure if this would be true in all Supreme-Vapor comparisons. Also, they are just regular "plastic" where the 1X Lites are Curv Composite and mold into any width with very little heat.
  21. ??? I'm looking for Bauer skates to fit a standard width but a higher instep/arch. It's a tough fit. In 2S Pro, 8D now and it's a good fit just getting too small. Maybe keep looking for 2S Pro D width or Ultrasonic, Fit 2 and take 2X Pro/Hyperlite, Fit 2 off list? Need instep height but Fit 3 will be too wide.
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