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  1. I went on the Bauer website and don't see that date anywhere. Care to provide context?
  2. Already on sale https://www.hockeymonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/363860 - Vapor 1x lite pants
  3. If you clearly asked the seller if there were any chips and he said no in the sideline swap messages the chances of you getting a refund are pretty decent.
  4. https://www.kare11.com/video/sports/minnesota-company-reinventing-the-hockey-stick/89-8134706 Not sure what I think about these, kinda doubt they could gain real popularity, but there website has no detail on what the bends do.
  5. These skates look like weaponized skates a character in a movie would use.
  6. I like it a bit thicker than just once around, I like about 5 times around, theres tape adhesive around the top of it.
  7. What time does it show the skates at?
  8. It worked, put a sand grip on (over the cloth) and then used a razor blade, then put some super glue in between the sides.
  9. These are the sellers pics but got this Ribcor Trigger2 PMT for $150 shipped from Canada on SidelineSwap.
  10. Depending on how close it is to Bauer's PM9 that curve isn't all that flat
  11. Thanks to you both, going to work on all of this.
  12. Does anyone have any tips on how to do the quick spin stop move well? I assume you do a transition and then as soon as your transitioned do a quick stop (looks like while keeping center of gravity over your toes and stop with the front of the blade) and push off the inside edge?
  13. Why don't you just sew in a fight strap lower down on the jersey? https://classicmnhockey.com/products/knit-polyester-fight-strap-modern-era-velcro-snap
  14. I switched to Howies waxed like 4 months ago, they originally were pretty waxy but now that some of the wax wore off they're perfect for holding tight while not being too difficult to get undone.
  15. I think a new thread would be too much for this, so: 'Inside some of the Penguins' equipment preferences' http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/penguins/2018/03/18/Penguins-equipment-preferences-quirks-skates-sticks-Sheahan-Crosby-Maatta/stories/201803180150
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