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  1. Yes, my daughter started reffing this season in addition to playing and you have to register separately as an official. Also it's $70 or $75 for refs, but your clinic will be free, unless that changes this coming year.
  2. Any US hat winners receive one? I have kind of forgotten/given up hope that I'll see it, but if some things are shipping out maybe its coming?
  3. I'm always interested in Czech or Slovak goods because of my family's heritage. If you do ever pop the insole or the steel out post up a pic I'd be interested to see if it is fastened in the holder like the old Custom+. Did they have markings saying they were made in the Czech Republic? Just curious if they are coming from their shoe factory in the country.
  4. My daughter's team is on the road in Massena this weekend, and I have the green light from the Mrs. for new skates. Anyone know the good shops in the Massena or Potsdam area I could check out in between games?
  5. I thought the same thing. I loved that thread when he first showed up and still chuckle thinking about it.
  6. While I don't agree with everything he posted, or necessarily the way he puts things I do think VH will come to or is at an interesting crossroad. Their current model goes against the increasing consumer mindset of if I can't get it in two days then I'm buying it elsewhere. And as the sales grow the wait times will likely increase causing discomfort for those customers. Just look at the recent posts in that thread, it was several I've been waiting 4 weeks and I haven't gotten a tracking number. I'm interested to see if they plan to stay focused on (fully custom, bespoke, boutique whichever one won't offend you guys) or try to ramp up and fully compete with CCM/Bauer.
  7. I thought this was an interesting read and a refreshing change of pace from the usual posts. Skate Mod - maybe referring to VH as a boutique manufacturer would make people take it less harshly.
  8. I actually don't have any good pictures of the rink under construction. I should take some breaks while building it this year and snap some. I use triangle brackets made out of 2x6s. On the shallow side I put one every 4 feet, and on the deep end I put one every 2 feet, that's what I meant by doubled up. Sharing ideas is what all of us backyard rink builders do so don't worry about it.
  9. Yes, I deal with a big slope on my rink site, and I run two foot high boards on the shallow end and 4 foot high boards on the deep end in order to have enough height after all the water is in to keep pucks on the surface. You are correct, brace the deep end more. I double up that side, as most of the weight of the water will be pushing on it. You probably want to put your boards up before the ground freezes, it's easier to pound in stakes if the ground hasn't frozen. I do mine in late October early November here in VT. You won't kill the grass if you pick up the liner early enough in the spring, but mowing it short will help if you drop screws or tools while you are setting up your boards.
  10. Check out Kim Rhode. Not a curler, but a record breaking American Olympian, ignored by the media, in a sport that costs more than hockey to train for. No professional league to speak of and not holding out until US shooting pays her. (That I'm aware of, haven't been on any news sites in awhile)
  11. No I agree, some of that stuff should have been already setup like insurance, but the other things, not to beat a dead horse, could have been made fair by reducing what's provided on the men's side.
  12. I look forward to the increase in fees when signing my kids up next year.
  13. I don't know why, is that the part of the discussion I'm missing? When she first signed up for hockey though was it because of Wisconsin, or did she start playing and then find more motivation or confirmation of her choice from Wisconsin?
  14. I think we could have both, but we don't have enough going to increasing participation, so giving more to the elite teams is a poor decision to me. It's great that some places have NHL teams to drive youth participation, and that a women's pro league would have that same effect on some cities but that's not going to get us bigger than where we are at today. Instead of buying/running one rink in Michigan, why not give out grants to improve/build rinks across America? Use some of the national team money instead for a program where USAH is out in PE classes with free sticks during hockey week in America. Start funding some real research into what keeps kids from playing, and what keeps parents from signing their kids up. If USAH thinks they can do it all then go for it, I'm not anti-women's pro hockey, or anti-women's national team. I think USAH had strayed from their purpose and this situation will lead to more neglect of higher numbers playing and more focus on just the national development programs.
