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    Ice: Vapor 1x 2015, Inline: Mako 2 w/ Marsblade
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    Warrior QRL Pro 75 Flex W28
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    Warrior Franchise MEGA, Warrior Luxe
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    Bauer 5100 w/ aviator cut visor
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  1. I have not tried the x2.7 myself, but moving from x:60/X7.0 to the 1X Vapor I went from 8.5EE to 8D, so to me it felt like the fit had changed (YMMV). I'd definitely try the curv-based skates in store first.
  2. @Toby thank you for sharing this! My first thought was "but wouldn't that require unnecessary additional tooling?", but since the sticks are built from the inside-out that might mean (to an outsider looking in) that they simply use a little less material (fewer layers? thinner threads?) for those INT sticks but potentially on the same assembly line. Interesting thing to think about
  3. Perspective makes it a little hard to say, my $0.02 (Winger, not a D): The Ds are both very predictable in a straight line, let the forwards make the first move but then didn't react. Had the carrier dropped the puck back the strong-side D wouldn't have a chance to block / intercept as he was no where near the shooting lane, but he also didn't engage the carrier when he moved past as he waits too long to open up. Good positioning (inside the dots) but minor details - would suggest something like hip-opener / mohawk to avoid turning fully but still engaging the player so he can initiate contact when he decides to blow by but still not being caught off-guard when he drops back. The weak side D is "covering" the slot but keeps his eyes on the puck, not forcing the weak side F to move by occupying the passing lane between carrier and weak-side F with the stick. If the puck gets out somehow its a 50/50 between him and the forward, and potentially the second forward. Don't get me wrong, this is played better than ppl on my level, and I certainly wouldn't do a better job at all. Just that on the couch everyone is a coach Looking forward to this thread, will be interesting picking other ppls brains
  4. It depends on the t-nut, if you get one with a small enough diameter and shorten the teeth you can always go back. On my skates I did a T-Nut and bolt with size M4, didn't have to enlage the hole so I could always go back to a copper rivet.
  5. I'm still planning the opposite direction - got a pair of goalie skates for cheap, removed the loop, made my own tendon guard, mounted via T-Nut. Still have to mount some holders.
  6. Interesting, thanks for showing! How did you stitch the foam and the D3O onto the pad? As it is stretched on the inside of the outer shell, I doubt there is much room without having to remove the shell, stitching in the pads and re-stitching the shell?
  7. I switched on my LS2 holders to LS3 before step became widely available in Europe, and the LHS commented upon initial sharpening like "wow, thats some quality iron you got there" - LS3 had always matching profiles on both blades, the steel always felt pretty neat. The LS2/LS-Fusion/etc was always sold/given away instantly Just checked my stock, Tuuk LS3 steel for the LS2 holder states "TUUK LS3 STEEL PKG (2) Canada" and "Printed in Canada", same as a Tuuk LS2 steel for the LS Edge holder, so at least no difference on the packaging - don't have any LS2 steel for LS2 holder to compare to.
  8. Not trying to derail anything, but: Is this better steel composition for LS3-Edge only or also for the "old" LS3 steel for the LS2 holder? (Which would also mean that Bauer had recognized this earlier than I thought)
  9. This might sound like a stupid question, but are we talking about grip between insole and foot (so coating the top of the insole to prevent the foot from sliding) or between insole and skate (coating the bottom of the insole to prevent the insole from moving)?
  10. The old XXXX, x:60, x7.0 style boot is a "regular" pro-stock option, in the past few years it was called the Nexus V-Cut (a Nexus styled skate with a Vapor Cut and essentially identical to those older models). So they didn't have to be one-off models made upon request, but also came as team-stock, essentially "retail for teams only". Of course the regular custom options (different tongue, different skate lengths, holders, etc) were still available to the teams. Very few players actually get additional effort to make their older model dressed up like a newer model, only signature players like Connor McDavid. So consider this the one "readily available" re-dressed skate family, everything else is very uncommon, even if pro players request them (which is why many skated on older Rbk models even when Rbk got merged into CCM).
  11. Lets get a few answers to the common questions: Did you bake the skates? Did you stand up baking the skates? Did you add any customization steps like different insole, shims etc? Are those "regular" skates or some pro-stock / pro-return / custom skates? Can you provide a picture of the holder alignment? (A picture of the skate "from the bottom" where we can see if the holder is mounted more towards the inside side) Do you usually supinate or pronate (description)?
  12. The upper part looks like a Marsblade chassis upper part, maybe a prototype / DIY construction?
  13. Better make sure you know what you are doing, you don't want to blast paint chips into your eyes upon impact. So make sure you are using a suitable paint and not just the first white spray you see on the counter.
  14. Still on VH skates, but I had both my copper rivets on the tendon guards fail and replaced them with t-nuts. Never pushed on the tendon guard and keep them at the rink rather than tossing them in a bag or something.
  15. Just to make sure, you are talking about something like Epoxy putty, right?
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