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  1. This may not help the OP because of size availability at that point in the junior sizes, but the 80k skates in the E width are significantly deeper than the D width. I can't comment on the most recent skates (launched in the past 18 months) in either Bauer or CCM, but the 80k E's are the deepest stock boot I've found since the 2014 Tacks (the last generation Nexus would probably be second).
  2. Bauer, I'm guessing. The sales reps have been talking about this for months, and booking order documentation indicated the new "fit story" as they say (though I will confess to not having seen the actual order form as I don't deal with that anymore).
  3. I only use the Coffey curve. I hate change.
  4. One area that has the potential to be an "exception to the rule" when it comes to how people value customer service when they think they can get a better deal online is with figure skaters. You mentioned meeting with the local club - is it sizable? If so, don't overlook it. While the number of skates will invariably be lower than the number of hockey players, once you have their trust (in my experience), they tend to be loyal and expect to pay a little more for quality work.
  5. Yep. There are no 2018 products with 37.5 in it, and I believe the agreement with the company that owns the material is about up. Some product that was using 37.5 has phased out already, the rest should be done next year I believe (after the current line of team wear has gone 3 years).
  6. If you like the Bauer stuff with 37.5, scoop it up now - it isn't long for this world. I, personally, am also a big fan but it sounds like sales of it haven't been great and Bauer hasn't been able to get much attachment to the 37.5 feature. That said, I like the look of the new Vaughn offering, particularly because it seems like it will breathe better than most other integrated pad designs I've seen.
  7. I haven't thought too hard about this, and I don't have as much skin in the game as I used to, but... At first blush I don't think this will have a huge impact on smaller retailers, at least, as online competition is nothing new, and Bauer is investing in initiatives that require an in-store presence (such as foot scanning for skates). They aren't likely to try and play by a different set of rules than what they set for retails regarding MAP and various promotions. The only two things I could foresee causing a problem (for the smaller retailer, at least), is if they decide to make a move on the team business and if they run into warehousing issues with their inventory such that it becomes more difficult to secure product outside of booking delivery windows.
  8. Not for long - I believe there are going to be a couple max height options in the near future. The difference in rocker on the two blades is significant as well, I feel (with the p88 having a bit more).
  9. I don't (personally) know of many Tampa fans that wouldn't agree that the officials were awful in the last game. I know they exist, I just don't associate with them.
  10. AHHH interesting. I didn't think it broadcast its own network. That is certainly more viable, then. Thanks!
  11. That's what I've been thinking about lately - a GoPro with wifi. The challenge would be that the primary rink I coach at has a very poor network. To date I've been using a budget samsung tablet on a tripod and hoping for the best.
  12. Howdy folks. So, I chose to title this pretty broadly as it might lead to a more productive discussion and eventual resource for others. If a mod disagrees, I can change the title (can I? Maybe you can instead?). I primarily work with goalies, and like to make use of a tablet for immediate video feedback. The problem is, the camera's on tablets are generally crap unless you spend a decent amount of money (and risk a greater loss when the inevitable puck/body catches it). Does anyone else use some sort of video/screen set up on the ice or bench during practice and have any suggestions for something that A) can produce adequate video for viewing immediately, and B) doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Thanks.
  13. Check out North Georgia Hockey in Roswell - I'd be surprised if they didn't have a stretcher.
  14. The p38 and p45 should both be eligible curves for the quasi-custom program from CCM that adam14 mentioned. As far as standard retail, it looks like CCM is leaning more towards making them a "booking only" option on a few models (meaning if they aren't popular enough, it isn't a sure thing they even get produced at all). I would hazard a guess and say most retailers will have the "custom" option priced at around $150-$175/stick (if you can find one that is going to do it at all).
  15. Drew, did the skate fitter try you in any stock boots as part of the fitting process, or just go right to the scan?
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