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  1. Saw the W28 at the LHS yesterday. After loving my Covert I had to really talk myself out of picking it up. Looks like a beauty though.
  2. Too bad we got smoked and Jonesy took his sign and left in the middle of the game.
  3. Watched the hometown Winterhawks finish off Kamloops to three peat as Western Conference Champions and also scored tickets to game 1 of the WHL finals.
  4. There was no shame on that one Seany. Him and their entire bench were complaining that it was a legal hit. Puck was behind both of you and he had no intention of playing the puck, he was headhunting. Feel better for tonight my friend.
  5. Probably e-mail their custom department to double check but I'm pretty sure you can put in the comments section that you want the Edmonton colorway.
  6. I think the Rolston gloves are pretty cool. Not very often you find something like that for sale.
  7. Anybody have a lead on a place that might have some of those sticks still in stock?
  8. From another forum "Coach said I had to have Black gloves for the upcoming season, so I'm forced to sell". Plus this is Show it Off, not look what I just bought and am keeping forever and no you can't have it.
  9. They add the patch because that is where most of the wear occurs on the palms from how players hold the stick. So Junior teams add the patch to prevent holes and in the end save money.
  10. Elmira College is purple and gold. "Yeah they're LA purple and gold. Brutal camera on my phone" - OP from another forum.
  11. Pretty sure they are purple.
  12. Curve: #10 (Ovechkin Pro Clone) Shaft: Harrow 300 Time Used: 11 Months Skill Level: A-B Stickhandling/Receiving Passes: The Harrow 300 blade is about as good as a blade can get for me. As a guy who likes to dangle through the zone stickhandling has been a breeze. Always been able to tell where the puck is on my blade and has an almost wood feel to it. No problems giving or receiving passes hard passes as the puck seems to almost stick to the blade. Shooting: Blade has remained stiff, despite a few nicks, and doesn't torque during a shot. Shots seem to jump off the blade on both the forehand and backhand, although this can be attributed to the shaft most likely. Weight/Balance: This is definitely a heavier blade than most. It balances quite well with the Harrow shaft but could foresee it being blade heavy in anything else. A small note that the hosel appears to be longer than other blades so you may have to cut your shaft further to accomplish the same height. Durability: These blades are tanks. I am very hard on my blades and have a tendency to wear out the toes of blades very quickly but I'm still using the first blade they sent me. A couple small nicks or dings in the blade and it is still stiff and plays just as well as the day it arrived. Intangibles: A good looking blade. Very minimal graphics and a nice composite weave. My only complaint is the logo on the end of the blade. If you don't tape over the toe you wind up with half of the logo sticking out. Conclusion: Overall a high quality, durable blade. I am pleasantly surprised at the puck feel given the price. Since moving to a two-piece setup these are my blade of choice if the pattern I want is available, which with a variety of unique patterns offered shouldn't be a problem. Overall: 9/10.
  13. I've worn them. I also bought a pair from Hockey Giant after hearing everyone rave over them. I hated the blasted things and sold them for about what i paid for them. I personally felt ripped off paying $40 for them.
  14. Direct from their Facebook page "Pro Stock Hockey Gear (PSHG) Luxe's we have been told, will not be available for custom....ever"
  15. Looks like they added Franchise Pants and Ritual goal pads. From what PSHG says, take that for what it's worth, they won't be doing custom Luxe's.
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