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  1. I use the back plastic one. Yes it feels a bit chincy but I just don't over think it. Always comes out level.
  2. I cut off the liners from a pair of band new pro stick Bauer Supreme 1S gloves. Size 13. Anyone interested in them. Pics available upon request.
  3. The GEN 2 dropped from 899 to 699 when the Gen 3 was released.
  4. The major difference is that the beam will tell you via the app EXACTLY what to do on your sharpener to achieve perfectly level. No guess work. I like the idea and will likely buy one.
  5. This was asked but not answered directly. My opinion is that they will sell out the stock on the Gen2 and the lowered price appears proof of that. But that’s just a guess.
  6. Just got off the Zoom call with Russ and learned some things. The Gen 3 does speak to the app and Beam via bluetooth so there is increased functionality there. The machine will tell the app exactly how much life is in a ring the Hepa filter, error code fixes and other things. The Beam does sound really cool. It will specifically tell you exactly how much to adjust in the alignment to get a perfect edge based on the generation machine you have. They are coming out with an accessory that will allow you to mark exactly where the perfect alignment is for you skates so that when you adjust the alignment for someone else's skates you can just dial right back to your perfect spot. It attaches to the alignment screw. The Pro base has spots to attach DIY 3D printed knobs, shelves etc. DM
  7. Full disclosure - I am one of the new Sparx Brand Ambassadors. We have a Zoom call with Russ on Thursday. I will ask about how the bluetooth actually benefits the end user. Let me know if you have other questions. To me, at first glance, it's all a bit gimmicky and evolutionary not revolutionary. Yes, beam looks cool but not sure its needed UNLESS it will provide usable and actionable feedback. I am interested in automated calibration. Thats the way to get the machine perfect and this might be a step in that direction.
  8. After @JR Boucicaut was able to get us into the Warrior facility at SJ for a tour and product debriefing, I have been jonesing for an Alpha LX. The problem is that the dont make my pattern. Well, thanks to PSH one came up today (Thank you Cody Glass for rocking the P46!!) and I pulled the trigger. Can't wait to get it!!!! Will update when it arrives.
  9. Stick update... Totally love it!!! The blade feel is awesome and I get great pop on my wrist shots. The more I play it the better it gets. Huge fan!!!!
  10. YES!!! Got the stick last week and I am very happy with it overall. The stick is supposed to be a P46 clone but the rocker is a but different. Nothing terrible though and I pretty comfortable. It has pretty good pop. Not really best in class but it's sold. Blade feel is really good. No complaints there. You can certainly see the fuse point but the quality is good. Overall it's a great choice and a really solid value if you can be patient. Especially since my curve isn't available anymore.
  11. Welcome back bud!!! I ordered a prostockhockey from Gepetto... hasn't com yet.
  12. Thats amazing!!! So cool!!
  13. This is timely because I just kind of "found" prostockhockey last week and I have been considering buying a stick from them because they make my curve and I cannot find it anyplace. @Stewie, did you use it for ice or roller? How's the performance compare to the big boys?
  14. Yeah... Problem is adding extra padding isn't what I need. My interior ankle bones are about an inch or so more forward than normal humans so I need the whole pocket shifted forward.
  15. anyone know if any of the companies make adjustments in the location of the ankle pocket?
  16. I have always used these... love them. Very thin bottom and excellent compression. https://www.vitalsox.com
  17. I love mine and when they give up the ghost I'll be really challenged to find a skate that works for me.
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