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  1. I'm 6 foot tall, 230 lbs and using UCLP XL+1. I also have HP35's in XL (+0) and the 35's are clearly shorter so I'm not sure I believe that the CL's run short. My CL's are +1 and they look like they are 1" longer than my 35's. Id be leaning more towards saying they all fit similar in length. I bought XL +1 in the CL's because I read they ran short and about an inch shorter than the HP35's.. Apparently not though. I can still use XL+1 in the CL's, I just prefer a shorter pant that sits at the top of my shin pads when I'm standing straight up - Instead of middle of the knee. It's all just personal preference I guess.
  2. Hey all, I wanted to give you all an update on things. I kept looking for ways to tape the stick for better grip in my hand and I ended up finding Marc Savards youtube page where he details dozens of ways the pros do their tape jobs. I saw the Kucherov style butt end and remembered seeing another video on it where Kucherov talked about why he liked it (he liked the feeling in his hand and felt it let his small hands grip the stick better) so I thought I'd give it a try with a minor tweak. Project 91 YouTube Channel (Marc Savard) Nikita Kucherov Stick Taping Ritual The difference for me being that I dont think my hand is that small so instead of starting with 8 wraps I started with 10 wraps, then progressively worked the "steps" down to 8, then 6, 4, 2, then 1 to finish off. Adding some grip tape as well. I've put this TJ on a few sticks and the feeling in my hand is really nice - different - but nice. I was previously using a standard knob/twirled tape/grip tape combo. Similar to the McDavid style seen here but with 15 wraps in the butt end, 2 laps of the twisted up tape/rope, and add grip tape. Still early days however so far so good with the Kucherov! I'll report back in a few weeks to let folk know if things are still working.
  3. I haven't brought myself to buy a lefty yet but I've flipped the stick to the other hand a few times.. Geeze its hard! it definitely throws all your mechanics out too. I'm still not sure if I want to swap hands and I think it would really be hard, but not impossible. I feel like if I keep using a larger/thicker knob so its easier to grip and just go for the lightest stick I can find that I might be ok for a while. I guess for me it would also be important to have a light blade or a more top heavy stick so that I don't have a lot of swing weight to control. That and trying to go one hand on the stick less (hard when playing defense)
  4. Thanks dudes. Yeah it's a crumby situation to even consider! To date I've had some success by changing the way I do my butt end tape job to something thicker and easier to grip. Also I'm going to try using lighter and shorter sticks before trying to swap hands. Still not ruling it out though.
  5. Hi all, Long story short, I've had a wrist injury thats been getting worse with time and I'm at a point now where I have trouble holding onto a hockey stick with my top hand :( The injury is to the nerve cluster at the base of my wrist that more or less controls movement and grip strength of the hand. Surgery isn't really an option for me and I've been working with a physio on it for about a year and have only had minor improvements. My right hand is my dominant hand however I've been playing with a right handed stick all my life, with my left hand up top (I've been playing hockey 15-20 years). I've been thinking I might try to make a switch and get my right hand on top of the stick instead of my left with the hope this will keep my playing hockey for longer down the line. Has anyone had any success changing hands or can share tips on how to help make it easier to keep a grip on a stick? Thanks in advance.
  6. Starting to settle on my gear finally! Helmet: Bauer 4500 + VR903 Shoulders: CCM U+ Pro or Steeden padded shirt (Rugby padded shirt) Pants: CCM HP35 Pro Stock Shins: CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow: CCM QuickLite Gloves: *Retail; Bauer 1X Pro. *Pro stock; Bauer MX3, CCM HG12 and CCM HG50XP Skates: Bauer Vapor 1X + Superfeet + Powerfoot Inserts Cup: CCM Pro Jock Lowers: CCM Performance loose fit pants Uppers: Bauer Training Shirt - Short Sleeve Bag: Warrior Pro Sticks in use: I'm taking a break from P28 style toe curves, I'm also back to using shorter sticks and going back to basic blade patterns. It feels good going back to basics. Warrior Alpha QA/85 flex/W03/Retail height. Bauer 1S/87 flex/P88/Retail height. *Previous sticks now taking a holiday* Bauer 1S/77flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. Euro "17 Bauer 1S/87flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. CCM Reckoner Pro Stock/LK-no ribs/85flex/H11A/retail length +2.5" plug. Euro Bauer 1S/95flex/P88/retail length +3" plug. CCM Reckoner pro stock (LK-no rib, 90flex Kreps), CCM Super Tacks (85flex, P29), True 5.2 (95flex, TC3 and TC4).
