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    Ice: Vapor 1x 2015, Inline: Mako 2 w/ Marsblade
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    Warrior QRL Pro 75 Flex W28
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    Warrior Franchise MEGA, Warrior Luxe
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    Bauer 5100 w/ aviator cut visor
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    Reebok 9k girdle
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    Easton EQ Pro
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    Easton EQ Pro
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    Sherwood N8, Alkali CA9 Bagpack

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  1. Speaking retail, APX1 were Curv/Alive, as were APX2. Last top-model tech mesh was the x:60 (the generation before the APX1 was introduced), prior to that the XXXX, and the XXX before that. Don't know about earlier models as those pre-date me playing hockey. Same year that the APX1 was released, the x7.0 (not X7.0, which was mid-tier) was the second-tier skate that was identical to the x:60/XXXX. The APX1 was extremely stiff, with a tongue that offered very little protection. APX2 was said to be less stiff in the boot, as plenty of people complained. So I wouldn't be surprised if the APX1 retail is stiffer than what is out now in retail. Pro-Stock there was the Nexus 1N/7000 V-Cut, which was a x7.0 re-dressed as a Nexus skate.
  2. For those that switched from Shift to Tuuks in the same length, did one side of the holes on the True skate line up for "proper" alignment or did you have to fill and re-drill them slightly offset?
  3. 1. True/VH - performance, fit, protection, everything is perfect. Both custom and retail (TF9) are absolutely great. 2. Easton Mako 2 - performance, fit, but lacking protection - had to wear a shotblocker with those. Converted them to inline and love them as I don't have to block clappers 3. Bauer Vapor 1x - performance, protection, decent fit (clamping down the heel to get decent lock), stiffness is perfect (the original APX was way too stiff imho), my current set of "backup" skates. All my 1x were blacked out, due to damage on the outer-most silver layer. 4. Bauer Vapor x:60/x7.0 - performance, protection, decent fit, durable, but somewhat heavy. Still got a few pairs of new / almost-new as backup if I ever find the True/VH/1x too stiff, and my first set of x:60 were converted to inline and are still going strong 5. (Short-term) Ribcore 70k - only wore those during injury recovery, very flexible, very comfortable, allowed me to get back on the ice in relative comfort when everything else was too stiff.
  4. What I did on my 9Ks / 8k (integrated pant shell) but could also be done on the ST/7092 is to simply fold the elastic over before the velcro and stitching it in place, effectively shortening the strap. Done in <30 sec and gets it as snug as you might need it. On the 8ks I had a slight overlap in padding (not backed by plastic in that area) iirc from this, but wasn't an issue.
  5. I'm not aware of anyone but Base doing the whole videos, sensors, etc for an individual "stick fitting" where you customize flex, length & curve to an individuals specification (in order to fit their shooting style) at retail level.
  6. I still run Superfeet Yellow in all my VH/True skates, both custom and retail TF9. I simply love the feel and stability. The Speed-Plates 1.0 were great from a performance perspective, but too uncomfortable in the Trues (perfectly fine in the 1X & other Bauers - in the True they felt too stiff for 90+ minutes of usage).
  7. Don't confuse the classic "Pro" line (which is what the OP is showing) with the new "Pro series" - Bauer is getting rid of Nexus and is now re-branding the protective as "Pro series", which is what you see in the European web shops already. Personally, I've transitioned from the old Pro line to Nexus 1N and found fit and finish very similar, with improved materials (lighter, dries faster). The old ones are still in my travel gear bag, as those really are some of the best pads ever.
  8. On a related note, for once such an offer also extends to Europe, at least I see European shops (e.g. HPS) offering this promotion - usually this is limited to USA/CAN.
  9. Did you go with the same size holder? If so, did one side of the holes line up (iirc the inside should line up) or did you / the shop have to redrill both sides?
  10. I'm still on the Shift as I also find them to be OK - nothing to write home about, and because they are not commonly available replacing steel and/or holder will end up being expensive. So when either of those break I'll switch to LS Edge simply because of the availability, but I don't have an issue with it so I won't replace them prematurely.
  11. So if you only curl out the "edge" of the lacing section I don't think you'll encounter any negative impact on the wrap, its not like you are straightening up the entire top of the boot. I did curl out the edges on my customs, but have been too lazy to do so on my TF9s, but I found out that getting into the boot I can lace up until one eyelet from the top, while for getting out I need to undo the top two. Once I've figured that out, getting into the boot is no problem anymore, and I don't have to have so much slack that I could pull it over the tongue.
  12. You could also stitch/glue velcro on an existing set of tongues rather than drilling into the boot? Thats what I did to have my Nash Snipers in the True boot previously.
  13. So for me it turned out similar, after baking I could probably go down one half size compared to my Vapor 1X to have my toes feather the cap in a similar manner. Haven't compared footbeds.
  14. Yes, oversized holders are a quite common sight on customs. Rather than re-stating all the prior information, I'd suggest reading up on e.g. this thread:
  15. Picked up my R1 from UPS as-well, can't wait to mount them on some skates. The box is high quality, the chassis looks and feels great.
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