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  • Birthday 09/20/1987


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    True Custom
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    One that hasn't broken yet
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    Warrior Franchise
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500 w/ White CCM FM680 Cage
  • Pants
    CCM Super Tacks Girdle w/ Shell
  • Shoulder Pads
    True Retro Series
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Alpha LX Pro
  • Shin Pads
    CCM ASV Pro
  • Hockey Bag
    Mammoth Hockey IPA (1.0)

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    Pittsburgh, PA
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  1. JoeyJ0506

    20 years?!?

    Crazy to think I stumbled on MSH in 2006 when I was looking to get back into hockey and had no clue about anything. Cheers to many more years.
  2. Out long-term, unfortunately. Was really looking forward to this, too.
  3. There's a small chance I can make this work. When I thought it was in Las Vegas we made other plans for December. However, if I can make arrangements for that Friday & Saturday off, Mere and I will try to be there.
  4. I'm in. I'm dumb and forgot about this.
  5. Hopefully the new True skate incorporates something like Bauer's Comfort Edge. That is, literally, the only thing I do not like about my True skates.
  6. 5iveHole makes fleece lined ODR/Pond Hockey long pants.
  7. It took the better part of a decade of dreading going to work every day, but we finally made the leap of faith into a new career for myself, and it is delightful.
  8. I always use a little electrical tape as a base at the top. I don't know if it actually helps, but I don't notice the tape Lizard Skin pulling away at the top that you have. As far as longevity... Lately my Lizard Skinz have been outliving my sticks 😔
  9. Rinks in the Pittsburgh area are starting to open up. No news on the paused adult leagues starting back up yet. But, it looks like the larger complexes are instituting a "come to the rink dressed, no locker rooms, no showers" policy. I honestly don't know if I can do a 10:50PM game and drive home drenched in my own sweat...
  10. I think Lizard-Skins are pretty great. If you're like me and don't need/want a super-long grip, you'll be able to get two sticks worth from one roll.
  11. I go retail for everything except my sticks and gloves. Sticks, because I can get the high-end stuff for next to nothing (I break sticks often enough that the thought of a $300 one breaking on a poke check makes me want to puke. The gloves are a collecting hobby, if I was in retail it would probably be top-end Bauer models because they're, essentially, the same build-quality as the pro stuff. Skates, helmets, shins, elbows, etc... I just don't see the point of seeking out pro-return ESPECIALLY on skates that are customized to someone else's feet.
  12. @Hills can probably shed some light on this for you.
  13. I was officially denied the day or two off for this that I requested. Have a good time everyone. I'll (hopefully) see you all in December.
  14. If I am not mistaken, SPARX has come out and said to point the toe of the skate/steel to the right.
  15. Garbage... OR at $350 +Tax per stick, have people hit the limit on what they'll pay for a stick? I mean, I broke another stick last night, that I got on blow-out clearance from PSH, and it made me angry. If I had paid $350 for it I probably would have been in tears.
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