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    Bauer Nexus Elevate
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    True A5.2 SBP
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    Bauer Vapor APX Pro
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    Bauer Supreme One80
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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne
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    Bauer Vapor APX
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    Bauer Supreme MX3
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    Grit Locker

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  1. Siponarius

    Big/Wide Head Helmet help!!

    I have a fairly round head and use a ReAkt 75 and an IMS 7.0
  2. Siponarius

    Thinnest/least volume Elbow Pads?

    I used to wear APXs and switched to QLTs and find them to have less volume.
  3. Siponarius

    Sherwood Rekker M90 info

    I’m hoping with the name scheme, there may be a bit of a throw back to the T90, but I’m not holding my breath. It was one of my favorites.
  4. Siponarius

    I need some big man help!

    I’m also large, and the biggest pants I’ve seen to date are Bauer Nexus. I saw some Grafs in a store recently on clearance, and they looked massive. I might try them on for fun next time I’m there to gauge it.
  5. Siponarius

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Got the 9000, and tried it on, and immediately knew I made the right choice. Riddled with the straps, and the backplate has no gap, as compared to the NME4. Padding still hasn’t even been broken in yet. I do have a noob question though. What’s the second strap that’s paired with the chin cup actually for? I managed to adjust the cup but it’s still in the way.
  6. Siponarius

    Glove fit advice

    I had a smilies problem. I normally wear a 14 but would have to go o a 15 Apx2 Pro to not have my finger touching/crammed in the gusset. I Ended up going with a CCM QLT, and have no problems with my finger in a 14. They were tighter in the backhand, but that’s loosened up over a few sessions. I didn’t like the look of the palm on the FT1, and something about he graphics turned me off. Also saving a few bucks on getting the QLTs on sale.
  7. Siponarius

    Replacement Shin Liners

    I have a pair of Supreme T1 MX3 shin pads. Love them. Still in amazing shape. While I’m sure the flexorb is a gimmick, one of the knees has started going to mush, and the liner slides around a little. Is there anywhere a person could buy after market liners (other than SLS) to replace them, or are you otherwise hooped and need to get a full pair?
  8. Siponarius

    Best “non-compression” skating socks

    I wear Copper Sole Extreme Athletic socks. Tight, but not a compression tight. Copper threads help keep the stank down.
  9. Siponarius

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Thanks to your advice, I tracked down a large CCM 9000, for about the same cost as the NME4 I had purchased. I’m send that back immediately. The CCM fits great!
  10. Siponarius

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Negative. Very northern Canada. Might be too long of a drive lol
  11. Siponarius

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Yeah, things definitely didn’t feel right. Even the back plate left a huge gap. Even with the infrequency I would play, and the low impact? Or is it mainly investing the extra bucks to avoid any potential facial oopsie? Yeah, literally only a bunch of cops and fire fighters trying not to get far, so no certification requirements. Regardless, I appreciate you fellas responding. Helps with sorting things out.
  12. Siponarius

    Inexpensive Masks & Fits

    Hi goalie gurus. Question, so I’ll add some background. So while normally I play out, my weekly hockey geoup of emergency service members has been struggling to keep goalies. They either move away or can’t make it out. Sometimes it’s one, or shooter tooters, which isn’t as fun. So I decided to dive in and pick up goal equipment. This once a week skate has all skill levels, and no slap shots or contact. At most I’d be strapping on the pads once a month. Most of the stuff I’ve collected from SLS, friends, sales...I’m down to getting a mask now. I’ve gone to closest PHL and tried a few masks on, and everything seems too small I guess? The back plate sits very far back on all 4 fits of the Bauers I tried, leaving what I think is an desirable gap between the back plate and the mask. The store I was at didn’t have many CCM offerings. I’m also not trying to break the bank for occasional usage. Inpicked up an NME 4 recently from an online sale, but it appears as best as near as I can tell, it’s a one size fits all. When I wear it, I feel that the chin cup jams everything closed too tight, can’t even move my mouth, almost feels like if anything goes slightly wrong, I’ll bite my tongue. I’m still able to return this mask Another online store is selling CCM 7000s. Does anyone know if the shape of the mask might fit a wider/rounder head better? I ask as well since it’s not exactly one I can go downtown and try out. For reference, I wear both a Bauer Re-Akt 75 and IMS 7.0 for my fat head. One of the guys I play with has also offered me an older Hasek style helmet/mask, but I’m not so sure of it’s protection, even if I’m not taking clappers. Any my advice is appreciated!
  13. Siponarius

    Marleau Nearing the End of His Stockpile

    In a recent episode of Chiclets, Biz mentions he interviewed Marleau, and says he’s down to 3pairs but has been working his new skates into practice.
  14. Siponarius

    Goalie Skate Fit Profiles

    Do goalie skates have similar fit profiles to the skate lines that share their same name? I ask because myself and a couple other skaters in our local beer leagues have a serious goalie deficiency, and a few of us are thinking about strapping on the pads (we have access a few sets of pads), but might want to get skates, but our local shops do not stock anything. As a bonus, what would be the widest goalie skate available? I currently wear Nexus for player.
  15. Siponarius

    Skate Damage

    I don’t think it’s tech mesh (I wish it was), I think it’s fiber composite. But I suppose epoxy would work regardless