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  1. tough news, it seems as if he can't get a break. I hope he pulls through this, he's such a dynamic player. It goes to show how serious concussions are
  2. uhh... put some pants on?
  3. Dangle bought some pants from me. Couldn't of been a more painless transaction.

  4. Only 2 more years left of college. Halfway there
  5. The wife got a ticket for running a red light. $112 gone. In addition to her $65 ticket last month and $900 accident the month before. Really?
  6. dangle

    Bauer Vapor X:60

    Bauer Vapor X:60 Flex: 102 Curve: P92 Non-grip Height: 6'2" Weight: 180 Postition: LW/C Time-frame of use: Since April 2010 Aesthetics: I'm a sucker for black sticks, although graphics have little influence over my decision on a purchase of a new twig. It's a clean, well put together graphics package. I prefer the matte black on the One95's though. 9/10 Weight and Balance: Weight means nothing to me, but this stick felt light in my hands. Balance is key for me and this stick felt blade light for the first several times on the ice but now that I've used it over the course of 4 months, it feels perfectly balanced compared to my One90. The balance really makes this stick feel good in your hands, when you're without the puck the stick feels natural in your mits. 9.5/10 Blade: This is the X:60's achilles heel IMO. The blade is extremely lively, but without great puck "feel". I had a heck of a time coming from the One90 to the X:60 with stick handling. It was like the puck was a ping pong ball, I couldn't feel where it was on my blade or if it was on the blade at all. Over the course of my 4 months of use, I've become accustomed to how the puck feels on the blade, but there are still times when I completely lose track of the puck on my blade. This occurs mostly in high-traffic areas or when I'm fatigued. In addition, the X:60 blade is also very "lively". Even after 4 months of use, I'm surprised how responsive the blade is. There is no delay in the blade in passing, shooting or stick handling. One-touch passes are crisp, quick and fast. The downside is the "pinginess" that comes with this blade. I don't have great hands and this blade amplifies that because it's so "lively". 5.5/10 Shaft/Flex: I've had troubles in the past playing with a rounded shaft design, but it was a seamless transition to the X:60. I may have to contribute this to a switch in gloves at the same time. As for the flex, I've never had any problems switching between 85 to 100 flex sticks. I happened to pick the X:60 in a 102 flex because of availability. IMO, this stick plays stiffer than advertised. At first, I had to really lean into my snappers to get any flexing of the stick. I've become accustomed to the stiffer feel of the shaft, but if you're hesitant to try a stiffer flex, definitely go with the lower flex on this stick. 9/10 Stickhandling and Passing: Like I stated before, I don't claim to have great hands and this blade makes it hard to really get that finesse while stick handling. I feel this stick has made me become better at stick handling, but it came with about a month of frustration of not being able to stick handle like I could. Even though the blade is pingy, I haven't had major problems receiving passes. I think this is because of my awareness on how lively the blade is and I've magnified my cradling when receiving a pass. 9/10 Shooting: This is where this stick shines. I had an average snapper and slapshot, but I've definitely noticed increased velocity on my snappers. There is no torquing from the shaft or blade whatsoever, and shots absolutely rocket off the blade. This is definitely the best shooting stick I've used. There was a little bit of a learning period when I first used this stick because of the stiffer flex, but it was short lived and I couldn't be happier with how this stick shoots. 10/10 Durability: No loss of stiffness in the shaft and the graphics have hardly any apparent wear. I've taken a few violent hacks from a few "it's game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals" beer leaguers, but other than a few nicks, this stick looks great. I'm definitely impressed with its durability. 10/10 Conclusion: A wonderfully shooting stick with great balance, but not the stick for the stone hands crowd! If i had the choice between the X:60 or One95, I'd have to give the nod to the One95 because puck feel is so important to me. But if you want a shooting stick, hands down, it's all about the X:60. 8.8/10 UPDATE:The stick finally broke at the heel of the blade in May 2011. I had been taking an abnormally high number of slappers/one-timers with it before it broke and think that was the cause of the failure. At one point, I spent the better part of an hour cranking one-timers at different positions on the ice. My viewpoint hasn't changed on the stick. I'll probably end up cutting the blade off and converting it into a 2 piece
  7. Bought referee shinpads from Dangle. Good communications, packaging, and shipping. Very honest about pricing.

  8. that's a serious tape job on the U+ CL Hradsky
  9. That was a long review! It looked like a goal to me... but I can't disagree with the ruling. They have to have CONCLUSIVE evidence that the puck crossed the goal line to overturn the ruling on the ice... pretty crazy though
  10. The A is the heel I believe
  11. No need to quote pics when replying on the same page. TBLfan: those RBK mitts are money!
  12. Another pic of the twigs
  13. I'd either go black or keep them white personally. I'll probably end up keeping them white
  14. I compared my sk-11's with the Naslund last night and it seems like the sk-11 has a little more loft towards the toe of the blade. Not a huge difference though Ebay :) Just keep looking, they're out there My white laces got thrashed too quickly so I decided to try black. They look okay i think. Maybe some black holders next?
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