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    NikeBauer One95
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    Easton Stealth S17, Warrior Dolomite Grip
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    Eagle PPF
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    CCM Vector V08
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    Franklin Pro Stocks
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    RBK 7k Pro
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    Jofa 6070
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    Eagle Team Bag

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  1. JR nailed it. I’m going through same thing while I get new skates dialed in... I have to have steel straightened every few sharpenings
  2. Try Zwickers in MA or TSR in NH
  3. i would love to see a toned down/less open BC01 or Gonchar Pro mirrored righty
  4. Just saw this, I went through same thing with a pair of One95's felt good for the first month or two and once they were broke in I had crippling lace bite. I decided to go custom after that to get best fit and moved into Vapors and haven't had a single problem since... My two cents but I would say the boot is too stiff for you or the cut of the boot and or flex point of the skate just doesn't work for you
  5. If you like the fit in the forefoot with the EE but still want a snugger fit in the heel try wearing something like Bunga Achilles pad. I'm in between heel sizes and I wear them to make up the difference and they've worked well for me
  6. I tried to get a hold of him a month or two ago about getting another batch of custom grips and he never responded.... Hope he's still making them, I'd love to get 3 or 4 more
  7. I've always had haglunds on my heels from skates, got my X60's made and those irrirated the crap out of them and they grew significantly worse. I bought a set of the bunga pads and haven't had a problem since, bumps are even smaller now than before
  8. actually had my pcs return the other day and had a few terrible days, I'm starting to feel a little bit better
  9. I got rear ended this morning that left me with two lumbar compression fractures... First game of the summer session is tonight and I'm stuck in bed in a brace for the next 8-10 weeks unable to work, play hockey, workout, or hold my nephew......
  10. I've been doing that for years, I knew I should have filed a patent for that.........
  11. I ask this all the time to see their reaction.... Someone who knows what there doing will usually laugh and give it the old nope, it's my first time. Those that are unsure of their abilities usually hesitate to answer. I've never not let someone sharpen my skates once i've enter the place but it's nice to kinda know what to expect
  12. Totally late reply but it is hinged
  13. Originally had my issues with mine start when I was about 13 had issues with them practically year round till I stopped competitive sports at around 21, I'll be 24 in two months and have finally been pain free for about a year or more...... Don't mess around with them, not fun to deal with at all
  14. Do I spy a ponytail in the 1st pic Zachary?????
  15. I tried on multiple pairs and found the closest size and then sent in my hand measurements and they got mine just about perfect off of that
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