  7. I'm 6'1 and with that in mind I'm trying out retail height Bauer sticks at the moment (65" measured standing up against a wall resting on the toe), they come to about an inch below my chin when on skates. I've had varied results using 68", 66.5", 65" and 63.5" lengths. After recently going from 68" to 65" I feel my shots are better overall with a shorter stick (power/release/control). Davideo mentioned it before, OP's stick probably sits somewhere between the tip of and halfway up his nose when on skates - That's a long stick!
  8. I think shooting technique and ability to adjust plays a more important role than flex x, curve y, brand/model/kick point z. For myself, I've noticed the biggest changes to shot power came from changing stick length. I've had mixed results just changing flex.
  9. Couple of updates in the last 12 months of experimentation and refinement. Not much left untouched! Lots of changes to sticks thanks to playing around with stick length. Went from short/medium length (between clavicle and chin on skates) to medium/long sticks up to my lips or nose on skates. Trying out dropping a flex this year too. Still can't settle on a blade pattern :'( Helmets: Bauer 4500 + VR903 (CCM Resistance for casual and coaching only) Shoulders: CCM U+ Pro and Bauer Pro Stock - Model: 1040585 Pants: Bauer Nexus 1N (CCM HP35's are on holiday) Shins: CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow: CCM QuickLite (Ultra Tacks are collecting dust on the shelf) Gloves: CCM HG12 and CCM HG50XP (Bauer 1N's are on holiday) Skates: Bauer Vapor 1X + Superfeet + Powerfoot Inserts Cup: CCM Pro Jock (Same as Reebok 10k Pro) Lowers: CCM Performance loose fit pants (Out with the compression pant/jock combo) Uppers: Bauer Training Shirt - Short Sleeve (Out with the long sleeve shirt) Bag: Warrior Pro Sticks in use: Bauer 1S/77flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. Euro "17 Bauer 1S/87flex/P28/retail length +2" plug. CCM Reckoner Pro Stock/LK-no ribs/85flex/H11A/retail length +2.5" plug. Euro Bauer 1S/95flex/P88/retail length +3" plug. *On holiday* CCM Reckoner pro stock (LK-no rib, 90flex Kreps), CCM Super Tacks (85flex, P29), True 5.2 (95flex, TC3 and TC4)
  10. Can anyone tell me if I need to drill any new holes if I swap between chassis? (or do the holes line up across the different brands?) I have some Hi-Lo's but looking to try out Hummers/Alkali/CCM chassis but want to know if I'll keep the option to swap back if I don't like them. Boot is Vapor 1X 8.5EE.
  11. Tim Turk really does use a long stick! That thing goes to his eyebrows on skates! Thanks for introducing him to me. So for myself, in 2015-2016 after watching a heap of NHL and youtube videos I started using 95-85 flex sticks cut down to my clavicle (-1.5 inch off a new stick to get it there) and I could never get the P28 to work for me at that length. I stopped trying to use it after a few weeks and went to the P29 and TC3's which were my go to blade patterns. My preference for the short sticks came from the great control you get and the really hard slapshots/one timers I could get off. (The dudes in the videos were right!) Now, come 2017 and watching a heap of NHL and youtube videos noticed the longer sticks more and more so naturally I decided to try using longer sticks. They were still 95-85 flex but had +3 inch plug (onto a new stick) or a +4.5 inch plug onto my already short sticks. They came to just below my nose. Unfortunately I found the TC3 became unusable at that length :( but the P29 and P28 were awesome so I kept them long. I found the whip from the extra length let you flex the stick so much more and shots just would just shoot off with ease. At this length I found it really easy with the P28 to load the puck on the toe for shooting. I could also receive passes on the heel/mid without much trouble which I think was due to the P28 and P29 rocker. Now (since April 2017) I've been using the P28 and P29 with +2 inch extensions (on an uncut/new stick) and I'm really liking them. The stick comes to my bottom lip when on skates. I'll try the TC3 at this length soon I think. But in all honesty I'm pretty much only using the P28 now and am not in a rush to swap or introduce new patterns. Tl;dr. I like the P28 on a longer stick.
  12. I feel your pain! I have board shoulders and always have issues with shoulder caps. They make me look/feel massive and never sit on my shoulders properly. I've taken caps off my old Supreme Total One shoulders including the webbing straps (with velcro to loop back on itself) and the D ring and sewn them onto a few sets of shoulders now. Works great. If I didn't have a few sets of adjustable shoulders and needed to by some new shoulders today I would likely have to cut the shoulder caps off and re-sew them into a good position. I've found that the older CCM shoulder pads fit nicely without any mods (CCM CL and U+ Pro) so they could be an option for you too. The older Jofa and Reebok style shoulders also fit much wider.
  13. I just want to reiterate that I think the Verbero Shoulders are actually a decent product - They are just not my choice due to preferences, play style and level of play. They have hands down the best flexibility out there and are some of the lowest fitting shoulders I have ever tried.
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