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    True A5.2 SBP
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    Bauer Vapor APX Pro
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    Bauer Supreme One80
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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne
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    Bauer Vapor APX
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  1. Siponarius

    Marleau Nearing the End of His Stockpile

    In a recent episode of Chiclets, Biz mentions he interviewed Marleau, and says he’s down to 3pairs but has been working his new skates into practice.
  2. Siponarius

    Goalie Skate Fit Profiles

    Do goalie skates have similar fit profiles to the skate lines that share their same name? I ask because myself and a couple other skaters in our local beer leagues have a serious goalie deficiency, and a few of us are thinking about strapping on the pads (we have access a few sets of pads), but might want to get skates, but our local shops do not stock anything. As a bonus, what would be the widest goalie skate available? I currently wear Nexus for player.
  3. Siponarius

    Skate Damage

    I don’t think it’s tech mesh (I wish it was), I think it’s fiber composite. But I suppose epoxy would work regardless
  4. Siponarius

    Skate Damage

    I have a pair of Nexus Havoks I’ve had since release, playing 1-2 times a week. Nothing overly physical. Last week I noticed some weird peeling of the graphics, and upon closer inspection, some good cuts. Is this something to be expected with newer constructed skates?
  5. Siponarius

    Upgrading elbows

    I went from Vapor APXs to CCM QLs and absolutely love them. Got them for a steal too
  6. Siponarius

    Nexus Boot Last

    Finally have the skates of my dreams. Picked up a pair of. Zeus Havoks (upgraded n2900), and they are beauties. So I was like, I need pond skates, cause I don’t want to trash my game ones. I find a pair of Nexus 6000s, same size, and they were the same price point back in the day. When i try to skate in them, they hurt. A lot. Tight in the ankle, and cramped in the toe box, which isn’t the case in my havoks. question is: did they change the last in the last 4 years? Because I was under the impression they hadn’t. And if they did, should I just ditch these backup pond skates now
  7. Siponarius

    Custom Bauer Skate Question 2s Pro 3d Scan

    I’ll only respond to question 1. Was it suggesting 8/8.5 in Supreme or Nexus? When I got scanned, it suggested the same in Supreme EE, but recommended Nexus EE. I also wore a size 12 boot or shoe. I went to a podiatrist, who measured my feet and told me I had a wide forefoot, and was actually a 10.5, but 3E-4E, which is why I was wearing 12s, to get the width, but at the cost of too long a shoe, which caused arch pain. I ended up getting the 8.5 Nexus EE and never felt better.
  8. Siponarius

    CCM Glove Fits

    So I have the potential to pick up some CCM QLTs on a Boxing Day special. I’m typically a Vapor user, as I like tapered gloves, but haven’t been happy with their latest offerings. I usually go IW to view the hertigate on gloves. When I view older histories (wayback machine) I see some conflicting informations. It says the QLTS were based on the old KFS. At another point, it says they were based on The CL500, which I hated, and the newer Tacks information says they were based on the 500s. So in the end, I guess I’m asking are the QLTs true tapered, or was there just some past bad I go on their fits?
  9. Siponarius

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    Also ended up raiding HockeyMonkey. Picked up some clearance Reebok uncrested jerseys.
  10. Siponarius

    Let's Talk Elbow Pads

    Went to PHL looking to replace those APXs I mentioned. Tried the 1x and 900 lites, weren’t sold on them, tried the jeespeed and the ultra tacks, same thing... then stumbled upon a pair of clearance Quicklites. Been using them a few weeks now and absolutely dig them.
  11. Siponarius

    Anyone score any sweet Black Friday deals?

    New holders and runners from THS
  12. Siponarius

    Bauer speed plates 2.0 release date?

    Found my 2.0s were more mailable than the 1.0s, so be careful how you stand as they harden. I had to spot heat a crease out when after I moulded them the first time, and now they are great.
  13. Siponarius


    I was under the impression when getting custom Nexus that was what was potentially being sent out. Perhaps I misread.
  14. Siponarius


    Does anyone know what the specs/features on the 2N Pro are?
  15. Siponarius

    Let's Talk Elbow Pads

    Since we are talking elbow pads... I have a pair of APXs that the strapping is stretched off and tearing, and one of the caps looks pretty rough as well. Am considering another set of 1x/x900lites, but have always had issues with the forearm strap coming off during play. Wondering if anyone else has any suggestions what else might be out there that might have a similar or better fit? i did have a pair of U+back when, and absolutely hated them...