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  • Skates
    CCM U+ Pro 09
  • Stick
    Nexus 1000 P106, Harrow 300 Pattern 3, CCM U+ Pro
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF, Harrow Syncro, X60 Pro
  • Helmet
    Cascade M11
  • Pants
    Eagle X88
  • Shoulder Pads
    Warrior Projekt 2012
  • Elbow Pads
    Graf G700, Warrior
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor X:40
  • Hockey Bag
    Bauer Carry
  1. I'd been going back and forth between the Drury and the P106, and switched to the Wiz about 6 weeks ago. So far I've loved it - happy with the lower lie. But, of course, it's not very available.
  2. I have the 2012, blue and black. As AIREYE said, these appear to be the first year that they don't run large. I'm 5-10, 170, 42 chest, and I returned the medium to get the large.
  3. Embarassing Hockey moments.

    Fell trying to clear the zone on a delayed offsides. The ref blew the whistle when the puck entered pointing at me. I complained to him (not yelling) that I was "literally sitting on the blue line." As I'm sure everyone here knows except for me...it's only the skates that matter. Which he politely explained to me. The refs are used to explaining at least one rule a game to us in the D-league. It was basically exactly the first picture ("Reminder #1") here: http://www.afterthewhistle.com/en/Rules/20022003/offsides02.htm
  4. Bauer Nexus vs. Total One Stick

    That's the same stick/curve I have, and I also love it. As for these sticks being too-light and thus too breakable, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I almost never break sticks.
  5. Replacing Vapor Gloves...

    I like the Vapor fit as well. You didn't really say what level you want to go to, but I agree with Aireye that you can find good prices on X:40s around, and also X:60s. PureHockey, for example, has pretty cool colors of both available on clearance. You'll be really lucky with the clearance racks if you're a 13 or 15. And I just bought my first pair of Surge gloves, seem to fit pretty similar.
  6. eBay idiot, or not?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-WARRIOR-HUSTLER-BOWLING-GREEN-FALCONS-PRO-STOCK-RETURN-COLLEGE-HOCKEY-PANTS-/121021223875?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c2d6d53c3 Really, $300 pants? And its not about shipping. Maybe this is the wrong place for this, but why are pro-stock pants so much more than their retail counterparts? The trend seems clear that there is much more of a markup for pro-stock pants compared to items such as sticks or gloves. Is their some added feature that explains it?
  7. Thanks for the info Chadd and Buzz. Sale pending on the gloves.
  8. Agree. This is good news. The more information the better. I don't know, seems like there's something missing here. It can't be only about fit -- I have to believe there are differences and advancements to be made on materials and design, even though we understand that a misfit helmet can potentially negate all those advantages.
  9. Warrior tapered blade - RH - $40. Bought on eBay new, I never used it. Pristine. Doesn't have much glue on it. You can see the code listed on it. The eBay description noted that it isn't the standard Drury wedge, but some other Drury curve. Doesn't like exactly like my the Drury wedges I have, in my opinion. If you have any knowledge based on the pics/code, I'd appreciate it if you would post it here. Click for larger pictures. Supreme One95 gloves - Canucks stock - $80. 14". Still have them. I used these gently for literally one-half a skate and shoot. Superb condition. Price dropped to $80. Note I had previously listed them here: http://www.modsquadh...age__hl__harrow No trade offers right now, thanks - I've already spent this money on a new stick. Prices are as shipped in the United States. I'm willing to ship elsewhere if buyer covers additional costs. Prices firm until I post otherwise.
  10. 2013 Bauer Products

    I don't know man. No one is surprised that there is a lot of customization at the pro level - shortening, lenghting, tightening, even adding an extra layer of padding. That doesn't equate to a "4th line" and shouldn't anger anyone. It's not like they're using some magic materials that retail can't touch. It certainly doesn't mean the retail, unadultered version is problematic. If anything, it seems like when there is a popular modification at the pro level, it often trickles down (G3, Rangers hand pad, soft shoulder caps) with a shiny retail name.
  11. 2013 Bauer Products

    The current rule is that patents are good for 20 years from filing. You can not extend beyond that. JA is dead-on saying that it is worthless if the holding entity doesn't enforce it. As for Jimmy, yeah, a patent doesn't stop you from modifying a product you bought.
  12. 2012 Bauer Holiday Catalogue

    I was kinda hoping for a Nexus 800 stick. Will there be one?
  13. eBay idiot, or not?

    C'mon dude, put on a shirt: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hockey-Stick-Bauer-/180956491427?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a21d8eea3 Or just put the stick on the floor.
  14. OEM and Hockeytron

    I'd buy socks or a practice jersey from these guys in a second. I've bought other brands from them. No problems with their customer service. And while the copycatting is distasteful, the real reason I won't buy a stick is just a matter of trust. All the big and little companies play the advertising game, touting features that may or may not make any difference -- but I trust Tron's statements even less. They're exceptionally nonsensical and often contradictory. And I've noticed major changes in their descriptions before and after the arrival of a product, which suggests they haven't even seen the pre-sale products. Add that to the customer review issue above. If I'm spending over $100 $40 on a stick, I'd like to have some confidence in the description.