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  1. I was officially denied the day or two off for this that I requested. Have a good time everyone. I'll (hopefully) see you all in December.
  2. If I am not mistaken, SPARX has come out and said to point the toe of the skate/steel to the right.
  3. Garbage... OR at $350 +Tax per stick, have people hit the limit on what they'll pay for a stick? I mean, I broke another stick last night, that I got on blow-out clearance from PSH, and it made me angry. If I had paid $350 for it I probably would have been in tears.
  4. If they are so secretive about the process that they are using that they won't allow it to be captured on video, why would they be inclined to send you their custom foot lasts that could help to further indicate to a competitor said secretive manufacturing process?
  5. Seconded - their product is awesome, and prices are extremely fair.
  6. Where I am, we get three days, and they're not paid... basically three that can be missed, due to sickness, without getting let go.
  7. The additional backhand padding came off my Maine AX1 really cleanly:
  8. Aren't there base-layer shirts with the throat guard built in? I'm legitimately asking a question because I'm not sure. Or do those include Velcro too?
  9. Both black and gunmetal colored cages made it really difficult for my eyes to see "beyond the cage." My eyes had a hard time not focusing on the cage. White, apparently, blends in more for me and allows me to see past the bars in front of my face. Personal experience, no scientific proof to back it up. If that is what you are looking for, I don't have it.
  10. It took getting a tooth knocked out by a high stick for me to change. It's just not worth it.
  11. A cage with white bars really helped my transition from a visor to a cage full-time.
  12. I was firmly in the visor camp until I got the dental bill for fixing the tooth that got knocked out by a high-stick... Call me a hypocrite, but the cost of the cages I have on my helmets now was way less than the dental repairs.
  13. Man... guy just had to pick, just about, the loudest food possible. I guess just be thankful he wasn't cracking open walnuts? Some people. I wish you nothing but the best in your recovery.
  14. So, I guess, it was only a matter of time before something happened and I ended up with stitches or in the dentist's chair because I don't(didn't) wear a cage when I play. Well, I finally didn't get so lucky and got popped in the teeth, with a stick, by some jabroni that had been playing physical and reckless the entire game. Luckily(?) only one tooth got messed up (broken in half), and it was an "easy enough" and relatively inexpensive fix from my dentist. I will be putting a cage on going forward. Of course, no penalty was called on the play even though i was spitting blood, and holding half a tooth in my hand as evidence. Now, I am not a short person by any stretch of the imagination, so this guy's stick had to get up pretty high to hit me in the face. This jamoke had the audacity to tell me that he "barely got" me and that it was my fault entirely because I wasn't wearing a cage. I hate people.
  15. Well, I have been officially DQ'd from SJ participation. I was denied the PTO. See you guys in December!
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