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  1. Awesome time at my first SummerJam. Thanks JR, Dana and Chadd and all of you guys who made it a special weekend.

  2. Can't wait for SJ.....

  3. Helmet: Bauer 9900 + Cage Gloves: TPS R8 and R8 Lite Shoulders: RBK/Jofa 7K Pro Stock Elbows: RBK 9K Pants: Bauer TotalOne Shins: Bauer One95 Skates: Bauer 7.0LE
  4. Has anyone seen the S19 shoulders at one of the shows? They changed the cut of the ST16 to make it shorter. I hate that. Did they do the same thing to the S19?
  5. It may not be a big thing to too many people but did they do anything new with the bag line? I loved the new line except for the removable backpack thing. The zipper always came undone and I had to reattach.
  6. Bauer did have a blade that had rubber on the hosel. No gloue required. I saw more then a few come off!!! I agree on Cooperall! Remember those flyers pants. Ugh!!!!! Almost as ugly as the old Canucks jersey!!!
  7. Helmet: RBK 8K Pro Stock (pure white undershell w/ white dome) Cage: Itech Titanium Shoulder Pads: Easton Synergy (not sure which model - top of the line 3 years ago) Jock: ShockDoctor compression with groin supports Gloves: TPS R8 Lite - Black Elbow Pads: RBK 9K Shins: RBK 9K Pants: Nike/Bauer One90 - Black Skates: NBH Vapor XXXX Stick: Easton s17 Grip - 85 Flex, Sakic curve Bag: Warrior MacDaddy 2008 - wheeled
  8. I;'ve got the Vector Pro's and I loved the skate lock. Oh well... Looking at this line I can't say it matters because it's ugly. The skates looked cheesy and I hate the look of the shoulder pads. I do think the closure system on the shins looks cool though. I like that NBH went back to a black skate in the One95. It's classic and clean.
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