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  1. Most likely the end. If they sit out a full season there might not even be a league for them to play in when they decide to return.
  2. Except for the flexible tendon guard and the LS fusion steel.
  3. Talk to your local shop and let them know how much and what you're looking to buy. My shop would have entire teams come through when they were in town for tournaments. Can't really comment on specific prices but margins on current model hockey sticks isn't great.
  4. Otny still makes the HM30 style cage. I'm not well versed on the differences vs the HM40 but they might be able to help you out.
  5. Post of picture of your skates. I don't recall Bauer having a Hi-Lo setup until the Mission-Itech purchase in the late 2000s? Vapors came out in the late 90s and the first two gens (Vapor 8 and Vapor 10) came with the rocker chassis.
  6. Germophobes would avoid a sport where people spit and shoot snot rockets onto the ice.
  7. Smallest they make is 254.
  8. I don't think people are concerned about germs. They just don't want to step into a puddle of water.
  9. You can always buy a mat from Ikea and use toiletry bags to keep smaller items together. The corners ripping and zippers failing are the most common issues for replacing a bag.
  10. Haven't seen the E700 for a while but my local Canadian Tire has a bunch of old E600 stock remaining. Don't think the E600/700 came in XL though.
  11. Could've sworn it was... or you just needed to find a thread to pad your post count.
  12. I've had good experiences with AK jerseys. Is there something I'm missing in the article?
  13. You can use blades made for the LS2 holder.
  14. mickz


    Was directing that comment to the others that quoted my posts. I should've quoted those to be more clear.
  15. mickz


    You guys are missing the point. I'm not saying they should offer obscure curves. There's already companies filling that need. I'm saying their offerings (100% carbon, flex options, curve options) are no different than other small companies that have sourced a generic stick from Asia and put theur logo on? How many times have we heard of savings being passed onto the consumer because the company doesn't pay for endorsements or marketing? The guys that want the rare curves will find a way to get them. the others are all tire kickers who complain about not having a curve in stock but won't pull the trigger if it becomes available. I've dealt with these customers enough times in hockey retail. As for Base hockey sticks, I do see them quite a bit in my local rinks. Mind you the brand originated here. They also had the stick design experience of Kunisaki and Ghassemi (in the begininng) and the connections of Ronning.
  16. mickz


    How is your brand going to differentiate itself from the competition when everybody is selling a 100% carbon 420g stick in the same 3 patterns. I never said you had to deviate from these curves. Those specs just scream cookie cutter made in China. ask the many brands that have failed with this business plan.
  17. mickz


    Still doesn't explain why these sticks are available in the same flex, patterns and weight (420g) as your common made in China cookie cutter sticks. Hasn't worked for companies in the past. Harrow comes to mind.
  18. mickz


    They're not the first company to import Chinese sticks and slap their logos on. What other equipment has this owner developed? We've seen many companies try this business model and fail.
  19. Have you tried using the other tongue inserts that came with your skates?
  20. Can't say I've seen many people use the sweet stick properly or if they know what it's actually doing to their edges. I cringe when I see someone make more passes with a sweet stick than Scooter Jess on a skate sharpening machine.
  21. I do the same with my customers. If they're not sure what hollow to get I'll use 5/8" as a starting point. The next time they come in for a sharpening I'll ask them for feedback and make the necessary adjustments, if needed.
  22. I've used both the EZ Goal and the Sniper's Edge shooting tarp. Both are excellent options.
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