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  1. Lost my first career fight last night lol.
  2. 23 games into my season and haven't scored a goal.
  3. lol, I strapped the belt buckles of the pants together so i could put them over my shoulder.
  4. Yea and there were about 10 more on the floor under the table, that no one wanted, which i picked up also at the end. Oh and there were still about 3 more pairs there when I left.... Apparently she does.. not sure why
  5. You angry? The only thing i grabbed during the sale when everyone was there was socks, like 6 pairs of pants, 3 skates, shins, and 4 shields... everything else was picked up after everyone left.. Don't act like no one else was grabbing tons of stuff. The 20 helmets they laid out were gone in 2 minutes.
  6. Actually more then half of the stuff was bought when everyone at the sale was gone already... don't judge big guy..
  7. Annual trip to Sharks sale.. Edit. People are angry because "I bought too much" Not worth posting a picture when im getting crap for it.
  8. Pretty sick, but i cant think of any teams around here that use those colors... hahah true gear whore
  9. I know it doesn't make sense. Do you play for the blackhawks in the ij? I think we are playing you in a scrimage next week. lol, actually.. I was just about to bleach my hair when I got the call to not drive to the air port, so I was one of the lucky ones that didnt..
  10. My teams playoff trip to San Jose for the NAPHL was cancelled. Got the last seed to make it to the playoffs, all bleached our hair, exited to go... and our flight was cancelled. So now I'm stuck here in Boston and my season is over.
  11. Just missing One90's :)
  12. Got my drivers license today, first times a charm! Now I can drive to hockey!!!
  13. Yea I bought a bunch of stuff at the worcester sale a while back, this is mixed in with my eBay deals.
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