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    Bauer Vapor APX
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    Bauser X:60, Easton Stealth S19
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    Bauer Pro 4-Rolls
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    Bauer 5100
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    RBK 8K
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    Bauer 100
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    CCM 350
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    Easton Synergy 500

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  1. That's a possibility, but keep in mind you can also get an oversized toe box for CCM customs.
  2. Got my Mackinnon pro curve from PSHS today and off the bat I'm already impressed with the stick with how much I paid for it. Just as light as the top end sticks and looking at the curve, it looks like it's going to work out well for me. I can't wait to try it out in tomorrow's game. You should do a review on a PSHS stick, curious to know your thoughts. I shared the same feelings as you regarding the hyperlite, it doesnt feel too special and loading the stick felt annoying to me.
  3. Been considering grabbing one of these sticks, specifically a Mackinnon redline. I usually use a 55 flex, are the intermediate dimensions the same as Bauer/CCM?
  4. Ah damn it might not be worth it then. I had thought about going customs but was always dissuaded by store clerks saying the turn around time could be into next year (like 10 weeks). Do you have any sort of idea how long the turn around time usually is?
  5. So I guess it would be a matter of drilling in between the holes then? And you would just fill the gap with epoxy? I like the extra height that the 254 gives me (its taller than the 246), plus I have profiled Step Blacksteel for it as well that I definitely do not want to lose.
  6. Hi all - I had to size down in my Hyperlites to a 5.5, but with that, the holder went down to a 246 (annoying since Fit 3 comes with a 254). Would I be able to mount a 254 holder on these skates? Just by eyeing it, it looks like the holes on the forefoot are going to overlap if I were to drill new ones. I know putting oversized holders on skates is a thing, but I was wondering if it were possible here. Thanks!
  7. So it’s safe to assume those white accents will be gold/yellow?
  8. I'm actually using Superfeet in these as those gave me a better heel lock than both the Orthomoves and the standard Bauer footbed. I know Superfeet give you an extra pitch as well, but I didnt have the pain issue when I used these in my 100ks.
  9. Skated for the first time in my Hyperlites tonight, and man I got incredible shin pain during and after the game, like the pain is right above where the tongue ends. Am I not getting enough support there? I don't think its the boot stiffness, as I havent experienced this with my AS3 Pros and thats supposed to be the stiffest boot in the market. I also never experienced this when I had my 2x Pros either. I'm wondering if its because I sized down to a 5.5, that the boot cut might be a bit smaller? I don't think it's my profile either. My CCMs have a Zuperior S with a 20mm pitch, and by Bauers, since theyre a 5.5 @ 246 runners, is a Zuperior XS with a 17mm pitch. Any insight would be nice. Thanks!
  10. Totally unrelated but how long did it take for you to get your customs? And when did you order?
  11. Hate to hijack but has anyone put a 254 holder on a boot with a 247 holder?
  12. Ah darn, well I hope I won’t lose too much steel out of it.
  13. Ended up exchanging my 100k regulars for a wide, and they ended up feeling like…my AS3 Pros in D width? I was surprised and happy at the same time. Time to give these a proper whirl now.
  14. Hi all - I have a set of profiled steel (quad 1), but it has a neutral pitch as I accidentally selected that option. Considering it was mail in, do I need need someone with a prosharp machine to add a pitch to it or can I take it somewhere local who doesn’t have a PS machine (trying to get it done in a pinch without the mail in wait times). There’s a guy locally who I trust with my skates but they don’t have a prosharp machine. Thanks.
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