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  1. So my AS1 skates are starting to wear down and I was considering treating myself to some CCM total custom plus skates for my next pair. I've looked through other posts in the forum and seen discussions on the many myriad options that CCM offers on their total customs, but one thing I didn't see mentioned, and obviously not as important as things like toe caps liners and facings etc, are what, if any, cosmetic options are available for CCM total custom plus skates. With a lot of the graphics seemingly printed directly onto the boots, does anyone know yet if they can be customized a bit with say color changes? Like could you order the AS2 Pros with the all silver look that some folks have posted on instagram? or FT4 Pros with the big red stripe replaced with some other color like how they changed it to blue for Matthews's skates? Or once the 100K skates come out and are available for custom builds, will the old option of white details be available to get skates that Perron, Hagelin, or even old Kovalev would want? Maybe it's too early to know, but I was wondering if anyone with the inside word knew if these type of cosmetic customizations will be available to us non Pros.
  2. As someone who started out in 752s back in the day and was still using 1052s up to 2011...the only way to know what works for your foot with all these modern skates is to go to a good pro-shop and try them out. While some of the model names sound familiar, the various fits have changed a hundred ways through Sunday over the years. Plus, with all the new tech modern skates have relative to those 552s, your foot really won't know what to make of any of it without just sticking them in some skates. Here's a brief and basic rundown of the current CCM models from Pure Hockey's website. You can find one for Bauer as well. https://www.purehockey.com/c/ccm-jetspeed-vs-ribcor-vs-tacks-hockey-skates?gclid=CjwKCAiAg9rxBRADEiwAxKDTuh0YUlBvIxlrkr4izE8yX6f2jgaysqN6xScMe6UI439ZFkXGqdFy4hoCIyAQAvD_BwE But honestly, try on various CCM and Bauer skates and see what works. One thing though, these modern skates are gonna feel crazy more comfortable than what you've been used too!
  3. They seem to be basically the same design and construction but there seems to be some minor cosmetic differences on the stuff newly in stock on the major online retailers. Like I said, the liner colors seem different and the one Tackla leg diamond vs two seem to be the major differences between these "new" pants vs the same old ones on the Finish website. My guess is they're the same pants at the core with just some minor differences in looks to "freshen" it up a bit. Still, nice to seem them being offered again on the big online stores. The pants may not have the latest and greatest materials and marketing tech...but they're still durable tanks and I'm just a fan of that euro fit.
  4. I may just be late to the game in realizing this but has someone new started making and selling Tackla hockey pants in North America? I just received a pair of 1051 pants direct from the Tackla webstore in Finland (clearance priced and shipping ended up equaling the sale price of the pants) but on a lark was googling Tackla pants and saw that Ice Warehouse, Hockey Monkey, and even Hockey Tron are now selling Tackla pants again. They use the same model names...1051, 951, 9000 etc...and seem to be mostly the same construction as the old models that have been around forever but with a few differences in construction such as the design of the kidney guards or the color of the liner. They all also seem to have only one Tackla diamond on the left leg vs one on each leg like they've done for years (with a few exceptions). Oddly enough, the finish Tackla website makes no mention of these new looking pants and only have the same old models available that have been around for at least a decade. Is this something new from Montreal or some one else? And are they basically the same style pants we're all used to? Thanks!
  5. Currently skating on size 271 SB4 holders and thinking of getting some new skates that come with 263 SB4 holders. Since I've already invested in some sets of 271 Tydan steel profiled the way I like it, I'm thinking of changing the 263 to 271 on the new skates. Would that require drilling new holes or would the one size difference on the holders fit the same? Thanks!
  6. Awesome, thanks for the info! Out of curiosity, what have kids that size (my nephew is 3'6") been using up to now normally?
  7. My 5 year old nephew is wanting a hockey helmet and cage as he's been starting to learn to play hockey. I was looking at the usual online shops and wasn't quite clear on sizing for youth helmets. Are there even such things? I just saw the usual listing of helmets from large to medium to small with some extra-small sizes. I asked for his head circumference and should have that soon, but do youths just normally wear xs helmets or am I just missing the youth helmet section? thanks!
  8. CCM 752s where my first and serves me long and well and probably my favorites from back then. Also liked the Micron Mega Air 90s had for awhile. I ended up going to 952s, sold them and got 1052s which lasted me for years(with a few years off from hockey) right up until I bought some Reebok 11K whites which then lead me to my current Makos, which are my all time favorites!
  9. Any reason why the new 710 helmets are retailing for so much less than the Resistance helmets? Aren't the 710's an updated version of the Resistance?
  10. I think it's also worth noting that from what I read in another thread here, Warrior custom gloves are no longer giving the wide range of customization on their top end models like in the past. They are now offering versions of their gloves (at least for the Coverts I looked at) that aren't quite up to their top end versions and have relatively limited customization geared more for team orders and cost savings on their end. I understand why they did it, but really wish they had announced the change ahead of time, I wouldn't have put off ordering custom Covert gloves.
  11. The Warrior Hockey Customizer has been updated with the new QRL gloves and it looks like they've added sticks back as well! The glove customization options are pretty damned impressive and does allow for different colors for both the index and pinky portions of the glove! Looks like I know what my next pair of gloves are going to be.
  12. If you look at their QR3, they have 2 color ways that do have the outside and inside color to match, it's the white and black, and their white black and red option. Oddly enough, none of their other QR3 color ways do it though.
  13. The QR3 has some interesting color options, but I'm waiting for the customizer to get a QRL my way lol.
  14. I actually don't mind the look in general, it's clean, and though "simple" it's not nearly as dull as Carolina's blanding down of their jerseys. It does remind me of soccer jerseys in a sense, but for Miami that may not be a bad thing, and it does make them stand out. Better to embrace a unique identity than be like Tampa and try to appropriate the Leafs and Red Wings. The one parts I don't quite like are the socks and the neck laces. The color band on the socks seems way too wide for my eyes, especially on the home socks....that large white space just doesn't work for me. I'm also fall into the camp of "if you're not an old-time team then you don't wear neck laces", the fact that these laces aren't even remotely functional just makes it a worse affectation to me. Faux vintage should be avoided. Anyhow, it seems to be following the league trend of "simplifying" jersey designs. Hopefully, it's not in order to create space for future ads.
  15. Any opinions/experience with the Easton Stealth CXST and C7.0? With the current sale at HM both can be gotten for around/below the OPs target price, heck I am even tempted to grab a C7.0 for less than $50 if it's a decent stick.
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