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  1. Oggie, if you made a grip that was completely oval shaped with a half inch rubber coated butt end you would have my undying support.
  2. What model are those? Extremely cheap They're Pro Tacks with Rbk badging.
  3. Sport Chek typically has dolts on the sales floor. I always browse the sticks even though they never have what I want (RH, whip flex, drury curve) and I have heard the dumbest excuses when it comes to products. "Whip flexes break faster so that's why we don't carry them." "Easton doesn't make a whip flex so you can see that no one wants them." "Ted Drury hasn't played for years..." I could go on and on but Sport Chek is a consistent disappointment for me.
  4. And boom goes the dynamite. lol
  5. I'm going to guess that it will be an amped up "continuation" of the old Vapor 10s.
  6. Whenever I buy a non-consumable worth more than $50 at a store that has a salesperson I always ask "Is that your best price?"Now, I don't break balls over it but it gives the salesperson an opportunity to knock the price down or simply say "Yeah, that's the best price I can give you." Price negotiation doesn't have to be an uncomfortable thing as long as everybody treats the other parties with respect. The simple fact of the matter is that prices for everything are constantly on the rise and, as a consumer, I'd be foolish to not try to maximize my spending power.
  7. The Endure 2 is the same stick as the Vapor VIII that was available in Canada.
  8. While I might have been the only one, when I saw the front cover I imagined that Ronnie James Dio sang the entire text of that catalogue. Also, I like Warrior's creative description of where their factory is located "south of San Diego." I guess it isn't cool to say Mexico.
  9. You haven't been looking very hard then. They are available at Tuxedo Source for Sports and Professional Skate Service.
  10. I was looking at their stuff a while back and wasn't too excited about the $200 Canadian and shipping, etc. Did you buy it directly off their site or is there some where else...possibly cheaper? It's part of a new program that we pitched to the manufacturers at the trade show in Vegas. There will be more of these to come. Before the rush starts, we'll let you know if you're selected for the program there's no need to ask us. We will be attempting to place products with the appropriate members, depending on their skills and level of products used. Well, you be sure to let me know if you need any 85-90 flex Drury type curve sticks tested by an all around crappy player like myself. ;)
  11. Unfortunately, no. I wish they did offer it in standard form.
  12. It's been a while since I've done this: Helmet: Mission Intake Facial Protection: Itech RBE VIII I2 Shoulder: Bauer 6000 Elbows: Nike V12 Gloves: TPS HGT Pro Pants: Mission M-2 Sticks: Easton Ultra Lites with Sher-Wood SOP wood blades Shin: Bauer 6000 Skates: Graf 709
  13. Just looking at the sticks I'm curious if the Vapor VIII is an Endure shaft with a conventional blade or if it is just a totally repainted Endure. Anyone know?
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