  15. That was what I was trying to say, now parents would say to the girls sure go play, and youth leagues have girls or coed programs, that's the progress of society. The more I think about this it seems it's a chicken or the egg situation, do you need something for females to aspire to in order to drive interest, or does increased accessibility and participation lead to creating the elite level players?
  16. I like hard data, so I'd want to see female participation numbers for a few years leading up to 1998 and for a few years after. Then I'd want a way to study if it was from the gold medal or if it's just the natural progression of society. When my daughter says she's going to play for the Canadiens I don't tell her she can't, and I think a few decades ago parents would have said girls don't play with boys. Overall we'd get a better return on our investment in USAH by growing bottom up than trickle down. Oh no, that makes me sound like the stereotypical new age Vermonter, maybe moving back here has had an effect on me ;-)
  17. Nope I was baking in the oven until summer of 1980. That was a unique situation that isn't likely to repeat itself. I'm just saying things we adults find important or think drive participation aren't always actually the reasons. I'm also straying way off the original topic of this thread, so I apologize.
  18. While I agree that an NHL team in a non traditional market drives new interest I don't agree that the national teams have the same effect. I disagree with articles like these because I just don't think the goal of youth hockey should be a college education or professional career, it should be more people that enjoy playing and watching hockey. That's what drives my arguement of no additional funding now, less funding for the boys & men's teams later, and more actual growing of the game. It would be nice if USAH had some competition like AAU, but I saw an old article somewhere (that I can't find now of course) about why they can't or won't start a hockey program. I just googled AAU, so the article I'm recalling must have been ancient since they do appear to have an ice hockey program in some areas
  19. No problem - that was the gist of it, I'd rather USAH not cave and increase the compensation that they provide, as I'd rather have them not provide so much support to the men's or women's national teams. Instead have them using our fees (mine and my daughter's) on a more local level. To me it seems that programs like it starts with a stick and try hockey for free day would have a better payoff getting kids (including girls) to play hockey than one more potential medal most of America and especially children just getting into sports won't have any idea we won.
  20. My daughter had/has Severs, the pain is on the bottom of the heel. If that is indeed what is ailing you the doctor you talk to about it will give you some simple medicine free fixes that will alleviate the pain. Also she was diagnosed by her normal general practitioner, no specialist (podiatrist) needed.
  21. I recently purchased a machine, I considered the Sparx, Wissota and Blackstone, (X-02 as they've discontinued the 01) I like to learn things, am mechanically inclined and handy, so I went with the Blackstone. Getting level edges with the tri lie and butterfly gauge took very little time to learn. I'm definitely not a master sharpener but it has been much easier to put fresh edges on my skates then some threads make it seem. I liked the spinner dresser for it's accuracy and the ability to use FBV again. I was torn on the Sparx, but ultimately the newness and reliance on electronics combined with my desire to learn to sharpen skates turned me away.
  22. I've currently got these skates to sharpen: Easton S17 Youth 10 Bauer Supreme Accel SMU with light speed edge holder Junior 1.5 Bauer Reactor 5000 youth 13.5 I may be done with youth skates by next fall as feet in the household grow, but I think having to deal with goal skates makes the tall holder necessary?
  23. I didn't want start a whole new topic and this is tangentially related; I'm about to pull the trigger on an X-02, but after reading all the threads I'm still not sure what holder to get, normal or tall, I have youth, goalie and senior size skates in my house to sharpen right now, so I should order the tall holder, correct?
  24. You may be over thinking it. You could just get a sled ice fisherman or duck hunters use and call it a day. They are long and have sides that are about a foot high you should be able to pile a bunch of hockey bags/coolers in it. One brand is Jet Sled, you can see them at Cabela's or any other hunting/fishing place.
  25. Sorry I see how that could have been taken that way, I am not blaming him. I am firmly placing the blame on the players and scouts. Because two different, or three even if you go back to Sacco, coaches and the same results, out shot every game, horrible fancy stats, and high draft picks at the end of almost every year And yes, I know they are more skilled at hockey and talent evaluation respectively than I could ever imagine to be.
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