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  1. I mean, if he can sell them for that, all the power too him. I think it's crazy to pay that much for slash guards that were originally like $10
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JOFA-NHL-PRO-STOCK-RETURN-HOCKEY-ELBOW-PAD-SLASH-GUARD-FOREARM-WRIST-PROTECTION-/121092009911?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c31a56fb7 This is just ludicrous.
  3. Sad day, i'm a huge doors fan and Ray always seemed like an awesome guy.
  4. I really want a Colt A1, just haven't convinced myself yet to drop $1200 on a gun, also looking into Glock 23's.
  5. Thrilled that i finally got my hands on an Ovechkin pro stock.
  6. His voice was much harder to understand in the prologue. At first people were complaining that you can't understand him in the prologue, then people were complaining the dubbed voice sounded weird. Personally i think the dubbed voice added to the character, it had the enthusiastic high pitches instead of a robot sounding voice.
  7. The whole C-130 scene in DKR was awesome. "Calm down doctor, now is not the time for fear. That comes later."
  8. This may help clear up some issues for people, i just got a pro stock TotalOne and it's the "O44" model, but it is in fact a TotalOne SE. It says inside the top of the shaft "TOTALONESE- 07-667-15".
  9. I have the 800's with the extended slash guard, love them aswell. They fit great.
  10. they had probably twenty sticks, one95's,one90's, a mike webber totalone, couple Sher wood nexeons (spelling?), eq50's, and some warrior dt's and some Boyes APX shafts. They had probably 10 pair of gloves leino's warriors, roy's eastons, tallinders four rolls, and some reebok four rolls. Saw some warrior hustler pants and eastons. Overall decent selection for not being an equipment sale.
  11. few things i picked up at the sabres store
  12. The EPP is very flexible, it forms to the back of your calf when it's strapped on. It's flexible because it doesn't have the plastic plate covering the padding like the RS does. The vents are pretty large; they seem like they would help a lot in the drying process, but I'm not sure about air flow during games if that's what you're asking. I haven't gotten the chance to skate with them yet.
  13. Picked these up today at Great Skate. I have never really liked Bauer's protective lineup, I always preferred Reebok/Jofa but i was intrigued when i saw the nexus lineup in the catalog, knowing i would be in the market for new shins this summer. Very impressed though they feel solid and i really like the strap system.
  14. Talk about perfect timing, assuming ccm's crazy ove curve will be discontinued i can finally get ovechkin's pro curve it the brand and model i prefer. along with a ton more customization for a great price. Miseaujeu you guys at warrior did a great job. Keep up the good work.
  15. That's a deathstreak where you drop a live grenade when you die. Another thing I'm seeing is little pricks hiding with a friend and shooting the friend 25 times so they get the nuke and ruin the game for everyone else. Very annoying. If I was in a game with somone with that automatic noob tube I wouldve snapped. I hate noob tubes to begin with.
  16. I gotta say I love the aug but I'm excited to get to lvl 48 and unlock the bushmaster ACR, love that gun.
  17. The campaign plot was shocking in parts but the ending was amazing. So glad to see you-know-who (trying not to spoil it) didn't die as i thought.
  18. my buddy's at gamestop and he just sent me this text "theres a guy here who has the number one spot for the game at midnight and he got here at noon, he has a briefcase with a tv mounted in the top and his 360 at the bottom hooked up to a battery pack and wifi adapter and is hyperventilating with excitement and is saying he is going to use the restaurant next doors wifi to play...wow" i was laughing so hard when i read that
  19. Those are absolutley stunning
  20. this ovechkin guy needs to learn how to bury the puck more often
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