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  1. You can look into ceramic stones. They're available at my local knife and wood working shops. The ceramic stones are about 3-4x more expensive than your conventional stones but they tend to last longer (don't get grooves in them as easily) and are available in fine grits.
  2. The right amount of pressure is more about feel but I also listen to the sound and look for the amount of sparks. Not sure if I can describe this online but watch how professionals like Dana Heinze sharpen for the sound/sparks. Wax would also be an ok substitute if one cannot find oil. It tends to gunk the wheel up a bit quicker but if you are dressing as frequently as you should (I do it every 2-3 pairs), it shouldn't matter. I'd recommend the same. I go about 90% pressure on my finishing pass. I never go against the direction of the wheel in any situation. I sharpen new skates as I would any other pair of skates. The only difference is more passes. The number of passes will differ from skate to skate. Sometimes the bottom of the steel comes flat, most of the times they don't. If you get the chance to sharpen those cheap Chinese-made plastic skates with the fake groove in them (the ones sold at Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, etc), those will take more passes.
  3. I don't always grind out the big nicks. It depends on how deep and where it is. If you run a cloth along the blade and it doesn't catch, chances are it won't snag on the ice either.
  4. 8-10 passes is about right. 20 is too many for most touch ups.
  5. Clamp the steel into a vice and then pull.
  6. It can also depend on how often your facility sweeps their concrete floor.
  7. Some guys on here and another forum have had unfavorable experiences with Bay Area Hockey Repair for glove work. Not sure if that would be the same for skates.
  8. Sounds more like a misaligned holder or bent steel issue.
  9. I don't see a point in the blade holder for home use. Just pop your extra steel into your skate's holder and save yourself some money. I hate sharpening loose steel regardless of what machine you're using.
  10. There shouldn't be one? MX3 is monocomp construction, not a fused 2 piece.
  11. I own both pairs and the fit is 99% the same. Length feels similar as long as you didn't use those terrible footbeds (with the wings) that came stock on the MX3. The tongue on the 1S takes a little bit of time to get used to since it doesnt fit as snug to the shin as the previous 3 gens of top end Supremes. I went with the same size for both pairs.
  12. The overlay on the CS400 palms is too rigid and flat.
  13. This concept reminds me of a video featuring a Russian skating instructor telling you to rock your skates back and forth during turns.
  14. I use a blademaster sh8000 holder and never had to use the tilt once.
  15. 1. too many people play around with the tilt adjustment unnecessarily. just using the cam levers is fine. for example, if you are sharpening a left skate with the toes pointed to the left. after doing 3-4 passes, if the inside edge is high, that means the skate is sitting too high in relation to the wheel and you will need to lower it. with the cam lever holders you'll need to guess and check when adjusting. the holders with the style are calibrated to work with the edge checkers. 2. I like to change my diamonds every 2 wheels. when a diamond is worn, you'll typically get a lot of "fish scaling" on your blade after just a couple passes on a freshly dressed wheel. also, if there are any gouges or chunks taken out of the diamond I'd replace it. 3. the blademaster br100 has been my go to edge checker. just make sure you protect the magnetic angle with some tape where it contacts the skate blade. not doing so will gouge the area and will give inaccurate readings.
  16. Is it your arch hurting or the bone right above the arch? On every skate I've owned I had to punch out the areas circled in your pictures.
  17. Just take it to a shoe repair shop.
  18. Take out the foot beds and stand on them to see how much room you have, if any. Your toes will retract a bit when you bend your knees.
  19. Are you thinking of the LS2P steel that was used on the clear blue Tuuk holders that came with the ONE90?
  20. LHS has a strong up sell game. Sell new steel and then grind a bunch off.
  21. The Swiftwick socks have been the best I've ever used. I have trouble finding them locally so I've settled for the Bauer premium socks.
  22. Everyone who makes a big ticket purchase will experience some sort of buyer's remorse. We all need reassurance that we have made the best choice possible before fully committing to something.
  23. But didn't you say all of your sharpenings were done at the shop you bought them from? I'd stick to one sharpener at a particular shop once you find someone you like. Way more consistency. Edit: no need to contact Step about it. it's probably still within their manufacturing tolerance.
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